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Google is working to revamp its Google Wallet service available for Android devices, after the growth of Apple Pay in its early days, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal. The Journal lays out the search giant’s plans, including word that it’s working to unveil a new version of Google Wallet in late May at the Google I/O developer conference.

Part of Google’s plan, according to the report, is to acquire the carrier-owned Softcard (formerly called Isis) for its mobile payment system. Google wants to wrangle together carriers, banks, and others to have Google Wallet found on every Android device. To make it worth it for each party, Google is reportedly willing to throw money at them to have Google Wallet on all devices.

Google Wallet has been available since 2011, but given the fragmentation of Android, it’s had trouble gaining full steam. While we’re still waiting on new numbers, ITG reported in December that Apple Pay is gaining ground quickly with a 1.7 percent share of the mobile payments market, since it launched in November, compared to Google Wallet’s 4 percent share.

Source: Wall Street Journal

  • We1ch

    If only I owned an iPhone

  • Ray Pereyra

    Google Wallet…. Thanks but no thanks.

  • Joey Lahara

    Such a joke

  • queenren

    Actually, google wallet works quite well. Unlike Apple pay, I can use google wallet with locally owned bank card. However, using apple pay is more convenient purely from an operational perspective.

  • Maxim∑

    Google has had years to do something with wallet but done nothing.

    What’s gonna happen is they’ll announce its coming to “select countries” in May.

    In September they’ll announce that is means just Puerto Rico, they in December it’ll roll out.

    It turns out it only works with American Express cards with an expiry date that is an odd number and even then, only at Apple Stores.

    Then they won’t do anything about it for 2 more years then they’ll close down wallet.

    • queenren

      Fell behind? The article says that google wallet has a 4% share and Apple pay has 1.7% share of mobile payments.

      • Eikast

        Google Wallet has existed since 2011 (maybe earlier but 2011 with NFC support), Apple Pay launched at the end of 2014.

      • Fell behind? The article says that google wallet has a 4% share and Apple pay has 1.7% share of mobile payments.

        This makes sense since Google Wallet has been around longer. If you compare the rate of growth though you’ll likely see Apple Pay expanding at a rate higher than that of Google Wallet…

  • Haha, now they take the project even more seriously after Apple unveils their own…still won’t use it even if it were significantly more advanced than Apple Pay, can’t trust Google with anything (http://bit. ly/1z7vz9k).

  • jake kneller

    Too bad apple pay is already being used highly and being adapted

  • therealjjohnson

    How can it be better? I mean its not that much of an involved process. You put it next to the scanner and then go about your business. Google wallet was this way, apple is like this, and this new update will be very similar probably.

  • Dante Arellano

    I heard of google wallet many years ago seems like no one gives a fuckk sice then but about apple pay is evrywhare pay pay pay with apple pay,why google wants to be the first and the better i wont use any stuff from google or samesung are they really think get apple fans? With the stupid strategy

  • Alberto Espinal

    Just thank Apple for stepping up your game Google, cause Google Wallet was forgotten!

  • ravinigga

    I dont know how better if Google want to know everything what You buy And where when.

  • @dongiuj

    “Isis”? Are they mad???

    • mlee19841

      lol. switched to the name softcard….

      • @dongiuj

        “Isis”? Were they mad???

  • robotnyk

    “use this, if you want more invasion of privacy, and better targeted ads with the help of our datamining technology!”

  • The Zlatan

    I suggest they name it ISIL or maybe just IS then..