Monument Valley Forgotten Shores

Even though this particular data point is a few days old now, I think it’s highly relevant in light of Apple’s glowing App Store stats revealed yesterday.

According to developer Ustwo Games, its award-winning and incredibly successful Monument Valley, an atmospheric puzzle game in which you manipulate impossible architecture inspired by the works of M.C. Escher, has seen a significant chunk of its potential revenue lost to piracy because only 40 percent of the $3.99 game installs on the iPhone and iPad were paid for.

The vast chunk of the remaining sixty percent iOS installs were illegitimate, or to put it bluntly — pirated. On Android, the paid install base is a paltry five percent (you read that right), as a huge hunk of the remaining 95 percent of users opted to steal Monument Vally on Android rather than pay four bucks to enjoy it.

Is the 60 percent piracy rate on iOS a worrying number for Monument Valley developers and a bad sign for Apple’s mobile platform? Read on for the full reveal.

The numbers came via a tweet Ustwo posted Monday.

An important caveat: installs ≠ purchases.

“The only thing we can do is, two bits of data: one, how many purchases we have and, two, how many installs we’ve got,” said Ustwo.

In other words, 60 percent of unpaid iOS installs is comprised of a large portion of pirated installs and a smaller portion of people who have both an iPhone and an iPad, and have installed the game to both devices.

Having debuted in April of last year, Monument Valley has yet to go free in the App Store. Therefore, it’s safe to assume that a huge portion of the 60 percent installs on iOS are in fact illegitimate.

Back to Android.

It’s been established before that Android suffers from a massive piracy problem, owed to Google’s decision not to police its Play Store and the fact that Android users are allowed to install apps from unofficial third-party sources or manually.

“Android statistics don’t include Amazon Store data by the way. So 95 percent piracy rate isn’t affected by the free day we did,” Ustwo wrote in another tweet.

Monument Valley 2.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 001)

Some 315,000 Android users obtained the game during the free day, which “rounds out to 5.3 percent taking out those users,” reads another tweet.

Despite rampant piracy, Ustwo have made a conscious decision not to implement any piracy protection on Android, explaining to Re/code that they’re not unique in this situation.

“The best way I like to think about it is, the majority of those users probably wouldn’t have bought the game anyway. So it’s not like we’re losing revenue,” said Monument Valley producer Dan Gray.

“And, of course, I’m sure some of those users have recommended the game to friends who maybe aren’t as tech-savvy as they are. It’s essentially free marketing,” he said trying to play down the issue.

Developers suspect that such a big difference between Android and iOS comes down to how tech-savvy the user and the region actually is.

“When you compare the most affluent regions, obviously that kind of slants it toward developing markets and Android devices, where people are less inclined to spend $4 on a game,” he contended, alluding to markets such as China where Android devices don’t ship preloaded with Google’s Play store so people are accustomed to obtaining software from third-party stores, many of which pirate apps.

If you indeed take U.S. only, those paid rates for Android and iOS are “actually considerably closer,” as in “closer than five and 40 percent.”

Monument Valley 2.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 002)

Be that as it may, no one should gloat too much about Android’s piracy problem.

Matter of fact, the 60 percent piracy rate on iOS for one of the best mobile games of 2014 is simply too high a figure — even more so knowing piracy requires users to jailbreak their devices, an undertaking the vast majority of mainstream iPhone and iPad owners avoid doing.

The piracy gap between iOS and Android is one of the many reasons why the App Store has remained the mobile platform of choice for most app makers, despite Google’s platform having more than twice as large footprint as iOS.

Apple yesterday said the App Store made a record $500 million on New Year’s Day, marking the single biggest day ever in its nearly seven-year history.

Apps and games generated over $10 billion in revenue for developers throughout 2014 as billings on the App Store rose 50 percent in 2014. Furthermore, developers have earned a cumulative $25 billion from App Store sales.

Ustwo was highlighted in Apple’s press release alongside a few other independent games developers as success stories from the year 2014.

The backlash that ensued after a paid $1.99 ‘Forgotten Shores’ update, which has introduced eight new levels to Monument Valley on top of the original ten levels, shows how easy it is to make excuse for piracy.

Just because a premium game you want isn’t available at a price you wish to pay doesn’t mean you should become a freeloader. And stealing, as Steve Jobs quipped while announcing a legitimate way to buy music on iTunes, is bad for your karma.

As Megan McArdle keenly observed in her DailyBeast piece, people are not forced into piracy, they’re choosing it.

“You are not entitled to shoplift Birkin bags on the grounds that they are ludicrously overpriced, and you cannot say you had no alternative but to break into a local ice cream parlor at 2 am because you are really craving some Rocky Road and the insensitive bastards refused to stay open 24/7 so that you could have your favorite sweet treat whenever you want,” she put brilliantly.

iDownloadBlog does not, nor ever will, condone piracy.

And on a more personal note, even though folks who pirate iOS games are aware they’re in the wrong, they still choose to do it not thinking their actions will damage developers, and developers are essential to the App Store and Apple’s mobile platform.

What’s your position on this sensitive matter? What should Apple and its developers do in order to fight piracy on iOS more efficiently and vigilantly than before, do you think?

And what can honest users who value the incredible software the App Store offers collectively do in order to help surmount the app theft challenge?

Sound off in the comments below.

Source: Ustwo Games

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    There you go! Just testing. KAPPA

  • This isn’t surprising at all

  • Jonathan

    Wow. See, this is why I buy everything.

    -No piracy repos

    -No pirated tweaks

    -I’ve never installed Appcake or anything similar.

    Yes, sometimes tweaks are in my opinion unfairly priced, but I have no right to judge them. For all I know, they just wrecked their car, don’t have insurance, and now are really in debt.

    If I find a tweak too expensive, but I still want it, I’d message the dev and negotiate a new price. I’d PayPal him the money, then he’d gift it to me.

    I learned this the hard way though. I used to pirate anything and everything on Cydia. It wasn’t until I posted my first theme for $0.99 (called Sleek7 Premium. Not my best work, at least compared to now) and I had at LEAST a 90% piracy rate. I could only see the number of downloads on the BiteYourApple website. But, there’s xSellize, HackYouriPhone, Insanelyi, SinfuliPhone, and more. Combine all those, it’s probably 98% – 99% piracy rate.

    I really do hate piracy, not because of my loss, but because of everybody’s. stealing 1 penny is a crime. It doesn’t matter the amount, the age, the excuse, it’s stealing.

    • Anmol Malhotra

      You know i used to pirate everything on Cydia till this new year. I’ve been jailbreaking since 2012 and never bought any tweak. All pirated. Then i dont know from where i had a thought like i’m stealing someones hardwork and had all the points in mind you mentioned.
      And after re jailbreaking my 4S 5-6 days ago i bought each and every tweak. 😀 for ex : Tage , Subtle Lock , Eclipse 2 , Ad-Blocker , Consillium theme and few more.
      At the end of the day It feels good to pay developers for what they deserve. 🙂

      • Jonathan

        Yeah, it does feel good. I almost want to post all my purchased tweaks just to prove it.

