Ahead of next week’s Apple Watch event, Apple has begun training its retail employees on how to position the new device to customers. In a new report this afternoon, 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman shares 3 key points from their training including key features, iPhone compatibility and style.

According to selling guidelines provided to Gurman, Apple wants its employees to find out 3 things about their customers when trying to sell the Apple Watch: what do they already know about the device, is their iPhone compatible, and are they looking for a casual or formal watch.

The first query is pretty self-explanatory, Apple wants to know what customers have heard about the Apple Watch, what about it interests them, and what do they plan on using it for. As Gurman notes, Apple is operating under the assumption that customers have already heard about the device, and soft questions such as these make for a fairly easy sell.

The second question is also a no-brainer. Customers will need to have an iPhone 5 or later to use an Apple Watch, so if they’re interested in the wearable and have an older handset, this should be a pretty painless upsell. Chances are if they have an iPhone 4s or older, they’re eligible for a carrier subsidy, meaning they’d get a huge discount on the upgrade.

The final discovery point is a bit more complicated. As Apple has said, the Watch is by far the most personal device they’ve ever made, so this is kind of unchartered territory for retail reps. Apple wants them to find out the customer’s needs, tastes and material preferences, and if they’d like additional leather or metal bands to match various occasions. Apple is largely expected to talk more about Watch band availability and pricing at next week’s event.

It’s interesting to get a behind-the-scenes look at Apple retail employee training, and the talk track it expects reps to follow when selling the Apple Watch. The highly anticipated wearable goes on sale on April, starting at $349, and again we should find out a lot more details on Monday.

Source: 9to5Mac

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  • DopamineAddicted

    I’ll get the Edition

    • Unless Apple wows us all in the Keynote, for the first version of the Apple Watch the only one that’s worth getting is the cheapest one, which is presumably the sport? Anything else will be pointless since you just know that Apple is going to bring out a new version towards the end of this year or next year with much more features and better hardware and software…

      • Same will happen to the version after that. Its okay to get the first gen. As far as the version. Ill too get the cheapest one. Im not really a fan of shiny things. The only reason to get the more expensive one is to show off. I doubt anyone will really pay attention or care after a while.

  • iPodDroid

    “Many Customers have already decided they want an Apple Watch” Not me Lol

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      That would be why they said “many” and not “all.”

      • iPodDroid

        Thanks for pointing out the obvious good sir… X_X

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      Wait until Monday, you’ll have decided then

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    Mite not be right at launch but im definately getting an apple watch

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    Getting apple watch on release date i will deff get the sport version knowing that next year the 2nd gem will be release

    • Rupinder

      How are you so sure? lol

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        Because apple always as something up there sleeve for the next year or so

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        Like the apple TV

      • NeftyCorrea

        Yea just like the Apple TV

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    Do we know if it is water resistant? I know it’s not water proof.

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      Rumor has it, yes, it will be water /resistant/.

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    Wait until Monday, you’ll have decided