Apple has included diverse emojis into OS X 10.10.3 beta 2 and iOS 8.3 beta 2 that were just seeded to developers on Monday.

Emojis have exploded in popularity after being released within iOS 5, as they’re seen as a quick way to show expression. With the change within the new betas, more ethnicities are now being supported, along with 32 new country flags. 

Apple has taken a strong stance on adding more diverse emojis, saying in March 2014: “There needs to be more diversity in the emoji character set, and we have been working closely with the Unicode Consortium in an effort to update the standard.” As a whole, Apple has been working to take a greater stance on diversity.

These emojis aren’t Apple specific. Rather, the Cupertino-based company just supports what the Unicode Consortium puts out.

In the first beta of OS X 10.10.3, the pop-up emoji picker available in many apps was transitioned from a paginated layout to a single larger vertical-scrolling page. For instance, if you were to bring the emoji picker up in OS X 10.10.2 you would see just a long scrolling list of emojis. Now it’s broken into categories like on iOS.

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  • Byron C Mayes

    Nice. Does this affect the couples and families as well?

    • James G

      Currently the couples and families do not support the color change; only individual faces. I’ve just tested this myself. Perhaps families/couples will be supported in future beta (I don’t see why they wouldn’t).

      Even santa can have his color changed. And the nose and the color of any hand gesture.

      • Byron C Mayes

        Thanks! This is an interesting development!

    • Linton Findlay

      Wonder if they’ll have all combinations of interracial couples

      • Byron C Mayes

        I’m guessing that’s a technical challenge at this point.

  • Sebastian Diaz


    • rockdude094

      I think they are running out of ideas

      • FreeGreezyDoe

        we needed black emojis bro they’re not running out of ideas its something people asked for

      • White Michael Jackson

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      • FreeGreezyDoe

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      • NiggaPLEASE

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      • FreeGreezyDoe

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      • MaximE

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    • I understand your concern, But some people care about the little things like this.

  • Andrew

    wth are they so damn yellow

    • Anmol Malhotra

      yellow yellow dirty fellow.

    • Simpsons

      • Favio

        Simpsons did it

      • NiggaPLEASE

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      • Favio

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      • Haha just wanted to say this too

      • Andrew

        Exactly my thought

    • ARX8

      Well then we need smurfs emoji too

    • GadgetQueenn

      It’s the default emoji smiley color, which is yellow. Not a skin tone.

  • Oshane Williamson

    Where’s the middle finger, Apple promised

    • John

      Where did Apple “promise” this… Please provide a link.

  • Rares

    I still want the “middle finger” emoji, seriously.

    • Andrew

      lol who doesn’t

  • Merman123

    Looks like they have jaundice.

  • I hope there is a way to set your default color instead of holding down the icon and scroll to select every time.

    • Guest

      That is exactly my thoughts.

  • jack

    What about fat people? That’s prejudice.

    • therealjjohnson

      You win some, you lose some…

    • Well they didn’t show off ALL of the new ones..

  • PK

    How come there are two males and two females with kids? That’s not scientifically possible!

    • Because things like adoption exists.

      • PK

        What a shame lol…adoption should be left to heterosexual if all possible.

      • George

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      • PK

        Your right it’s a new world of embracing perversion. Because it’s so natural for a male to be with a male and a women with a women.

      • Jeremy

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      • Lance Baker

        Well said. We have to just keep hoping that people will learn and not be so judgemental. I wish I could upvote this infinity times.

      • John

        Jeremy, leave it alone … While you’re well spoken have a look at this trolls previous comments. All they quote is the bible, don’t feed the troll mate.

      • Mgggb

        Homosexuals are almost exclusively mentally unstable. We shouldn’t allow children to suffer through that just for the sake of political correctness. I know the child wasn’t wanted anyway but that’s no excuse, they’re not animals to subject to experiments.

      • jack

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  • CS

    dont leave the gingers out 😮

  • Chang in Charge


  • leart


    • John

      No one is forcing you to update your phone dude.
      If there is any website that teaches you that, it would be this one.

      • leart

        Wow, i can see clearly now, thank you

  • Buzz { Light:Year; }

    But still no middle finger

  • TwinSon

    I don’t know which Black Guy to choose? Lol make one more in the middle of those.

  • Corey B

    so how long is it going to take until we see this as a added tweak in cydia?? im not updating my phone for that and losing a jailbreak

    • Diego Milano

      I do not believe this can be done by jailbreaking otherwise they would have done it back in iOS 4 or whener new emojis were introduced (iOS 6.1.2?).
      I hope I’m wrong and it happens though.

  • Mgggb

    This is the problem with society. People politizise things that no one honestly cares about and now I have less space on my phone because its filled up with this crap.

    • James G

      Being inclusive and acknowledging there are more than one or two races is a problem with society?

      And there are people that care about it, which is why it was done. As for the space on your phone, I’m sure you can avoid complaining about the probably less than 5MB it took up to add these emoji and the software that supports the change. That’s one less selfie your phone will allow space for as I’m sure you take a lot seeing as how your comment indicates you only care about yourself and not others.

      • Mgggb

        Yes, but now that’s one less selfie I can take. Its not my fault if you weren’t born apart of the master race, and I don’t think I should have to suffer because of it.

      • James G

        You almost had me with your trolling. Everyone knows the master race is the human race.

      • Kaptivator

        You almost got sucked in…

  • Elias

    Not very necessary in my opinion however it might matter for some people.

  • The Fluffy Alpaca

    How much did the Simpsons pay for this?

  • James G

    For those wondering, once you select a “color” for that emoji it remembers that setting until you tap-and-hold to select a different one. This setting isn’t applied to all color-selectable emoji, but on an emoji-by-emoji basis.

  • James G

    Behold! Black Santa!

  • James G

    One other note on this Emoji update, if you send one of the new emoji’s to a device without 10.10.3 or iOS 8.3 beta 2 or newer, the emoji will show the default plus a blank one next to it.

  • DevXav

    Why didn’t they put a blonde black girl or boy? Thats racist!

  • The Guy

    Gay emoji, WTF?

  • hkgsulphate

    the yellowish ones are too yellowish apple -_-

  • Gabriel Anaya

    I’m still waiting for the middle finger emoji

  • John

    Even the display picture says PARADY.

    That’s not the real Craig.

    • Oshane Williamson

      Shit I didn’t notice that, but when iOS 8 first came out I saw a story showing that an apple executive said they would be including the middle finger but only for the green bubble conversations.

      • John

        I have a feeling you may have been let on.

        Remembering that ‘green bubble conversations’ are with non-iOS devices (non-iMessage conversations), I’ll assume the joke was that they were sticking their finger up to people who weren’t using iMessage/iOS devices.

      • Oshane Williamson

        Many phones nowadays support emoji’s cross platform, I could be mistaken