      • Anmol Malhotra

        Can you show me? 😀

        I wanna see them helps me to improve my collection. 😀
        Can you tell me one more thing? How Auxo 3 will work on 4S? Shall i buy it?

      • Jonathan

        Don’t go for it yet. Auxo 3 runs horrible on my iPod 5 (as far as I know, both have the same specs)
        Switcher works fine, but hot corners (drag from corner up) to switch to another app lags horribly. By horribly, I mean, freezes for 15 – 20 seconds before it does anything, then renders the screen for half a second, then freezes another 15 – 20 seconds.
        I’d hold off..

        Screenshots will come later this evening. 🙂

      • Anmol Malhotra

        Woah! Thats buggy as hell. Tage works perfectly on 4S. 😀
        Fasttttt! waiting! 😀

      • Jonathan

        I think it’s just poor memory management. :/

      • Anmol Malhotra

        Recently Sentry tweeted with huge update coming next week. We can expect update anytime now. I hope it fixes everything.
        Do tell me how it works. 🙂

      • Jonathan

        I’ll try. I may not remember your name to come find you. :/
        Perhaps ask me once it comes out?

      • Elias Chao

        That’s really cool! I’m buying all the tweaks I use instead of pirating them too. It feels like you’re doing it the right way 🙂

      • Ian Leon

        you have to admit the process of reinstalling already purchased tweaks is pretty cumbersome.

    • elreason4

      I am a programmer, and don’t condone pirating (though customizing and rooting are the right of the owner of the device). However, the amount and age do matter. A 1 year old who squezes a gun trigger is not responsible-but their caretakers. Also, my bank was hacked-though I stopped the theft. I could not care less about a penny as that would not do the damage an empty bank account would cause. Finally, murder/terrorism is far worse a crime that can’t even really be compared to these topics. Life is precious, material things much less so.

      • David Terminal Illness Loro

        well said

    • Matheus Lisboa

      i am not proud to say, but I used to use appcake for testing the app and bought afterwards… now I just ask for reimburse from apple if it doesn’t work correctly

    • Linton Findlay

      im generally reluctant to buy cydia tweaks because half the time I’m not jailbroken and when a new version of iOS comes out the tweaks and themes stop working, then devs charge again for an updated version of the app or just don’t update it- thus I’m losing money for no reason.

      • Elias Chao

        Well, I paid for Fifa 15, and I also paid for Fifa 14 as well, so…

  • TJ

    There was a similar story a couple of years ago. A developer released a game on iOS and after finding success decided to release it on Android. After a week they had 3000 online players of their game on Android but it turns out that only 20 people had paid the $4.99 to download the game, the rest had pirated it.

    Unfortunately there’s a large section of society that won’t pay for anything such as music, films and apps and feel that they have an entitlement to get it for free. The record companies and film studios need to crack down hard and fast on distributors of pirated material. Not sure what the solution is for apps though, I would suggest some type of security built into the app so that a pirated copy won’t work, but some clever clogs would find a way around that anyway.

    People just need to stop being tight fisted and pay up, apps cost practically nothing anyway so there’s no excuse.

    • KyleVPirate

      Sorry to break that bubble but music and film piracy is highly different than all piracy and further more in that regard the MAFIAAhave done numerous stuff to bring that down but it isn’t working at all and it’s their own greedy fault that is happening with unfair pricing, and fragmentation of tv shows and movies of course people are going to SHARE. But guess what the MAFIAA are doing it for their own greedy needs. They want to censor the Internet if you didn’t know that. The Internet should be free and open. The individual should do what they want.

    • DogeCoin

      The harder they push, the harder the pirates will push back. And even then, some people pirate because they do not want such controls built into there media. If there is restrict DRM, i am more likely to go with the pirates, as they actually respect my rights.

    • Unfortunately there’s a large section of society that won’t pay for anything such as music, films and apps and feel that they have an entitlement to get it for free. The record companies and film studios need to crack down hard and fast on distributors of pirated material. Not sure what the solution is for apps though, I would suggest some type of security built into the app so that a pirated copy won’t work, but some clever clogs would find a way around that anyway.

      What you’ve proposed exists and is the worst thing in the world known as DRM. Instead of protecting content it gets cracked anyway and causes problems for legitimate paying users. Heck I’ve even had problems with games legally purchased on Steam. DRM is not the way forward nor will it ever be the way forward. The only way to protect your content is to engage with your users. Some developers for example have in the past released modified (but unmodified to the untrained eye) games to torrent sites. The prospective pirate then downloads the game plays it and eventually gets stuck at a certain point in the game (by design). Then if they liked the game they’ll buy it. If not then they’ll delete the game and likely never touch it again.

    • I always have and always pirate music and movies. I’m not taking any money for anyone that deserves it, like I would if I pirated apps. I go see many concerts a year and buy plenty of merchandise. That is where I really am putting money in my favorite artists’ mouths.

  • leart

    80% of people I know that are jailbreaking their iphones have no idea how to use cydia, they want help just to install appsynch and vshare, that’s it, they are fine…
    That’s why apple should push out for my opinion two ios versions , one open for tweaks but not for piracy, and one just like it is now, I’m fine with the current one even without jailbreak..
    in this way of course apple will lose millions of asian users that will move to android in absence of a jailbreak…. so..

    • Svs

      or simply put tweak section in app store

    • Honestly they should just open all of iOS. You can’t dictate how your users will use your OS you just can’t do that (unless it’s a specialist OS designed for a specific purpose). iOS should be open just like OS X there’s no reason for it being as closed and lockeddown as it is other than to protect the monopoly of Apple. I love Apple, their devices, software and services yet hate their controlling nature…

  • Sam Romeo

    Pirating is undoubtedly wrong, and its an awful shame that the developers of such a great game are being ripped off. That being said though, I do think the game is a tad expensive, to the extent that to a lot of people it is prohibitively so. Maybe if the game was less expensive it would encourage more people to give it a try, but of course – piracy = theft = bad, irregardless of the price.

    • Jeff Maxwell

      Wait…what? $4 is “a tad expensive”? Yet you own a smartphone and/or tablet? Give me a break…

      • Sam Romeo

        In the context of an app store where most apps are free, freemium or 79p yes, £2.99 is expensive.

      • Digitalus

        What about in the context of a small indie developer with a handful of apps to their name going up against the likes of EA, Rovio, or Activision with literally hundreds of games and apps, let alone software on other platforms?
        Although I question the validity or accuracy of the numbers stated (do installs include reinstalls?), you still cannot justify piracy based on price alone. It’s as foolish as believing that every statistic that’s fed to you on the internet is actual factual, scientific data.

      • Sam Romeo

        You should read my first comment again, I never said price justifies piracy (in fact I said twice that it’s very, very bad). I was saying that the comparatively high price of this particular app might encourage some people to find alternative means of getting it – not that that is appropriate or fair to the developer.

