iPhone Firmware 4.2

iOS 8.1.2 met its end today, as Apple pulled the plug on its signing status. This means that iOS 8.1.2 can no longer be installed on a device, and as such, you can no longer jailbreak if you restore your device. Jailbreakers will need to stay where they are on iOS 8.1.2 if they want to keep their jailbreaks.

As we outlined in a previous post, you can visit IPSW.me to check the signing status of any firmware. For example, if you wish to check out the status of iOS 8.1.2, just visit IPSW.me/8.1.2.

The latest public firmware, iOS 8.1.3, breaks the current jailbreak, and we’ve heard little from the TaiG or Pangu teams about the release of a new jailbreak. Those of you who are currently jailbroken will need to stay satisfied with their current jailbroken device, and those who are not will have to wait patiently for a new jailbreak to arrive.

That all said, the prospects of a new jailbreak are much better now than they have been in the past. The Chinese teams behind the last few jailbreaks have been pretty quick to get something out to the public, even if it’s still being worked on.

What is your current jailbreak situation? Share down below in the comments.

  • tavo barbosa

    damn, that windows register edits and etc dont work right?

    • Shawn

      There has never been a workaround like that.

      • tavo barbosa

        right, not the register, the hosts file tho (worked but a long time ago)

      • Shawn

        Oh no sorry. That hasn’t worked since iOS 4. Apple changed how signing worked.

      • tavo barbosa

        Oh I see, so my lazyness to upgrade from 7.1.2 will be punished.. thanks

      • haerondir

        don’t upgrade, ios 8 is buggy af

  • Eikast

    And then there was no jailbreak available and the masses went into hiding….

    • Fanboy 

      …until the Apple Watch and iOS 8.2 were released, sparking the chinese to release a JB and thus the masses came out of hibernation to rejoice once again 😀 THE END.

      • James G

        They may wait for 8.3 since that’s already in Beta.

  • droid3000

    my phones a mess too so thats not good news

    • Osiala

      Just semi restore it

      • droid3000

        Is there instructions for doing that?

  • Chocolope Jailbreakush

    Just getting my i6 on the 1st.. I had a nice run with my i5 8.1 jailbroken but I already know from past jailbreaks either someone with become internet famous by making a jailbreak for 8.1.3. and or 8.2 will be jailbroke and will feature even more inspired tweak due to the Watch.

  • James G

    With iOS 8.2 and 8.3 Betas currently available in the dev center, I wonder if TaiG or Pangu will release a jailbreak on 8.2 or just wait for 8.3?

  • InfinitePlusOne

    I’m on 8.1.2, can I jailbreak without restoring.

    • Osiala

      If you are lucky and nothing goes wrong.

    • Roberto Carlos Andresen Eguilu

      Sure, just make sure to use and older version of iTunes, ie v 11.4… The newest version of iTunes has an updated version of the iPhone controllers and TaiG wont recognize the device.

      • InfinitePlusOne

        Thanks. Worked 🙂

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  • ilikeiphone


  • AnoNymouz

    I was running 8.1.3 since the update. I just restored to 8.1.2 yesterday just in case if I wanted to jailbreak again! talk about good timing.

  • Tony Villarreal

    I was going to downgrade my iphone today and I just read this!!

  • moe

    so you cnt downgrade to 8.1.2 if you use someone elses firmware from there computer if they have the firmware before apple stopped signing it today someone please help

  • frobie23

    Months back I jailbroke me and my gf’s iPhone running TaiG (8.1.2). Oblivious of how a jailbreak works, Yesterday she said she updated (8.1.3) her phone and [clearly] things aren’t working properly. Any advice or is she SOA until a new jailbreak is released? I read this post so I’m sure im beating a dead horse on this one…

  • Ottawa Gamerz

    work around buy android

  • ezcr7

    can someone share a link to download ipsw 8.1.2 directly? i need to jailbrake it..

    its still valid?

  • psitekk

    i have an iphone 5 with jailbroken 6.1.2 installed. i want to upgrade it to 8.1.2 and jailbreak it. which version of itunes do i need. last time i tried installing ios 7.1.2 by shift+restore on itunes, it popped a 3004 error. Any ideas ?

  • reGGIE

    Pleaseee help me! I have problems with network And I want to update from ios 8.1 to ios 8.1.2, I can’t update via iTunes, I try via pangu and can’t restore it too, I already have the firmware in my pc, what can I do???

  • Kelvin Tan

    Can I still upgrade from ios 7.0.4 to 8.1.2 on my ipad 3?

  • prakash acharya

    can you make ios 8.1.3 jailbreak

  • Andrei

    if i have now 8.1.2 how can i restore my device and keep my jailbreak on 8.1.2 ?
    i just need a fresh iphone and reinstall after few tweaks