Google Contacts Material Design preview 003

Material Design, Google’s cross platform, responsive design system for mobile, desktop and the web, has now been applied to Google Contacts on the web.

Now available as a preview, the revamped Google Contacts can be checked out by visiting in your desktop web browser, the search firm said Tuesday.

The new-look contact cards are much cleaner and vastly more functional than before. For example, as shown below, you can see your most recent emails and meetings with a person directly in their contact card.

Google Contacts Material Design preview 004

Optionally, each contact card can be merged with information obtained from your contact’s corresponding Google+ profile. As users update information on their Google+ profile as they change jobs, cities, and even names, the new information reflects in your linked cards to keep them up to date.

Google Contacts Material Design preview 002

And as illustrated on the screenshot below, the revamped Contacts also conveniently pools together all your contacts, circles and the people you talk to most in Gmail.

Google Contacts Material Design preview 001

“For people looking to access the preview through Gmail, keep an eye out over the next few weeks,” said Google.

Matias Duarte, Google’s VP of Design, recently fielded questions from users on a range of topics, including Material Design.

A number of Google apps on iOS already use Material Design and we expect the rest of Google’s App Store lineup to eventually adopt the new visual style.

More on Material Design is available at

Source: Google

  • sh1ny

    That’s cool and all, but what about Gmail and its iOS counterpart? These look unapologetically outdated. Especially iOS app.

  • This looks nice and all but means trusting Google with your contacts. I for one do not trust Google with this information.

    • pawfyd

      lol, why? Do you know even if you don’t put your contacts in the Google cloud, someone else for sure will? It’s not like you’re the only one with your friends numbers. I’m sure there are many more and lots of them use Android.

      • True. Doesn’t mean I should use Google just because others do though 😉

      • George

        Have you never uses Google as a search engine? If you have then google already knows you.

      • Of course I have but even if you don’t they already have info on you from Google ads and Google Analytics. It’s not a question of who they know it’s a question of how much they know and limiting this as much as possible should be considered in everyones best interest that is unless you enjoy being a commodity being bought and sold like cows in a cattle market…

      • George

        So do you think that if apple didn’t have 180bill laying around and grossly profits on their iphones that they wouldn’t be a second google?

      • Yes I do!

        Back when Apple wasn’t a big company they weren’t selling your information and they aren’t now either. They make their money from selling products NOT selling you…

      • George

        Well back then apple had no data to even sell.

      • I’m sure they had invoices with information. Anyway this is besides the point. The point I’m making is that we should not be products.

  • Scott Curry

    Well, the preview URL doesn’t work…

  • Benedict

    That took loooooong…. but thanks!

  • Linton Findlay

    Wish they would do chrome for windows