        I, personally, paid for my copy of Monument Valley.

      • Jeff Maxwell

        If you want to talk context, then anybody who can afford the hundreds of dollars for a device that can run one of the these games can afford $4 for a quality title. Suggesting otherwise is nonsensical.

        I have a grudging understanding (if not respect) for somebody who says “Yeah, I steal software when I can because it makes no sense to pay for something you can get for free. And I’ll keep doing it as long as the system continues to allow it and law enforcement overlooks it.” That’s owning your behavior. I may not condone the behavior but I at least respect somebody being upfront about it.

        What I really object to are the stream of rationalizations present in this discussion. “It’s too expensive”; “I’m just trying before buying”; “the system is corrupt”; “developers are greedy”; “Everyone does it.” Those things are nothing more than sorry individuals trying to convince themselves that what they’re doing isn’t really wrong. “I’m not a bad person – the system is bad.”

        If you’re going to do it then own the fact that it’s wrong. Stop trying to convince yourself that you’re some kind of champion for freedom. You’re just a thief. Nothing more. Embrace it and stop pretending otherwise. Freaking man up.

        I know that may not apply to you personally but supporting poor rationalizations just emboldens people to live in denial about the quality of their character.

      • Digitalus

        Yes, that’s it exactly.
        We may not believe it is no justification, but many people do, with the very reasoning we may put forth, ‘Why should I have to pay $6 for an app when most others are only $2?!’ It sounds fair, but it only focuses on the price point.

        I was offering an alternative context which offers explanation as to the comparatively high pricing, which is the moot point.
        To my knowledge, there was no puzzle platformer of its kind, comparable in either concept, build or quality. Those are sound and reasonable points for its ‘comparatively’ high pricing.

        It’s also important to note that cheap apps are plentiful because they’re cheap to build and mass produce, or built by large companies who can afford the expense, but this should not be the deciding factor for judging the worth of other, or ‘better’ apps. Saying other apps are cheap only serves to undermine the worth of this great game.
        Monument Valley’s popularity is due to its quality, its design, and its innovative approach to puzzles, and that’s worth paying for.

  • WhizZz

    Does it also count multiple installs (reinstall, other devices same account)?
    The only think I can conclude out of this is we’ll see much more freemium games filled with timers ಠ_ಠ.

    • Chris Wagers

      That’s exactly my question. If they count a purchase and my family let’s say of 5 installs it. That’s 1 paid 4 not paid installs. So that’s 80 percent unpaid is what they are saying? Are they counting those as piracy? Sounds like it to me.

      Ps I only have 4 in my family. Just using 5 as example.

  • Kartik Dhawan

    Hey Christian, just thought I’d let you know, piracy doesn’t require the device to be jailbroken, applications can be installed on iOS devices (all versions including iOS 8) without any root access, the device’s UDID doesn’t need to be registered with a Dev account either. This is a flaw in iOS which cannot be easily resolved. Many piracy apps have exploited this and made fully working softwares that can install any app with a click of a button. The jailbroken piracy is much more popular though due to the fact that it doesn’t require the device to be connected to a computer.

    • WhizZz

      It’s even worse :s You don’t need a computer or jailbreak anymore. You can download stores from Safari. A great (kinda legal) example is EMU4iOS.

  • Schemme

    How do i get forgotten shores for free. mI tried to use localiapstore but it doesnt work for Monument Valley. How are people getting it. Thanks

  • Darthque

    I used to pirate myself. then I realized that I was helping to crush the hopes and dreams of people who had the balls to go indie in the first place. So obviously I stopped…for the most part. Nowadays I’ll if I buy a book, I might pirate a pdf copy. Hate carrying tons of books around and I’m not trying to pay for it TWICE. Sue me.

    • archer14

      Ergo, those who write books dont have hopes and dreams. Only app devs do.

      • Darthque

        That’s actually a poignant and witty rebuttal. Touché. But I don’t give a F***. I’m still not doing it. Maybe if other people didn’t pay for the same book twice they’d offer a digital package like movies do.

  • WolfgangHoltz

    All developers putting checking code or analytic code in their applications deserves to be PIRATED.
    End of the discussion.

    • Guest

      Like tweetbot used to do i guess

    • Jeff Maxwell

      The notion that justifies theft is dumb-assery at its finest. End of discussion.

      • WolfgangHoltz

        And what to call it when developers will watch you through the programs that you have purchased.

        This is not a feature I need and like to find in my bought applications.

        It’s like finding a worm in the fresh bread you eat in the morning.

      • Jeff Maxwell

        Agreed. So delete it and request a refund. Or do some research and don’t buy it at all. These aren’t difficult concepts. Theft is never justifiable. If you’re going to do it, then own it – don’t make silly excuses for it.

      • WolfgangHoltz

        The developer also steals data from you without telling you about it even if you purchased the application from the beginning.

        And I don’t make any excuses for stealing.

        Just make my statement that if the developer have this data collecting function in the application he deserves to get his work PIRATED.
        Wonder what silly excuses developers have to collect all kind of data from you without even telling in the first place.

      • Jeff Maxwell

        You’re combining two completely separate and distinct issues. Whether the developer is collecting data about their users has no relationship to whether it’s okay to steal. By your rationalization the developer could say “everybody pirates my app so it’s okay to illicitly collect data about them.” That’s not okay either.

        Theft is not okay. Full stop. Collecting data about your users without telling them is not okay. Full stop. You pretend to own your theivery in one breath and then say they deserve it in the next. It’s just a rationalization to convince yourself you’re some kind of digital warrior for goodness and freedom. You’re not – you’re just a thief.

      • WolfgangHoltz

        We can agree on that we disagree in this topic.

      • Thieves by definition have to steal meaning break into Apples servers and physically take (steal) the ipa file. People installing pirated applications don’t steal they copy.

      • Jeff Maxwell

        The legal system would beg to differ.

        You can play silly semantics games all you want but it’s still theft. If that’s the story you want to tell yourself to make it okay, then that’s your business. But don’t think that anybody honestly believes that – including you. You know it’s theft so just be a man and stop pretending otherwise.

      • How is it theft if the original still exists? Is it theft if I go to an art gallery and make an exact copy of a painting? Of course not. Copying is not equal to theft period.

      • Jeff Maxwell

        Once again, the legal system would disagree. Intellectual property is as fully recognized and protected under the law as any other physical object.

      • Then why is it in cases involving breaches of Intellectual Property the defendant is charged with copyright infringement? Copyright infringement is not stealing it is using Intellectual Property in ways not permitted by its license or using Intellectual Property without a license altogether. It however is not theft. Criminals that steal things are trialled completely different to defendants that have committed copyright infringement. Theft is a criminal matter however for the most part copyright infringement with no commercial intent is a civil matter.

