Monument Valley

Mobile game developers Ustwo published a blog post today revealing some interesting figures on their hit game Monument Valley. For those unfamiliar with the title, it’s a popular indie puzzler that took home several awards and was Apple’s iPad Game of the Year in 2014.

Among the stats provided by the devs is that Monument Valley has been installed on over 10 million unique devices since it debuted in April last year. Due to piracy and promotions, it’s only seen around 2.4 million “official sales,” but that still translates into $5.8 million.

That’s not all profit though. Ustwo says it took 8 (core) team members 55 weeks to build the game, at a cost of $852,000. Interestingly enough, the ‘Forgotten Shores’ expansion—which the devs were criticized for not giving away for free—took 29 weeks and $549K to build.


Other interesting tidbits include 81.7% of Monument Valley’s revenue has come from iOS, and 38% of its sales come from users in the United States. Also, 50% of those who have played the game went on to finish it, and 575,608 players paid for the ‘Forgotten Shores’ pack.

Overall, the numbers paint a picture of not only the type of success mobile developers can achieve, but also the hard work and investments that go into creating a well-designed game. If you don’t already own Monument Valley, find it in the App Store for iPhone and iPad for $4.

Source: Monument Valley Development Blog

  • InfinitePlusOne

    Bought finally :). Convinced enough it’s a great game. Had to pay £2.99 though

    • Ali Mughal

      You will not regret it.

  • I’m probably going to get flamed for saying this but do the high piracy rates of this app previously reported really matter when you earn nearly 6 million dollars in revenue?

    • Chang in Charge

      I think so, I mean they still made profit and made a lot of it but you gotta think that it still hurts to loose out on that much money. I think it’s really cool that they are releasing this info though. It’s nice to see somebody be this transparent about costs for development and labor, piracy rates, definitely have wondered about this type of info before.

    • Martynet

      I think that anyone can afford to pay few bucks for a good game… It really surprised me how many installed copies are pirated. It’s really sad.

    • Miguel

      Besides if the piracy rates were smaller, the price could be half of the original price. But in the other Hand, Piracy rates are higher in more expensive games.

      • ck125

        The price would be the same regardless of piracy. They don’t jack up the price just because of piracy.

    • Dan

      imo most of the people who pirated would of never bought the game. Doesn’t make it right, but still.

    • InfinitePlusOne

      How did they get pirated copy on iPhone? Without Jailbreaking I mean, I swear it’s impossible. If it’s Jailbreaking how do they know it’s being pirated?

      • I might be slightly off with the correct terminology but the general consensus is that apps that have been decrypted (cracked) can be resigned using a developer certificate and then installed on an enrolled device that’s added to the developers account. This is how pirating is possible on non-jailbroken devices. It’s hardly as easy as sideloading is on Android but still very much possible…
        By pirated device they compare sales to installed devices so figures are slightly askew (if you have an iPhone and an iPad with the app installed one of those installs would count as a pirated install even though it isn’t).

  • I wonder how many people pirated on Android.

    • Ethan Humphrey

      I think it was around 95%. They did a post about it not too long ago

  • Hussam

    I finished the game in one day and it’s relatively easy

  • Midyro

    Is the forgotten shores more difficult ?

    • Ralph Castro