Last week’s post of space galaxies proved to be a big hit! This is a consistent theme proved to be enjoyed by readers. You can find additional galaxy themed wallpapers in the following posts: galaxy creation, stars and moons, and galaxy wallpapers. Moreover, our Interstellar movie inspired wallpapers are in the same theme.

Taking movie and galaxy themes to the next level, I asked readers to submit their favorite Guardians of the Galaxy wallpapers for iOS devices. Very quickly, I received a solid collection of submissions via Twitter. Below is a curated list of great Guardians wallpapers with credit to the submitters.


Regarding the size selection of the images below, they were submitted by readers. Because the following list was sourced by readers, only the sizes submitted are included. If you are looking for a specific device size, I encourage you to contact the submitter via Twitter. When collecting images from submissions, it is difficult to maintain a consistent file size because different readers collect wallpapers for their varied personal iOS devices.

To begin the selection, the following wallpapers were submitted by @anmol_iam.

Guardians of the Galaxy Poster iPad

Guardians of the Galaxy Poster: iPad; iPhone 6 Plus; iPhone 6

Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket Groot iPad

Groot and Rocket: iPad; iPhone 6 Plus; iPhone 6

Guardians of the Galaxy Peter Quill iPad

Peter Quill: iPad; iPhone 6 Plus; iPhone 6

The following images were submitted by @aniketman.

Guardians of the Galaxy Poster no names iPad

Guardians of the Galaxy Poster: iPad; iPhone 5

The following inspired wallpapers were submitted by @iPhone_Gruru.

Guardians of the Galaxy iPhone 5 preview moon Guardians of the Galaxy inspired iPhone 5 preview

Download for iPhone 5: Left; Right


This is a reminder that the Wallpapers of the Week section is also populated by user-submitted wallpapers. As you see, all of the images today were submitted by readers! You can also submit cool wallpapers for consideration to me @jim_gresham.

A big “thank you,” again, to @anmol_iam, @aniketman, and @iPhone_Gruru!

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    Would you ever consider making a Wallpapers of the Week for MacBooks and iMacs?

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        LockGylph, SubtleLock, Grabby

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      Excellent lock screen. Could you say us which tweaks do you use??

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        LockGlyph, SubtleLock, Grabby

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        I’m not using Grabby, but if you play around with it, you should get it.

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    My setup! On iPad 3, it is a GIF wallpaper, I’m using GIFPaper8 tweak !! That BMW keeps flashing headlights on and off !!!

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    Guys when sharing your wallpapers kindly share the image from your photos app & not the screenshot. Thanks

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