      • Jeff Maxwell

        Virtually every aspect of IP theft is a criminal offense as well as a civil offense (as are much more serious things like murder/wrongful death). The federal code alone (beyond what is covered by local laws) lists at least 6 different criminal provisions covering IP with prison sentences of up to 10 years associated with many. Copyright is one of them but there are other relevant categories as well. You find similar criminal provisions in virtually every country in the world. In fact, many international trade agreements REQUIRE the participating countries to have criminal penalties, including fines and incarceration, for IP violations – to include piracy. So it is absolutely a criminal offense – not just civil.

        Now, in regard to whether piracy is technically theft, the Internet is full of debates on this with valid reasoning on both sides. I’ll put forward the traditional argument that an infringer is stealing potential profits. But if you look around at what law enforcement agencies themselves say, they almost always call it theft. The FBI themselves refer to it as “Intellectual Property Theft” and the investigative unit responsible for for it resides in the criminal division. They say that it includes “…everything from trade secrets and proprietary products and parts to movies and music and software.” They also say, “All told, intellectual property theft costs U.S. Businesses billions of dollars a year and robs the nation of jobs and lost tax revenue.”

        Finally, go back and look at a few of the civil and criminal cases involving IP. The ruling judges routinely refer to it as “theft” in their judgements.

        Either way, it’s an academic debate. It’s morally, civilly and criminally wrong and arguing that’s it’s not TECHNICALLY theft is just another way to rationalize and justify it.

      • I’m not trying to justify anything except for the fact it’s not theft which I’m glad to see you’ve confirmed. Yes the word theft is used but as you’ve rightfully confirmed it’s not TECHNICALLY theft and “an academic debate”. Nothing is stolen so people cannot be branded as thieves except when using words out of context. The entertainment industry in particular is quite good at this. Instead of discussing copyright infringement they discuss IP theft, instead of discussing file sharing they discuss piracy, instead of discussing copying they discuss theft. You can use whatever words you want out of context but it doesn’t make it right no matter how many times you use such words. As I said earlier piracy is not theft period.

      • Jeff Maxwell

        Hang on there slick…I don’t mind having a good faith discussion with somebody who has differing views but don’t start ascribing things to me that I never said or implied. I certainly didn’t “confirm” that it isn’t technically theft in any way, shape or form. In fact, I offered specific evidence from both the FBI and criminal and civil courts that specifically ascribe the term “theft” to IP violations. The fact that you somehow twisted that into my somehow conceding the argument to you proves that you’re just an ideologue with no desire for good faith debate.

        I’ll reiterate my point: You can make a reasonable argument that it’s not technically theft, but it remains an opinion that isn’t supported by the interpretations of law enforcement and the courts. It’s also not an opinion I share with you. Don’t mistake the fact that I’m objective enough to UNDERSTAND your argument for me AGREEING with your argument. Now I gave you concrete examples of how my view is supported by law enforcement and the courts – what are you offering by way of support?

        There are only 2 types who make the argument that piracy and other forms of IP violations aren’t theft: 1. Legal scholars who are truly interested in the issue from the perspective of legal definitions (and even they admit that the issue is highly subjective and open to various interpretations). 2. Those who are pro IP theft and use the argument to downplay the severity of the issue. You’re certainly no legal scholar, so it’s obvious which one you are. You can’t separate your argument on this point from your larger views about piracy.

        Don’t pretend that this is a debate about definitions – we both know better. It’s a debate about code words. You want your code words to be used because it offers a softer judgement about your actions. I’ll freely admit to doing the same. The difference between us is that your actions are universally condemned and illegal in virtually every country in the world, whereas mine are the law of the land.

      • It’s a debate about code words.

        Correct. Specifically the word “theft”. The actual definition of the word theft is obviously different to the definition given to it in a legal context. Since every context but a legal context implies that copyright infringement is not theft.

      • Jeff Maxwell

        Oh, okay…So IP theft is only theft in a legal context? Glad we clarified that since everybody knows that legal context doesn’t matter at all when discussing criminal activity :rolls eyes:

      • Chris

        I am sick of paying money for Tweaks/apps that dont do as advertised (that is the developer stealing from me, now the boot is on the other foot). Since almost every payed app does not have any way to see if it works (exception is lockinfo) I pirate just to get a trial. Then if it does actually work I buy it. Every payed app should have a trial at least then people like me who are happy to pay will not be forced to pirate just to see if the app works.

      • Digitalus

        I can’t imagine that anyone is actively forcing you to be on this platform. There are more secure alternatives out there.

      • WolfgangHoltz

        What do you mean “actively forcing” “more secure alternatives” No one is forcing me and I have full control over my device. So no problem at all.

      • DogeCoin

        Piracy is not theft

  • MSiqueira

    “In other words, 60 percent of unpaid iOS installs is comprised of a large portion of pirated installs and a smaller portion of people who have both an iPhone and an iPad, and have installed the game to both devices.”

    I have no idea how this inference came to life..

    I do know, though, that in my case 1 purchase = 3 installs (My iPhone, my iPad Mini & the kid’s iPad).

    Every person I know that bought this amazing game installs it, at least, in 2 devices (iPhone + iPad).

    • Research Rants

      That’s what I was going to say; kids and I share an apple ID across 3, maybe 4 devices — and as far as I know there’s nothing illegitimate about installing an app on each device. I don’t really care about piracy on other platforms, but I’ve never pirated any iOS stuff and suspect multiple installs like this are MUCH more likely to be the majority of these cases.

  • leart


    • Bugs Bunnay

      what the heck is that?? iOS 1???

      • leart

        That is the very last ios version, before ios 7. Do you know something before ios 7?

      • Bugs Bunnay

        quite a bit. pwntunes was the last free update on ios 6 and that was the only thing that kept me from updating to ios 7 back then. only thing else I liked about ios 6 was the shiny knobs and subtle lock looks pretty sick on that version. that was a looonng time ago though.

      • leart

        The ios 6 interface was so perfect that apple decided to use it for 6 years and it was probably the key of iPhone/iPod/iPad success .
        Still prefer it over the new one because of the very high detailed graphics , ios 8 in terms of technology is a step forward, in terms of graphics backward (ok looks modern but empty)

      • leart

        Take a look to refresh your memories from ios 6.1.3

      • wimoz

        I just puked in my mouth, a little.

      • leart

        in real life i can bend you and im able put your head to your a + s, now you know little android virus 😉

      • leart

        Those will make the situation even worst

      • wimoz


      • leart

        I had that exact reaction when first sow ios 7

      • Cro

        this is a much nicer one. Stock iOS has always been trash but customization is way nicer pre ios 7. Easy

  • Wonder how much effect the Amazon Store data would have on these statistics. I for one can’t make purchases through the Google Play store ’cause fukn Google is demanding my driver’s license and past bank statements, in order for me to use a gift card to purchase apps. I only freeload from the PlayStore, and I do my purchases through Amazon App Store.

    That said, I still will always try before I buy. These stats don’t make me have any more pity for them devs. I can’t count how many times I’ve been disappointed with my purchase during my iOS days or an update to the purchase. No more of that.

