Yesterday, I installed a jailbreak tweak called SafariRefresh. I’ve covered that tweak before on the blog, but after using it last night, it caused my Safari app to crash repeatedly. In order to find out what was causing the crash, I used a handy jailbreak tool called CrashReporter to help pinpoint the problem. Here’s how I did it.

CrashReporter is a free jailbreak tweak that allows you to easily troubleshoot crashing on iOS. It’s particularly useful for finding out the cause behind crashes that happen because of jailbreak tweak installs.

You can set up CrashReporter to send a push notification whenever it detects a crash. This notification, in turn, will open the CrashReporter app to the log related to the crash. Once at that log, you’re provided with a friendly-looking visual of your current situation. The app even highlights potential trouble spots by telling you when specific tweaks were installed in relation to the crash occurring. Using this method, I was pretty much able to immediately pinpoint the problem—SafariRefresh.

SafariRefresh CrashReporter

But it doesn’t stop there. You can actually tap on the binary in CrashReporter, and you’ll be given an option that will link you directly to the problem-tweak on Cydia so that you can uninstall it. CrashReporter even has options for viewing full crash logs, syslogs, and an option to contact the developer of a tweak with attached crash logs, syslogs, and package lists.

If you’re someone like me who has tons of jailbreak tweaks installed at any one time, then CrashReporter can prove to be a real time saver. You can find it free of charge on the BigBoss repo.

Do you use CrashReporter? Sound off in the comments below with your thoughts.

  • Chang in Charge

    I’ve been installing more tweaks lately probably because there have been so many releases in the past few weeks and I have definitely been experiencing more crashes. This will definitely come in hand. I knew about this tweak but kind of forgot about it and I have definitely had to uninstall tweaks because of crashing recently but other than uninstalling the most recent tweak first haven’t had any real idea of what was causing the crashes.

    • I think a lot of users are in your boat.

      • BoardDWorld

        So timely, purchased Auxo3 yesterday and it crashed springboard after killing all apps when activating it by gesture again. Tried CrashReporter now and it picked up on it as Auxo3 and sent the bug off to the dev. I assume it’s because it’s running along side Aeternum and I was able to mention that too. Brilliant, thank you.

  • Not really related to this post but since your talking about Safari in the video does anybody know of a tweak that gives you unlimited tabs in Safari? I don’t see why my iPad Air 2 should be limited to a set amount of tabs when it has 2gb of RAM…

    • mike

      As far as I’m aware it can open a ton of tabs, how many are you trying to open at once? My Air 2 has at least 20 open right this second.

      • There is a limit. Keep opening tabs and eventually the new tab button will disable

      • Anything over 20 and it starts to replace old tabs with new tabs I think…

        I don’t often need 20+ tabs open but it’s annoying that I can’t 😛

      • mike

        Lol I understand. Just the Apple Master Hand deciding for you again.

    • I do recall there being a tweak that does just this but I’m afraid it’s name aludes me. The folk at JailbreakQA will know for sure

    • Fred

      Try SafariTabCount. It also counts your open tabs in Safari and shows it in the icon on the bottom right corner, like in iOS6.

      In the description it says it’s only for iOS7, but it’s doing fine on my iPhone 5 with latest iOS.

  • Carlos Medina

    they sure made it easier to find the problematic tweak because i remember only being able to see the log and that’s about it. Glad they made it easier now.

  • Joshfei

    I have this and have had it for as long as I’ve been jailbroken. In all that time and through all the crashes, it never once showed a suspect. I know that it should because it does say “There are no suspects”
    Am I doing something wrong with this?

    • No, it just means it knows there was a crash, but doesn’t know what caused it. I get a ton of them

      • Joshfei

        Good to know, thanks.

  • czbird

    Lol, uninstalled the same tweak yesterday because of the same reason 🙂

  • Sachka

    How do you guys fix the overlapped text when you ask Siri a weather related question? All my jail broken devices behave the same way, scrambled text when Siri answers. Ask “what is the temperature outside?” for example

  • archer14

    Got a random problem, each time I try to make a phone call, it takes nearly 20 seconds for the screen to update. Meanwhile the call proceeds in the background. Same when I make the call by selecting the contact in whatsapp. Call proceeds, however screen changes to contact screen 20 seconds later. What is even more strange is that this happens the first time in a day. If I repeat it there are no delays and it is instantaneous. Any help appreciated and sorry for the off topic.

  • Poporopo00

    I though we were going to see how to fix it. My problem didn’t get fixed by uninstalling the last tweak.


    • Noah

      It may not be the last tweak you installed, it could be tweaks conflicting against each other. Go through your recently installed packages via Cydia and try and eliminate the cause.

  • if nothing is highlighted in red; is there anyway to find the problematic tweak except for trial and error?

  • mrdude42

    you can disable the popups in the settings app, go to notifications and then find the crashreporter app and turn of banner popups.

  • Roshan Oscar Sah

    I don’t know my phone app keep freezing & won’t work unless disabling them & enabling them . Did anyone experienced same ? Can anyone help!