Safari for Mac extension Minimal Status Bar screenshot 003

I like my browsers minimal. Safari for Mac admittedly boasts an aesthetically pleasing, clutter-free interface. But if there’s one thing I’ve always hated about Apple’s browsers, it’s that status bar at the bottom of the Safari window.

Though it conveniently lets you know where a URL will take you, once turned on it annoyingly just sits there whether you actually need it or not. I prefer Google’s approach better: Chrome’s status bar discreetly shows only when hovering over a URL.

Wouldn’t it be great if Safari had a similar only-on-hover status bar? That’s what Minimal Status Bar, a new browser extension by San Francisco-based developer Visnu Pitiyanuvath, does for you.

It works perfectly.

Once downloaded and activated in Safari, this extension adds a minimal, Chrome-like status bar to Safari. As an added bonus, it optionally converts those opaque short URLs to long ones again.

Here’s Safari’s regular, always-on status bar.

Safari for Mac extension Minimal Status Bar screenshot 004

And this is the new on-demand status bar provided by Minimal Status Bar. It only appears when hovering over a hyperlink and automatically disappears when you move the mouse pointer away.

Safari for Mac extension Minimal Status Bar screenshot 001

The extension is especially useful on Mac notebooks to reclaim UI space wasted by Safari’s persistent status bar, resulting in a bit taller canvas for web content.

How to install and set up Minimal Status Bar

Step 1: Download the free extension to your Mac from GitHub by clicking this URL.

Step 2: Open your Downloads folder (hit the ⎇-⌘-L combo in Finder) and double-click the downloaded extension (the file ends with .safariextz) to add it to Safari.

Step 3: Disable Safari’s real status bar by choosing Hide Status Bar in the View menu or pressing ⌘-/ on your keyboard.

You can manage installed Safari extensions by choosing Preferences… under the Safari menu and clicking the Extensions tab, as illustrated on the screenshot top of post.

There, you can disable Minimal Status Bar and optionally elect to have your shortened URLs expand on the fly, so it’s possible to tell where those pesky URLs will take you just by glancing at Safari’s status bar.

I learned about this gem of an extensions via a post on Useful Mac, a new website by Garrett Murray dedicated to nifty little programs that help customize your Mac “and generally just use the hell out of Macs and OS X.”

How do you like Minimal Status Bar?

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Source: GitHub via Useful Mac

  • lferlito

    i cant still watch video (on fb / youtube) with safari.. Video lags A LOT and they load slowly.. I’m using chrome at the moment but i miss safari.. iMac 24 (early 2009) with the latest clean-istalled version..

    • Skoven

      Don’t have any problems with youtube here, but facebook… omg.
      The “solution” on facebook, is to allow the video to fully load, and then play it.

      • lferlito

        @skoven:disqus the same here. The only way to watch a video on facebook is to wait until is fully loaded. It’s terrible.

    • port87

      im on firefox, no fb loading time problems here.

  • sunfire7

    I don’t even have status bar enabled and I didn’t noticed until now, I don’t need it apparently

  • swhitlow

    I have tried and tried to like safari (and I love it visually). But, I still seem to have problems with it on sites like gmail (for an example, press Command+ twice to zoom in on a site. Do this on gmail and then click on compose. You can select the buttons. Do this on Chrome and it works fine).

    I would love to switch because Chrome just seems to be a memory hog. But, until things like this are resolved, I can’t make the switch.

    Also, wish there was a developer out there who would develop a plugin for the progress bar. We just need a small circle indicator that says it’s working. It drives me nuts to have the blue processor bar loading the site. That means that it has to do extra calculation as to how far along the site is in it’s loading state to properly display the progress. This is wasted CPU cycles as well as it “feels” like it takes longer to load the site than Chrome (even though they are probably very close). Please Apple, get rid of the progress bar! 🙂

  • Marijan

    what s the difference?

    • Design, better with Yosemite.
      Minimal status bar is more Mavericks design.

      • Marijan

        Agree.. But translucent bar seems kinda strange..

        Do you have some other extensions to recommend?