    • Jeff Maxwell

      “Try before you buy” is a tired excuse for theft. How many people actually go back and buy after they’ve tried? The percentage would be staggerly small. If I don’t like something I’ve downloaded on iOS, I’ve never had any trouble getting a refund. Takes all of about 30 seconds to go through the process.

      • Good for you.

      • Jeff Maxwell

        Thank you for not trying to further justify the unjustifiable.

      • Mikasa Ackerman

        Where’s your bashing iOS statement? oh, right. You Android users are cheapskates. xD Hence the reason you clowns bought the Oneplus One? Fit your budget? You disgust me. Quit pirating apps.

      • leart

        I used to pirate apps back in 2012, I tried tons of apps and now my main devices are NOT jailbroken and I payed for all my preferred apps that I tried for free.
        First time I agree with mister electifyer that tons of apps I tried for free are totall craps

    • They said in their Twitter that Amazon deal was not counted, so it’s maybe still an android user problem

    • Cameron

      if you’re really that righteous about buying whats worth the money, you would know that apps are sold at incredibly low prices, $1-$2, most even free when the effort put in is worth alot that. Since you admitted to piracy and i seriously doubt you do it on a “try out first” basis, i can’t actually believe any of your Apple bashing comments as justified. You’re just a cheapskate hater.

      • Oh look, this nobody no longer believes my sayings…no loss.

        Software (work once, sell it millions) is already significantly worth less to me than Hardware (work once, sell it once). Adding poor customer service to that would never be supported by me, ever again. Instead of being at the mercy of the dev hoping they’ll respond when I have a problem, I’ll just try out and ensure it suits me. Believe it or not, I purchase software worth the price tag.

      • Cameron

        a nobody that comments on forum of mostly nobodies, reminds them that are nobodies.

        I did mention that they are $1 or Free. Do you know where these hardware are coming from and how much the labor costs Apple or whoever? Do you know hardware still mostly makes more money than any software available, specifically mobile apps.

        “I purchase software worth the price tag.”

        Even believing you does not justify what you are saying, the software in question here are cheap apps, and they ARE worth the price tag. People use the thousands of review online and besides, someone did state here that you could get a refund without resorting to piracy anyway.

      • Do you know where these hardware are coming from and how much the labor costs Apple or whoever?

      • Cameron

        im sorry i know how much it works out for you when you highlight your posts in this way, but im not getting it here.

      • Posted too early.

  • I think the statistics are unfair. I reinstalled the game two times on two devices for example. Because first time when I completed the game I deleted it, then reinstalled when I learned about new levels added to game :-/

  • Jeff Maxwell

    This doesn’t really pass the smell test in my opinion. There just aren’t enough jail breakers to make up that much iOS piracy.

    • leart

      Not sure but I guess that to pirate apps on ios is not necessary to be jailbroken

      • Jeff Maxwell

        There are ways but they tend to be rather tedious to use and Apple routinely breaks them. Most exploit developer device testing slots (and require purchasing a license). Jailbreaking is really the easier, cheaper and less technical alternative. But surveys have shown that jail breakers represent a very small percentage of iOS users.

        I may be wrong, but these numbers just don’t sound right.

  • john diaz

    Jailbreaking enables piracy unfortunately same thing with rooting your android device. piracy is just too big.

    • you don’t need to be rooted to pirate on android as you can enable unauthorized installs via the settings panel.

  • Martynet

    I would like to point out that iOS device doesn’t have to be jailbroken to install pirated apps. I know because I really wanted flappy bird but didn’t want jailbreak. So after little research on Google I found appadict or whatever it’s called and problem solved 😉
    I buy all the other app. Most of my apps I get when they are on sale or even free. Thanks to app shopper. Best website and app ever. They saved me hundreds and hundreds of €.

  • ck125

    But I thought only android users were too cheap to pay for apps and pirated them? ha Piracy is rampant on every platform.

  • Matt

    If this is the case and the developer is worried, they could put some sort of DRM on the app…

  • Blip dude

    Don’t get me wrong, game is really good, but I don’t think it’s worth $4 in my Opinion. Did I pirate this app?? NO!! I got it for Free legally via FreeAppLife and paid for the 2 extra chapters, but I do have a somewhat understanding as to why people pirate. But I do agree however that 60% piracy rate is also ridiculous!! Then again, I would not be surprised if it’s mostly kids anyways!!

    • Digitalus

      Well, you know what they say about opinions… 😉
      You should’ve stopped at’ this game is really good.’ ;P

    • archer14

      Your $5 Starbucks is definitely worth it. Remember that every time you play it cool at Starbucks.

  • Rigs101

    last time I paid $4.99 to unlock the full Fifa 14 only to find out once I deleted the app from my phone I will never be able to restore that purchase that’s why I’m hesitant on paying that much for apps again but I still don’t pirate I’ll just live with free apps let them get ad revenue

  • Tommy

    I used to pirate apps and tweaks. But now that I’m too lazy to jailbreak my phone, I pay for all my apps. However, I don’t regret what I did. I’d sure as hell pirate the shit outta apps/tweaks if I had to do it again.

    • Bugs Bunnay

      dang straight! except that I do half and half. pirate on apps I wanna try or I feel aren’t worthy of shelling out money. I buy the apps that I use most often.

  • Kay Dee

    This is NOT fair. I paid for Monument Valley (and Forgotten Shores) twice – for iOS and Android. Yet, I have 3 iOS and 6 Android installs. Yes, it’s me, my wife, 5 kids with all their devices and and that is completely legitimate thing to do. Every family I know contributes to this “statistics”.

    Of course I’m not saying that pirating problem doesn’t exist and it’s not a bigger problem in Android due to openness etc, but this is just plain insulting at the moment.

    • Abhinav Chaudhary

      Yeah ikr, with the new family sharing on iOS it’s so right to pay for an app and not pirate it.

    • DogeCoin

      Why didn’t you make each member of your family pay for it.

      • Kay Dee

        Because it’s me who owns devices here. It’s the way how it works. In pre-iOS 8 devices you have to use common Apple ID, in iOS8 you set up family sharing. In Android you have to share Google account. Kids younger than 13 even can’t create their Google account.

        Even if I’d really want to do it for some very strange reason, it would be a nightmare to manage this stuff at best, impossible in worse case.

      • DogeCoin

        Then i have no remorse for piracy, because its just my family over at TPB sharing it with me.

  • Abhinav Chaudhary

    I hate piracy, it’s so much easier to just pay and get the game, you never have to worry about updates its just one tap and boom your app is updated.

    Only reason i still don’t have this game is because i think 4$ is too much, but i refuse to steal the hard work of the developers, i’ll wait for the price to drop down.

    To all the pirates – Please stop STEALING.

  • Elias

    Does anyone agree that cydia should block sources that have been reported for piracy?

