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Google Play had more apps than the Apple iTunes Store at the end of 2014, marking a big change for app community, a new study from appFigures said on Tuesday.

It said Google surpassed Apple for total number of apps with 1.43 million compared to 1.21 million. The apps come from roughly 390,000 Android app developers and 280,000 iOS developers, those of which have to pay $99 a year to be a part of Apple’s Developer Center. 

Apple has long bragged about having a larger amount of apps available for its platform than Google, however that seems not to be the case. Developers are taking advantage of both app marketplaces to be able to reach as many downloads as possible.


It’s worth nothing, that developers often release their apps on the App Store before Google Play. Furthermore, Google Play doesn’t have the stringent review process the App Store has, and developers on Google Play can release apps for free.

In its report, appFigures says iOS saw the most growth in the business and food & drink categories on its App Store in 2014.

“We can see the relationship here between app growth and new developers, with most new Apple developers publishing business apps. What’s interesting is how games started off slow and sped up around March, catching up with the steadily growing lifestyle category. It’s no surprise that Apple developers, much like their Google counterparts, are focusing on mainstream apps.”

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Apple recently announced that the first week of January set a new record for billings from the App Store, with customers around the world spending nearly half a billion dollars on apps and in-app purchases. It also revealed New Year’s Day 2015 marked the single biggest day ever in App Store sales history, as customers presumably used gift cards and took advantage of App Store sales.

Furthermore, Apple launched a new website on Thursday, showing the jobs created by its ecosystem. It says more than one million jobs have been created to support Apple in the US.

Source: appFigures via ZDNet

  • jake kneller

    Okay Google now has more apps but they also have more junk apps and more viruses so go ahead Google bragg about haveing more apps but don’t for get to mention half of the apps you have will slow down you android phone

    • regkilla


    • divesh

      There are different types of fakes apps including fake antivirus that says virus is there and u must pay to get it off, fake bbm when it launched, tons of fakes, ads that bother every now and then, lacks simple stuff for eg, u can’t play a paused audio file in whatsapp, it will start all the way from the beginning. This list won’t end. You all must be Apple Users, out here, don’t sorry about Google’s more apps. Proud to be using App Store rather than Play Store.

    • Domodo

      Viruses. Right. And iOS apps totally don’t slow down my iPhone. Nooo. No waaay. hahaha What a typical ignorant Apple fanboy.

      • jake kneller

        I have about 200 apps on my iPhone and its jail broke and its no slower than the first day I turned it on and didn’t have a single app on it and many people actually complement me on how quick my phone is considering all I have one it and no I’m not an apple fan boy I use both android and iOS i even use blackberry now i have experienced 5x as many issues running half the stuff my iPhone’s do so take your android fanboy comments somewhere else

      • Don’t know about which phone you were using, but my experience thus far with Android on a OnePlus One hasn’t shown any sign of lag with 83 apps installed (more to come), and I’m able to do stuff I could never do even on a jailbroken iPhone due to lack of RAM. Example, having 50+ tabs open in chrome (similar to what I’d have on my Surface Pro) and not worry about tabs randomly reloading when I’m gathering details from other tabs. Simply put, an immersive multi-tab web browsing experience was never possible on the iPhone.

        That said, I do agree to an extent that certain apps have better quality on iOS, that’s one of iOS strengths. However, official Android has more versatile applications and devices that allow you to do things you could only dream of getting on official iOS.

      • jake kneller

        Actually I had a one plus one,HTC one m8,galaxy s5 and a note 3 and none have those phones where anywhere near standing toe to toe with my iPhone when I set that up as close to the same as I could

      • Big claim there, what were the others lacking, besides the Apple logo? Do share, ’cause my experience with my OnePlus is totally different.

      • jake kneller

        Well in the case of the one plus after modding what I did on my iPhone through jailbreak themes icons status bar lockscreen and on top of running my apps that were the android equivalent with my habit of just leaving everything open apps and tabs included the device began to freeze and lag behind it simply could not keep up with me on the level my iPhone 6 plus does

      • Totally opposite experience. Whatever suits you.

