Despite a huge unveiling of the Apple Watch at its September event in 2014, Apple remained incredibly quiet on specific details of its wearable, including some features and pricing. Luckily, Apple is holding a “Spring Forward” media event on Monday to help ease our minds.

Like its past events, Apple will be streaming the Apple Watch event on Monday for its customers to watch from its website.

The event will be live streamed from from your desktop, but you will also be able to watch it on your iOS devices through the website and Apple TV through a dedicated app.  Apple notes that you must be running Safari 5.1.10 or later, or Safari on iOS 6.0 or later to watch the live stream, or you must have a 2nd or 3rd generation set-top box with recent software.

You can watch the stream by clicking this link. 

Here’s some required reading before the event:

iDownloadBlog will be providing breaking news and analysis throughout the event. Stay glued to our homepage for the latest.

Source: Apple

  • Litchy

    I just hope the stream works flawless this time. The last two events had some pretty bad errors. Have not been so excited to see a Apple Keynote for years 🙂

    • Agreed about the stream stuff. Last couple have been pretty bad. Sometimes it was flawless and other moments it was really choppy. And lets not mention the audio issues with the voice over, please never again! 🙂

    • Benedict

      I’m not too excited because Apple is presenting a product which they already presented months ago. Normaly they try to keep the secret till the last second.

      • Fanboy 

        I can’t seem to comprehend the point of this comment but okay

      • Benedict

        Only mine or also the one I was replying to?

    • Yunsar

      lol, remember last time there was a Chinese lady speaking in the foreground. It was really annoying to be honest.

  • Virus

    Better learn Chinese

    • Guest

      no thx

  • Chindavon

    National ButtHurt day has come upon us. Flame on everyone!

    • Josh

      Congratulations sir, you have just won the most childish comment of the year award.

      • Chindavon

        I’d like to thank you, and the rest of the haters out there. You truly make the tech industry entertaining.

  • Sokrates

    What’s usually the best live blogging webpage if you can’t watch the video? Gizmodo?

  • Greg Warren

    I wish they would just start opening the stream up to anyone, regardless of what type of computer you’re on. I love my MacBook Pro and iPhone, but I’m stuck at work all day and only have a Windows PC that I could do the stream on.