    • To do this would be to re-write APT and DPKG to not allow pirate sources and pirated deb files and would probably result in making our devices less open. People will pirate no matter what technological measures are imposed on them. In fact the more technological measures imposed upon people that limit said persons freedoms the more motivated these people will be to pirate more…

      • arvindb02

        It already gives you a pop-up message when you install a pirate source. I feel it wouldn’t be too hard to just default to the cancel option rather then giving you the option to continue.

      • Cydia is doing this. If you manually add a source none of that happens…

      • DogeCoin

        then people will just edit /etc/apt/sources.list or where ever the file may be.

  • Digitalfeind

    I support try and buy.

  • Mikasa Ackerman

    Everyone in the comments who admitted to stealing apps… CUFF THEM and lock them up. Once a thief, always a thief.

    • To be a thief by definition you must have stolen something. 99.99% of pirates are installing copies therefore they are not thiefs.

      • Mikasa Ackerman

        Typical response from a thief… They think because they downloaded a “copy” that they are not stealing… You disgust me. You “stole” the app from the developer without paying for it. You “stole” the cost of the app. You should be cuffed right away, you thief!

      • A typical opinionated response from someone that can’t take the truth. You call me a thief yet fail to provide any evidence to back up such claims all because you cannot handle the truth. Copyright infringement is not theft unless you steal the only copy in existence. This does not make file sharing right or wrong nor does it mean I’m a thief simply for pointing out the truth. File sharing is simply at worst a breach of a license agreement. Furthermore there’s far worse crimes out there in this world and much bigger problems to worry about. I’m sorry that I disgust you (for seemingly no apparent reason) I’m just trying to see the bigger picture. Perhaps once hunger, poverty, disease, slavery, bullying,etc (Shall I go on, because I can?) have been solved we can revisit this conversation about how I’m seemingly a thief for pointing out the truth.

      • Mikasa Ackerman

        What an idiot… would you like to know why piracy is a crime? because… it’s theft. Punishable with a $250,000 fine. Just ask the lady who downloaded and shared a few MP3’s and was fined a few million dollars. I bet you think you’re smart? It’s not theft… What a fool. It’s perfectly defined by the FBI as intellectual property theft. fbi .gov/about-us/investigate/white_collar/ipr/ipr

        Now quit stealing, kid. How dare you steal food from the developers kid’s mouth. What a cruel, sick, person you are.

      • Okay then you won’t mind this hypothetical then:

        I have a legally ripped DVD

        I share the rip with someone else

        At what point is something stolen?

      • Mikasa Ackerman

        When the 3rd party downloaded the software without paying. You can also be fined by the FBI for piracy. Hence the arrest of the folks at “ThePirateBay”…

      • This doesn’t answer my hypothetical. Nonetheless I appreciate your efforts but I’m already well aware that in the US downloading third party software without paying can result in a fine by the FBI. Not that this applies to me of course since I’m outside of the jurisdiction of the FBI…

      • Mikasa Ackerman

        … That’s what the folks from “ThePirateBay” thought… “I don’t live in the U.S, our servers are hosted in a piracy friendly country, we are safe” … FBI still arrested them. U.S.A doesn’t play around.

      • DogeCoin

        Except that the fact that the pirate bay doesn’t contain a single copy of any of the software they offer. It’s all magnet links.

      • Mikasa Ackerman

        Yes, that fact is why MegaUpload got shut down? or why ThePirateBay owners are still getting locked up and domain seized… No one cares about magnetic links. They just care about the software being stolen.

        Quit stealing you disgusting creature.

      • DogeCoin

        The pirate bay has been up and running so a while now. It was back up hours after being taken down. First of all, nice adhominem, second of all, it’s all about the magnet links. TPB doesn’t steal anything, it just shares magnet links. should we shutdown facebook because you can share magnet link on there too?

      • Mikasa Ackerman

        ThePirateBay is an illegal site. Why are you ignoring the fact that the site was taken down (multiple times) and founders have been arrested and sentenced? You don’t get arrested and sentenced for nothing… Just because they have multiple servers and a backup of the site to keep on popping up doesn’t make them not illegal…

        It’s also against Facebook’s terms and conditions to share copyrighted material on their site. Your profile and content will be deleted if caught.

        Doesn’t look like it’s all about the magnetic links now, huh?

        techcrunch .com/2014/11/04/police-finally-arrest-the-third-and-final-founder-of-the-pirate-bay/

      • DogeCoin

        magnet != piracy. The fact is that i torrent and use magnet links legally all the time, even post them to sites to aid other people that need to as well. Magnet links are not copy righted material. Should we just censor the whole Internet because someone could post copy righted material?

      • Mikasa Ackerman

        magnet !=Piracy… why you are arguing this? no idea. Downloading Software you did not buy == Piracy == Theft… Don’t be stupid man. I can tell you’re stupid, because your avatar is DogeCoin… monopoly money xD

        Buys monopoly money with real money, can’t purchase software legally… what has the world come to?

      • DogeCoin

        No, its because my software is GPLv3 licensed. I can tell you’re stupid because your avatar is an orphan that depends on friend for moral support. Trying to Debunk my claims based on my avatar is an adhominem, and makes you look like an idiot, since Dogecoin very much is a real currency, as it does everything a currency needs to do. Are you calling the other nations idiots too because you believe their money is monopoly money.

      • Mikasa Ackerman

        I don’t care what your software is licenced… Probably don’t even have software. xD No software developer condones piracy… You clearly ride the little yellow bus.

        DogeCoin is a knockoff of BitCoin which is merely unstable, unsecure, monopoly money. Did you not just hear about the hack that stole $5 million in the fake money? lol you people are loonies. How do you spend real money on fake money xD … Let me correct you right now… BitCoin/DogeCoin/whatever other Coin… is NOT a currency.

        forbes .com/pictures/eimh45eegli/think-of-bitcoin-as-a-commodity-not-a-currency-4/

        wsj .com/articles/SB10001424052702303949704579461502538024502

        nakedcapitalism .com/2014/03/bitcoin-currency.html

        I know you’re in LALA Land.. but, holy cow, you are stupid. Mikasa is a beast 🙂 Don’t compare that ugly dog of fake money to a beast.

      • DogeCoin

        I have lots of software i download and use. And it is GPLv3 licensed. I do my work under GPLv3 license because i am a good person. Did you hear about that one bank robbery that stole a bunch of fake money. we call it the USD, its not backed by anything. I like how you call bitcoin insecure when USD can be inflated at will. Obviously i can buy things with Dogecoin, there are many places i can do so. I can also convert it to what ever currency i need. I guess you condone piracy since you do not care what license software is under. Do not compare a person with an idealistic and futuristic take on currency.

      • Mikasa Ackerman

        You are a “BAD” person. You condone piracy. You’re disgusting.

        USD are backed by equal value treasury notes by the federal reserve… I don’t remember the USD losing 50% of it’s value in a day? do you? Don’t compare you monopoly money to real money. I want to see you go to a local fast food chain and pay with your MonopolyCoins… Not going to happen, why? Because many business don’t believe in your monopoly money and never will.

