Popular is a $0.99 jailbreak tweak that replaces the recent contacts and favorite contacts shortcuts found in the App Switcher with an app launcher. Popular’s launcher differs from other tweaks of this type, because it sorts the app icons based on usage. This makes it easy to quickly locate and launch the most popular apps on your iPhone.

Once you install Popular, you’ll need to start using apps for their usage time to be logged. Once app usage time is logged, the apps will start appearing at the top of the App Switcher ordered by usage time.

Popular Preferences 2

You also have the option of assigning favorite apps that always show up first in the App Switcher in the upper left-hand corner. Apps that appear based on usage can be removed, and apps can even be blacklisted from the App Switcher if you don’t wish for them to appear there at all.

Popular can accommodate up to 75 usage-based app icons at any given time, and statistics are logged for each individual app. You can view a numerical reading of app usage time via the Statistics portion of the tweak’s preferences.

Popular Preferences

If you’re looking to keep tabs on your app usage, and at the same time benefit from a usage-arranged app launcher, then I recommend that you try out Popular. You can download it from Cydia’s BigBoss repo for $0.99. Share your thoughts and opinions on Popular in the comment section.

  • hkgsulphate

    should be included in iOS 9

  • El Barto

    Woot woot I got “featured” on idb

    If you have any problems with it, feel free to contact me. (I’m not the dev though, I gave the idea and made the icons for it.)

    Also, thanks Jeff for the review!

  • singhay559

    This is nice but just another way to use more of your 1gb of ram.

    • David Murray


      Developer here. Popular barely uses any RAM. The RAM that it uses is cleared when you exit the App Switcher.

  • Kevin

    Searched and looked through all the BigBoss apps on my cydia app and don’t see “Popular”.

    • David Murray

      Refresh Cydia.

      • Kevin

        Tried that, and no luck. I’ll try again this afternoon.

      • Does it work with the iPad and is it compatible with Auxo?

      • David Murray

        iPad: Yes.
        Auxo: In Auxo’s settings, there is an option that allows you to put iOS 8’s “Recent Contacts” section in the Notification Center. If you turn that on, Popular will now appear in the Notification Center.

  • Freddy Born

    ipad support?

    • El Barto

      It is compatible for all iDevices.

  • Ben

    Can I jailbreak my 8.1.2 without restoring first? Will this cause problems. Have anyone tried it before? I always see youtubers jailbreaking using a fresh device. Because I don’t want to re download all my apps and set up everything again. Or can I backup, erase everything through the settings app and jailbreak, then restore from backup in iTunes?? Pls help. Thanks 😉

    • WonkieInc

      backup, erase device, jailbreak, restore backup

  • Varun Soi

    Really missing my jailbroken version..don’t know when i am able to jailbreak ios 8.1.3.!:(

  • Khan Rulzz

    its a lot better then what Apple does #ios8