Apple Watch (Ariel Adams 002)

Apple is giving select companies early access to the Apple Watch, reports Bloomberg. The outlet says that Facebook, airliner United Continental Holdings Inc. and others have “spent weeks” at Apple’s Cupertino campus working hands-on with the smartwatch to test and fine-tune their apps ahead of next month’s launch.

Citing people familiar with the process, Bloomberg says software engineers for the companies are being allowed to work with the Apple Watch in a top secret lab at Apple’s headquarters. All who enter must sign non-disclosure agreements, and must follow a set of extreme guidelines to keep unknown Watch details from leaking.

“The companies, sometimes sharing a room, must bring in source code for their apps on a computer hard drive that can’t leave Apple’s headquarters,” Bloomberg writes. And to ensure secrecy, Apple is apparently storing the code themselves, and have told the firms they’ll send it to them closer to the Apple Watch’s availability.

The confidentiality shouldn’t surprise anyone. Despite Apple unveiling the wearable to the public last fall, it has withheld a number of details including upper tier pricing and band/model compatibility. The company is expected to reveal more details regarding the Watch on Monday, at a media event taking place in San Francisco.

Also worth noting from the Bloomberg piece is that some developers have noticed problems with their apps, including slowness, when testing them on Apple Watch. It seems the iPhone Bluetooth connection, required by Apple Watch, is causing some lag time. The publication adds that “not everyone is sold on building Watch apps.”

Source: Bloomberg

  • Tyler Cohn

    Wish Apple would have given me early access… The suspense is killing me! I just want it now!

    • Kevin Chen

      Everyone wants it.

      • czbird

        I don’t 😉

      • I don’t at all either. I look at it as only suckers would buy the first model that is released. Maybe it’ll be worth it in the future but as of now I see it as a total waste.

      • Rowan09

        It’s a watch which is jewelry so they can buy another one next year just like people own multiple chains, etc.

      • Mike

        I don’t buy watches every year… and I feel like this watch would be only good for 2 years… Just by a Rado or Movado and put your phone on vibrate so you know when you get calls, texts, notifications, and etc.

      • Rowan09

        It will always tell time like the Movado so it won’t be useless.

      • Fanboy 

        Totally! Just like everyone who purchased the first iPhone were also suckers, as well as the first gen iPad. Because those products totally sucked first Gen 😀 it’s totally impossible to make a good product on your first Gen right?

  • Frizzle

    My hairy wrist is ready.

  • Ankit H Jain

    Pricing is what can make or break the Apple Watch. I really hope Apple doesn’t go crazy with it.

    • jake kneller

      Apple already said the lowest is 349 that’s the only set price we have right now

      • Ankit H Jain

        Yes, I know that. I’m just saying that the bigger screen models and mid-tier and top-end variants should be well priced too.

      • Fanboy 

        I agree with the bigger screen models being priced fairly, but why should Apple price the higher end variants at a low price? You’ll be paying for the premium materials, such as real 18k gold I dont expect those will be “reasonably priced” (for us mid-class).

      • Ankit H Jain

        Agreed, but spending a lot of money on a gadget (it think its more gadget than watch) that will be outdated well within a year or two is not sensible for most buyers. It’s only really rich people who wear expensive watches already that will be buying the gold version.
        These rich people spend a lot of money on watches because they’ll generally last decades (even centuries in some cases). I don’t think the Apple Watch will last for more than a few years. Not to mention that it’s most likely going to depreciate like crazy.

      • Fanboy 

        I agree that people who buy the gold version will be purely as a fashion statement, because no model offers more functionality than another. Which is why I think most people will go with the sport or aluminum model. However, all iPhones get “outdated” in a year and that doesnt stop Apple from selling millions every single year so I dont think theres anything wrong with getting a product like this and updating it every 2 or 3 years. All Apple products hold their value really well, I doubt the Watch will be any different.

      • Ankit H Jain

        I completely agree. The an iPhone costs 649 off contract and people can afford to spend that much every one or two years. Just keep in mind though that this is less than half of the expected price of the gold Apple Watch.
        The sport and aluminum ones will have no problems selling. $350 bucks in one or two years is reasonable even for people who aren’t the richest.

        I’m specifically talking about the gold one. I’m not even sure how much it’ll cost. Rumors have the device at anywhere between $2000-$20000. That’s really expensive territory and considering that you’d probably end up having to buy a “newer” “updated” version in a few years to stay with the newest technology, it will discourage even those who can afford it.

        The sport and aluminum versions are going to be best sellers without doubt! It’s the gold one thats a bit more tricky according to me.

      • Fanboy 

        When it comes to the gold version I think only a certain class of people will purchase those. The gray area will be really small. Middle class will purchase the Sport in millions, and only the rich with nothing else to spend their money on will buy the gold lol, but agreed they wont sell as many. But then again if you have a couple thousand to throw for a smartwatch then you probably really dont care to spend it again in 2 years

      • Ankit H Jain

        Haha.. That’s true.

      • jake kneller

        I completely agree but I do assume the model priced at $349 Is going to be the small screen and cheapest wrist band they offer

  • Rowan09

    Apple really is the king of marketing, when they join an area, it’s like it never existed before they joined the party.

  • Infomac

    Have you even noticed that the quilted band for the Watch and the band in the picture in this post are one of the few fitted with the Apple flexible batterie packs? No you have not! and I did not even need the early access. Watch this space!