        Trying to turn the subject? You’re the disgusting pirate supporting all types of piracy… Even your DogeCoin is a pirate copy of Bitcoin xD LOL you’ve been a hard core pirate supporter from the start. LOL So much so, you have a piracy dog as an avatar.

      • DogeCoin

        Bitecoin is FOSS licensed. The fact is that you can tell the difference between what FOSS code and OSS code is a sure sign you are an idiot. also, the well being of a currency does not validate it. I would like to see you go and buy anything in Japan with USD. Having a hard time? Must be because its not a real currency. theguardian. com/technology/2014/feb/24/dogecoin-burger-stand-aims-to-take-digital-currency-to-the-moon

      • Mikasa Ackerman

        I think you are upset your monopoly money has been deemed “nationally” as not a currency? Don’t tell me your hopes and dreams are crushed. lol Fool.

        Real currencies don’t drop 50% in a day. That piece of crap will never replace real money… ever. You can’t even protect people’s money from theft. xD

        At least with “real” money… if the bank is robbed, I don’t lose any money. However, your MonopolyCoins get stolen, guess what? you’re out of luck… stupid idea to make fake money that can hardly be used and must be converted back to real money… on top of that… you have no idea how much money you’re going to lose because of the fake money losing 50% in a day xD

      • DogeCoin

        you dodged the whole FOSS and OSS question, which is what you where supposed to answer. Unlike fiat money, i can back up my dogecoins. A bank isn’t doesn’t necessarily have to give it refund you. also, have you heard about the great depression?

      • Mikasa Ackerman

        I see you’re not well versed in the Finance industry. Luckily for you, I majored in Finance. The bank doesn’t have to refund you your money. Your money depending on the bank and your account type can be FDIC insured from $250,000 (usually the standard) all the way up to $1,000,000 for banking institutions like E*Trade. Meaning in the event of a disaster, I can be sure my money is safe. We call this the Bankers Blanket Bond. Something the bank purchased against your deposit which covers an event such as a robbery… Your money is federally backed… can’t say that about your Monopoly money…

        Stay out of the finance sector, you have no clue what you are talking about…

      • DogeCoin

        So you are letting all 3rd partys back up your stuff, what a great system. I would think someone so well versed in the Finance industry would know the difference between piracy and theft, but i guess not. Stay out of tech if you have don’t know anything about it

      • Mikasa Ackerman

        The Federal Reserve is backing me… Why wouldn’t I want to be backed… Your Monopoly money isn’t backed by anything xD … mad? Piracy is theft. Argue all you want to. If you obtain something you were supposed to pay for without paying … it’s called STEALING!

      • DogeCoin

        Theft is when the original owner has lost their property, that does not happen in piracy

      • Mikasa Ackerman

        You took their money… is that not their property?

      • DogeCoin

        I didn’t take any of their money, they still have the same amount of money as before. By your definition, if you go to a library, read a book, return it, you stole the book.

      • Mikasa Ackerman

        No, they have another download, and their accounting doesn’t match up with the sale price.

        3 people download at $5 = $15

        3 people download and 10 people pirate = should be $65, but instead it’s $15… the developer is missing $50… That means each person stole $5. STOLE MONEY! 🙂

        … your argument is invalid, because the library is paying the authors royalties to have their book in the library. Bad argument, champ. Shows, you haven’t developed critical thinking… Must be 12

      • DogeCoin

        a developer spends $10 making a program, he charges $1 for the program. 100 people have bought it. 1000 people have pirated it. he has made more many times more profile than a normal job, which means you have to produce more to sell more. He can produce and unlimited supply. He can give away a thousands copies of his software because it is not a finite resource. He controls supply and demand. If i pirate his software, he won’t even notice, doesn’t even know it happened. The money was never his in the first place.

        So, if you share a book with your friend, your friend stole that book because she didn’t pay the author to read it.

      • Mikasa Ackerman

        No developer spends $10 making a program… Regardless of your argument of him making more than the cost to develop… developers have the right to capitalism… what are you arguing?… If you pirate his software he will indeed notice… just like the article we are commenting on… how will he not notice? He will notice when there is 3000 downloads and he’s missing $15,000…

        And essentially, yes. The friend just stole the book. Disgusting.

      • DogeCoin

        no i didn’t, i was never theres to begin with. They have felt no impact on someone pirating it, the same way an artists can’t suddenly tell they someone listened to their music on a friends ipod instead of buying it.

      • Mikasa Ackerman

        You’re just a Class A con man. Stealing where ever you can steal..

      • DogeCoin

        i don’t steal. I disagree with copy right law on a very fundamental level. Which is why is use GPLv3. what i have problem with is your calling piracy theft, when piracy is piracy.

      • Mikasa Ackerman

        You do steal… You’re a thief. You’ve stolen many things. Piracy is theft whether you like it or not.

      • DogeCoin

        So is taking my rights away. What you can not seem to grasp is that piracy is the crime of piracy, not theft. When have I’ve said i pirate things. The only things i pirate is so gain back my rights. I’ve bought a ebook, and it doesn’t let me read it on certain devices? certainly then I’m going to pirate the book again in a non DRM ridden formate. This has happened many times to mean, DRM screwing over the consumer.

      • Mikasa Ackerman

        NO, if you wanted DRM free… you should have bought it that way… If it’s not offered that way, they buy the physical book and quit complaining… you weren’t forced to purchase the e-book… Excuses for stealing…

      • DogeCoin

        So, if the only way to buy it is with DRM, then i should just let companies control me? No thanks, I buy then pirate, since i have no use of their artificial limitations they impose on it.

      • Mikasa Ackerman

        You’re lying… you just pirate right away xD you aren’t fooling anyone.

      • DogeCoin

        Nice baseless argument. i guess you don’t like your freedom, and instead want to go petty on this.

      • Mikasa Ackerman


      • DogeCoin


      • Mikasa Ackerman

        PIRATE!!! You can’t purchase 1 version and pirate another version! stop the nonsense.

      • DogeCoin

        you make no sense. Do you buy all your apps again when you get a new phone too?

      • Mikasa Ackerman

        You don’t have to. 😀 they are in your “purchased” section of your iDevice… if you have Android… sucks to be you, buy a real phone.

        Now, what you’re saying is … for example, you purchase Tweetbot 2 😀 then go on an pirate Tweetbot 3…

        Just because you bought Tweetbot 2, doesn’t mean you have rights to Tweetbot 3 xD

        What you’re doing is STEALING … no matter how you sugar coat it… you’re STEALING!

        I don’t care if you purchased an e-book… you pirated a different version. THIEF! 🙂

        Don’t like the e-book… then buy the real book like a normal person. Don’t steal. 🙂

      • DogeCoin

        i said i pirate the same book i bought, to get the version with out DRM.