  • Quality > Quantity

    • Ahmed Karoui

      True, and when you try to search for an app, you’ll get +99 copycats!

      • SMH

        You’r talking as if that isn’t the case on iOS? Don’t even dare try say that doesn’t happen on iOS before i start showing you screenshots. They both have that problem. App Stores are oversaturated with apps that are complete trash or knock offs of knock offs of knock offs and some of them are insanely popular which makes it worse. Lookin at you Candy Crush.

      • Ahmed Karoui

        I was not referring to iOS by any means! i know, that might be present on apple’s iOS too, but to a lower extent. However, apps present on the PlayStore (copycats in our case) have usually, if not always, had a lower quality. This is not true on iOS due to Apple’s verification. 🙂

      • jake kneller

        This is a problem on both app stores but it’s much much worse on the play store

      • Worse? That’s very debatable considering there have been a wider category of apps on the PlayStore for years. With a wider category of apps, you have a wider variety of apps.

        Too hard for you to understand? Simply show me the “quality” version of apps like Nova Launcher, Titanium Backup, Got Ya, etc, in the AppStore. You just fukn can’t.

    • Bob

      That’s exactly the comment I was going to make before I even clicked onto this article. Literally exactly the same comment. Weird

    • Mohamed Danish

      Daamm True…

  • InfinitePlusOne

    30% of their app is probably junks.

    • Domodo

      Whereas in the AppStore, 199% of apps are legit and unique.

      • Noah

        Well… not all apps are unique…

  • OWashe

    Fart apps…that’s all they have in there.

    • Out5poken

      Developers still make those?!?… Furthermore, do people still buy them?!?!?

      • Kyle Johnson

        I used to play with fart apps all the time with my friends.

  • Linton Findlay

    Apple has slightly higher quality. I wish that they would start pulling apps that don’t yet have ios7 design or support new iPhone screen sizes. Seen some apps that don’t even have retina yet!

  • Chang in Charge

    Regardless of quantity vs quality that’s one less thing they can take about during their presentations. I’m sure they will find a way to market it as being better.

    • CollegiateLad

      They don’t really have to. Everyone knows where the quality apps are – and developers know where the money is – hence the move to iOS first. And we won’t even discuss tablet apps.

  • isitjustme

    The funny thing is Apple is proud to reveal the number of apps in their store and google have to use a third party to announce the numbers. Perhaps they are not too proud of the fact.

    Kind of reminded me that Amazon have to use an analyst to announce the number of kindles they sold.

    Well, we have the numbers because so and so said so.

  • Dallas Groot

    and how many of them are rip off/malware apps….

    • Digitalfeind

      That’s the question I want an answer to.

  • Merman123

    Woo flashlight apps for everyone 🙂

  • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

    They need to tally how many DIFFERENT apps each store has, not how many apps with different names but the same damn functions.

    • Digitalfeind

      IOS apps are the same. There are just as many clones of iOS apps. Look at the many flappy Bird, angry birds, and various tower defense clones are in the Appstore.

  • Martin

    Full of crap… In this case size really doesn’t matter :-)))

  • BourneUnknown

    I guarantee if they do a clean up of their apps, Google will lost almost half of their apps… Sorry but I’ll stick with quality over quantity

  • Fanboy 

    Google Plays quality of apps is definitely superior! Not to mention that their % of pirated apps is extremely low. I feel much safer knowing that a great majority of their apps don’t contain any viruses and a great bonus is that many of their apps are actually tailored for my tablet. Said. No one. Ever.

    • BourneUnknown

      Haha before the end, the whole time reading this I was thinking to myself “wow this guy is stupid to think android apps are better ” lol

  • Rowan09

    Google has a bunch of fan made apps of just clash of clans alone, so if they are counting each app it definitely will.

  • Sleetui

    Should be a option to turn off all the stupid apps in Google Playstore.

  • SummerLover

    it’s about quality not quantity 😉