Apple blogger and Instapaper founder Marco Arment caused an earthquake in the Apple community when he released a blistering article on the current state of Apple’s hardware earlier this week. It’s not often you see Apple bloggers being critical of the company they’re usually so quick to praise.

“We don’t need major OS releases every year,” Arment wrote. “We don’t need each OS release to have a huge list of new features. We need our computers, phones, and tablets to work well first so we can enjoy new features released at a healthy, gradual, sustainable pace.”

So that left two questions: Is Arment correct in his theory? What do you want from Apple in 2015? 

In my opinion, Apple’s not going to do anything too earth shattering or unexpected this year. Which probably isn’t a bad thing, given its current financial praise.

Past the rumored iPad Pro, everything else seems pretty obvious. The Apple Watch, redesigned MacBook Air, and new iPads in the spring, iOS 9 and a new OS X in the summer, and the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus in the fall, seem pretty set in stone.

But, what kind of features would you want to see out of the new software and hardware? Do you expect a huge shock this year?

  • John Wickham

    I’d love to see a Retina 5K Cinema Display

    • Isaac

      That probably won’t happen until sometime in 2016. Current gen hardware can’t handle a 5K display. Not even the 2013 Mac Pro.

  • Isaac

    iPhone 6S, Retina Macbook Air, and iPad Pro

  • Julio Monterez

    MacBook Pto and air ssd storage size upgrades for all models!

  • All I could ask for is iTunes Radio and Apple Pay in the UK.

  • @dongiuj

    Lower prices

  • Isaac

    More powerful Macs!

  • Joonyaboy

    He’s wrong. Apple is clearly doing something right, so why would they deviate from that. They may seem to lag behind sometimes or perhaps not have the polish of old, but they are consistently good.

  • new iPods maybe iPod touch with 4.7″ display and a 5.5″ and a rapid proccesor

  • ck125

    Bigger batteries, and not worry so much about thin for iPhones.

  • 1manWarMachine

    Let’s open up NFC to developers

  • 1manWarMachine

    Open up NFC to developers.

  • Josh Venegas

    I want to see apple come out with a retina MacBook air with more than 1 port on it and a hdmi port as well. I want another 4″ iPhone with twice the battery life ( really? Who cares about making products as thin as a potato chip. If the iPhone’s were twice as thick because of the battery I would value that more than it being thin) I want a jailbreakable Apple TV 4. And I want my iPhone to be able to be a master remote for all my tvs, sound systems and all that junk without wifi. And i want a jailbreakable waterproof/ water resistant apple watch with a good battery life. And a 4k camera on the iPhones, iPads and Macs. That’s all I can think of right now.

  • jake kneller

    I would really love to see more ram on iPhones and to have the 16 go models replaced with 32gb but highly doubt that will happen I feel apples sees it as if 16gbs isn’t good enough give me more money

  • 9to5Slavery

    MacBook to wirelessly charge iPhone 6s and 6+S

  • Bray Taylor

    ITV or Ipanel is the product that apple should release in 2015 and it should have an 8k display.

  • Eli Montoya

    A working iPhone

  • Jose Rivera

    Can we please get a new iPod touch? One that resembles the iPhone 6 maybe? We need a 6th gen iPod touch for those who don’t wanna buy and iPad…

  • Svs

    Optimize iOS more!
    Make it Bug free,no lag etc

  • The Mazaya

    With the new MacBook Air with One USB port only, I think they don’t want you to use USB flash Drives or External Hard Drives or anything like that, They want you to start using the iCloud system, they want to control what you can use and you can’t. it’s easy for those who pay attention

  • Aaron Hysell

    Im hoping to finally see a revamped apple tv! I don’t think it will be a full on TV set, I believe it will be a new hockey puck if anything! I would just finally like to have “apple integrated tv!” I think it’s long past due

    • Be cool if they finally redesigned the look of the aTV, it is long overdue.

      • Aaron Hysell

        yes it is, way over due

  • Svs

    More optimized iOS!
    stable&lag-free even on older devices

  • Xee

    1. Get rid of 16Gb iPhone, start at 32Gb and half the costs between each increase.
    2. Allow user access to root files / official jailbreak.
    3. Include Springtomize into iOS – sick of giant icons!
    4. Include VirtualHome into iOS – I don’t like using physical home button click.
    5. Edge to edge screens on iPhone.
    6. NFC opened to developers.
    7. Put the sleep button on iPhone back on top!
    8. Reduce physical buttons on iPhone.
    9. Make space grey iPhone darker.
    10. +2Gb RAM in all iPhones.
    11. MicroSD card slot.
    12. OLED screens on iPhones.
    13. Put the iPad Air 2 A8X chip in the iPhone.
    14. iPhone 6+ no home button, edge to edge screen, no bezels, same size screen but slightly smaller footprint.
    15. Stereo and louder speakers on iPhone.
    16. Generally all iPhone specs improved, camera, CPU, RAM, Memory, battery.

