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Apple has updated its iTunes Store app on iOS and desktop in the US with a new “Free on iTunes” section found on the homepage to help users find content without having to spend money.

As the name implies, the “Free on iTunes” tab shows music and full length TV show episodes that can be downloaded free of charge.

Content found on this section as of Sunday evening includes songs by Asking Alexandria, Machine Head, Rogue Wave, and episodes from TV shows like 12 Monkeys, Backstrom, and more. Apple isn’t offering a large selection of widely known and popular content available for free – it’s more indie content.

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The “Free on iTunes” section comes at a time when Apple’s been scaling back the amount of free content made available on iTunes. Earlier this month, the company stopped its “Single of the Week” promotion that launched a decade ago, back in 2004 (three years after the launch of the iTunes Store).

Furthermore, it got rid of its 12 Days of Christmas promotion in 2014, with a theory that new retail head Angela Ahrendts is behind the discontinuation of the giveaway. Apple also chose not to discount any Macs, iPads or iPhones for Black Friday, which she may have had a part in as well.

So far, we’ve only been able to confirm the presence of this new section in the US iTunes Store, but it could make its way across local stores around the world in the near future.

If you’re looking for new iTunes content, the “Free on iTunes” section may be worth checking out.

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  • iKhalil

    Great! Now waiting for Mexico

    • 323K137

      You don’t like Banda?

      • iKhalil

        No, and for Mexican sing or standar I prefer then normal Mariachi but in my likes I prefer Jazz

  • Blip dude


  • Merman123

    How long until people complain about the content.

  • Blip dude

    Honestly though, I did not know about “Single of the Week” until iDB actually mentioned that Apple was no longer running the promo. I have no complaints here, because Free is still better than nothing.

    • Franklin Richards

      I agree. I feel sorry for the artists who had their song up for grabs and people generally gave it a negative review simply because they don’t like it and Apple should choose better song. It’s ridiculous how some people get free things and they still complain.

  • Tronjheim79

    Wish they’d make it available for other countries, too.

  • Houri S.

    i’m i the only one who never opened itunes store until now ? 😀

    • Jonathan

      Wait, there’s an iTunes Store app?

      • Kattman

        Yes. There’s also an App Store app too! Just playing yo

      • Jonathan

        Whoa. 0_o

    • RafaelMelo

      I NEVER opened either