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Research-firm Kantar Worldpanel released a note on Tuesday showing the iPhone is seeing continued growth in China. During the three months ending in January 2015, Apple reached its highest ever marketshare in the urban parts of the country as one in every four smartphones sold were an iPhone. 

During this time, Apple was able to secure a 25.4 percent smartphone marketshare – a 4.5 percent gain over the same period in 2014 – in urban China. This compares to Android’s 72.8 percent marketshare.

The iPhone 6 in urban China was the best selling phone in the three months ending in January with a share of 9.5 percent. Xiaomi, often called the “Apple of China”, had several smartphones in the top 10 chart with the RedMi Note its best selling device and the second most popular product behind the iPhone 6, according to data from Kantar.

Apple has long stressed the importance of China to its bottom line. Tim Cook, CEO of the world’s most valuable company, recently said Apple is putting significant investments in building out Apple Stores in the country.

In the US, Samsung has regained its top spot over Apple with a marketshare of 51.9 percent, after losing it during the holiday quarter of 2014. The Galaxy S5 remained the second best selling smartphone, with half the share of the iPhone 6, which held its number one position.

Samsung is releasing it Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge smartphones in April, as it looks to capture more marketshare.

Further research shows that 13.9 percent of iOS customers in the US switched over from an Android device in January – up from 12.1% in the three-month ending in December.

“Across key global markets Apple’s momentum generally continued from last month, although Android was able to slow down the decrease in share in some countries such as Germany, Spain and France where its sales had started to look like they were in free fall,” Kantar wrote.

Source: Kantar

  • Yujin

    Umm market share doesn’t really count when the company you are comparing it to doesn’t make low budget phones and has only a handful of models. Compare to Samsung who has hundreds of phones at many levels and price points even free with a coke cap.

    • Dan

      I agree. Funny how people don’t make that distinction when it comes to comparing OS adoption rate statistics though.

  • Alberto Espinal

    How many Samsung junk are out there, all kinds from this model to that model!

    • Samsung releases 10-20 phones per year compared to Apples 2 phones per year…

  • CollegiateLad

    “research”… Lol

  • cybersat

    That’s included 50% fake iPhone.

  • Only because samsung has so many cheaps phones on the market. Such as the note 3 and 4 and S4 and 5 included HAHA!!

    • Dan

      Seriously trying to say Note 4 is a cheap phone or sarcasm?

      • The price to purchase it is high but yes I’m serious. That frame fools a lot of people but its plastic. Making it just as cheap as the others.

      • Dan

        Every review out there must have it wrong then. I like my phone and can’t complain about anything. Hence to me and many others is not cheap. By the way, plastic does not equal cheap.

      • No it doesn’t equal cheap. Unfortunately since its the same materials as the others its basically the same in quality. It doesn’t make it any better either. Yes the review are wrong about it being entirely of metal. The shiny bits you see is just metal inserts. Don’t get me wrong Its still a nice looking phone and feels excellent to hold. But it is what it is. Same cheap crap from Samesung.

      • Dan

        My point about the crap comment was that the phone has a lot of other things going for it besides the build, which you can easily read in tech reviews (I like the build btw). I much rather have the Note 4 than the iPhone 6+, but I wouldn’t go as far as calling the iPhone crap. To each his own.

      • Well I’m not calling it crap because I don’t like it. Build quality, materials, internal design and repair ability is how I determine what I said. You see it differently, nothing wrong with that. Just sharing my opinion.

      • You do realise those “cheap crap” cost more than your “premium” tin-can to build right?

      • Costing more to build means nothing. It only means they wasted more on certain components. End result still cheap crap.

      • Well if that’s cheap crap in my book, the iPhone is overpriced garbage in the same book.

      • They’re all overpriced… everything, everywhere. Those cheap eBay screen protecters too. They should be free.

  • leart

    Because people get confused and cant understand which one is the iphone …..

    • Fifth phone from the top (I think) although they do all look very similar…

      • leart

        This time samsung copied everything 🙂