    • Chris

      Allow user access to root files / official jailbreak.

      Never going to happen, sand-boxing is what keeps us safe from malicious apps gaining 100% control of our devices.

      MicroSD card slot.

      Wonder were they’d put it.

  • A man

    1) 4″ model with battery like the one on the 6+ or more. I don’t mind if the iPhone weights and is thick like a 4s or 3GS.
    2) 2GB RAM
    3) microSD slot
    4) NFC opened for devs
    5) these JB tweaks:
    That’s all, thanks for reading

    • A man

      FORGOT ONE THING!!!! I want Apple to smash/desroy/punch to death Shamesung once and for all!

  • Andrieux Querido

    Me and Millions of Brazilians want Siri in Portuguese, We have the Most expensive iphones in the World.My Iphone 6 Plus 64Gb would cost in Brazil U$1670. R$4399. But its like it was U$4399 for Brazilians because in Brazil they make Reais and not dollars, got it.
    Its Cheaper to fly to Miami, stay 3 days and Buy the same Phone there.
    Welcome to the most corrupeted Country Ever. Sadly.

    • Damn, that is f’ed up man! I watched a special about Brazil and their government’s actions to move people out of the ghettos, before the World Cup. Messed up!

      People say the USA is corrupt? Well take a look at some real corruption!

  • Dan Sullivan

    We all just want What Steve J wanted for our devices to “Just Work”, without wondering what glitch is up next. Then having to scower the internet to see if anyone else has that problem. How many have that problem? Calculate in your head whether that’s enough for apple to actually move on it or sit on it. Honestly although with jobs we had no clue when things maybe released what’s included or even if we’d absolutely love it. But ya know we did Love it because no matter what it was “It Just Worked”.

    Speaking of glitches has anyone besides me who actually uses iBooks been having problems with your entire library disappearing befor your very eyes. Sometimes to reappear sometimes not reappearing unless you do a reset of the device(so far iPads). It’s started with the first release of 8.0 and it’s still present.

  • naga

    Samsung’s new SM951 PCIe SSD that has 2.15GB/s write speed which consumes 2 miliwatts in standby mode.
    5K HD retina display.
    GTX 980M.
    DDR 4.
    Basically best of the best.


  • Bray Taylor

    Itv/ipanel with 8k display and a curved screen release this product in 2015 don’t wait any longer and don’t put it off any more.

  • Donovan

    iPhone 6S Mini, with a camera lens that fits in the phone. All I’m asking for *sigh*

  • Ian Leon

    SERIOUS Big fixes and performance improvements for iOS 9. No features, just focus on that.

    • Ian Leon

      Get keyboards right. Get iCloud drive right.

  • rockdude094

    iPad with an Intel chip inside that does serious work !

  • Daniel

    The new trainee-CEO. Speculation has it that the apple watch will fail and tim cook would be asked to resign in 12 months. The apple watch was tim cook’s answer to the board and investor’s ULTIMATUM.

    Extremely reliably insider information says they have found a 28 year old Chinese Genius in Singapore working at the bottom of the company. Last I heard he was on apple payroll earning US$2000 a month. He is a 100% carbon-copy of steve jobs.

  • Aaron

    The only thing I really care that much about is a new Apple TV. I feel like it has so much potential, yet it has not been been updated in 2 going on 3 years.
    New everything else is already expected.

  • Domingo E. Mojica

    Fix iTune, major software updates every two years, and minor updates to fix the loose ends. Add mouse & portable wireless printer support to iOS for those that needs it while on the road.

  • scott

    a TV, so I don’t have to buy Samsung Smart TV’s anymore

  • Apple Maps that work outside of the US
    Up to Dtae POIs outside US
    More functions for Siri
    More than 9 Apps in a folder (come on Apple thats a joke or?)
    New ATV with App Store
    iTunes Radio in Germany
    Facetime Open Source (you made the promise Apple)
    VCards via Bluetooth to every Phone

  • Me

    Apple to stop making their products overpriced. We don’t pay for anything special anymore.

    – Build quality sucks ass ( I have a bent iphone 6 that Apple won’t replace)

    – Everyone remembers 8.0.1

    Why are iPhones and Macbooks so expensive?