      • Mikasa Ackerman

        But… it’s different. THIEF

      • DogeCoin

        So, i can buy a book, that only allows me to read it on a kindle, but i’m not allow to pirate the same book so i can read it on my ipad?

      • Mikasa Ackerman

        Correct, because there’s a Kindle app for iOS…

      • DogeCoin

        but i can’t read it on my computer, which doesn’t have a kindle app.

      • Mikasa Ackerman

        Yes, you can… amazon .com/gp/digital/fiona/kcp-landing-page?ie=UTF8&ref_=pd_sl_9ns220msf3_b

      • DogeCoin

        My OS isn’t listed their, and i was more specifically referring to other book formates. specifically ibooks, which did not let me read it on my OS>

      • Mikasa Ackerman

        It doesn’t matter which OS… it’s not a download… It’s a webapp… Meaning… it works on every OS in the world that has access to a web browser. It’s called Kindle Cloud Reader: amazon .com/CloudReader

        Now you’re switching between iBooks and Kindle… in which iBooks .EPUB format can also be read on the PC…

        It just sounds to me, you just wanted to steal books, instead of researching how to use a computer and perform basic functions…

      • DogeCoin

        there is no reader app for on my OS. the ibook reader is only for windows and MacOSX.

      • Mikasa Ackerman

        You can read iBooks on every OS in the world… Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS… etc…

        Which OS do you have?

      • Toskar

        Getting Cryptocurrency stolen should be compared to getting you cash stolen, not a bank robbery.

      • Mikasa Ackerman

        Explain… to my understanding a whole exchange stole everyone’s money xD highway robbery LOL how is the not equivalent to a bank robbery when both result in the same outcome (cash stolen) .. your comment made literally no sense at all.

      • Toskar

        Oh, I didn’t know you were referring to that. All the affected users got compensation.

      • Mikasa Ackerman

        Incorrect. Of all the hacks, only 1 of them gave compensation to the victims, and even then, they got no where near what they lost.

      • DogeCoin

        I download lots of software i do not buy, and it is legal because it is GLPv3 licensed. I usually torrent it to make it download even faster. You use software you didn’t buy (licensed under GPLv3 and similar licenses) everyday. Even as we speak. I can purchase things with dogecoin, games in fact. I don’t need to purchase any software tools or the likes because they are all GPL/MIT/BSD licensed.

      • Mikasa Ackerman

        Downloading “Free” software under “Free” Licenses clearly don’t count. There was no sale… What a moron. Don’t even know what piracy is… you can’t pirate free software, clown.

      • DogeCoin

        And i said i torrent and download it with magnet links. you said not paying for software means it’s stolen. It is you that is the fool

      • Mikasa Ackerman

        You’re an idiot. You clearly don’t know what piracy is.

      • DogeCoin

        You equated tormenting and Magnet links to piracy, which is false.

      • Mikasa Ackerman

        I equated to stealing software to piracy… You can’t steal free software, now can you? Don’t be stupid man.. don’t.

      • DogeCoin

        “It’s also against Facebook’s terms and conditions to share copyrighted
        material on their site. Your profile and content will be deleted if
        caught.” what you said after i said you can put magnet links on facebook.

      • Mikasa Ackerman

        “share copyrighted material on their site.” What part of this statement don’t you understand?

      • DogeCoin

        you just added that, implying that all torrenting is illegal, i simple said magnet links, upon which you suddenly added illegal to it, imply you believe all torrenting is illegal

      • Mikasa Ackerman

        I took that out from your reply you where you quoted me… re-read your own reply, moron. I didn’t just add that. Clearly you can’t read either xD

      • DogeCoin

        as in, you appended it to my concept i was discussing, a none relevant argument to the situation.

      • Mikasa Ackerman


      • DogeCoin

        append, as in to add to something, non relevant argument, usually put as a metaphor for shell utilities that take things as arguments,

      • Toskar

        A magnet link is a link that lets you download something directly from another persons computer. It doesn’t have to be copyrighted material, it could be pictures for example.

      • Mikasa Ackerman

        Pictures can be copyrighted… You and I both know TPB is 99.99997% copyrighted material.

      • Toskar

        We were talking about magnet links, not TBP. If I took a few gigs of footage for a friend on the other side of the world, I could send him a magnet link and let him download them directly form my computer. Thats one of the uses of magnet links.

      • Mikasa Ackerman

        Good stuff.

      • DogeCoin

        It’s also illegal to sing happy birthday with out a license. It’s also illegal to commercially play MP3 without a license as well. Piracy is not theft. The original owner did not lose anything when it happened. I could pirate a 1000 copies of someones song and nothing would happen to them. I could steal one thousands CDs, and something would happen, as they do no own the CDs anymore. they still own the song in the former. I do not respect developers that do not respect my freedom, as such, i try to strictly use GPLv3 software.

      • Mikasa Ackerman

        So you’re an expert on law? no… no you are not. Piracy is theft. It’s also a federal crime. It is also not legal to rip a DVD you’ve purchased, or share MP3’s you bought, with a friend.

      • DogeCoin

        I should be able to rip a DVD i have purchased, it is mine after all.

      • Mikasa Ackerman

        Well, guess what. You can’t rip a DVD you’ve purchased. It even says so when the DVD boots up… You can not make a copy of a DVD you legally bought. xD

        Piracy is STEALING! Just because you snuck into the movie theatre and watched a movie and the movie reel is still there after you left doesn’t mean you didn’t just steal a ticket to watch the movie.

        That picture is for thieves, like yourself! Stealing from kids who are hungry! and think it’s okay. If I saw you right now, I would bust your head open with a bat. 🙂

    • V900

      Hmmm… Not sure if troll or idiot? How to tell?!?

      • Mikasa Ackerman

        Not sure is stupid, or really stupid. How to tell? Oh! Nvm. I can tell you’re just an idiot who pirates.

  • yoshif8tures

    No such thing as karma. Just spiritual mumbo jumbo

  • Tronjheim79

    At least I got the game for free one time from Amazon’s free app of the day.

  • alaska99801

    iDownloadBlog might say and think the right things. It might come out against piracy with the strongest of voices, but you cannot, cannot, disassociate yourself from the very real fact that by encouraging, educating users, on how to jailbreak iPhones, you are a leading proponent, by proxy, of piracy.

    Just as you thought that someone metaphor about the late night ice cream was brilliant, take this one for size.
    If I teach a class on how to break-in into peoples home, and even though my class argument is purely speculative, if break-ins happen to go up in my city, and the crimes are mostly committed by people that has taken my class, the speculative nature of my class does not absolve me for being morally responsible for those break-ins.

    I could use any other metaphor to show my point, even others more morally reprehensible, but I think that break-ins is close enough to jailbreak.

    • I don’t think I’ve ever seen iDB encourage piracy. They have tutorials and articles about jailbreaking but none of that covers piracy.

    • DogeCoin

      It’ similar to this. I own a house. But the previous owner owner of the house has covered it in locks. I have been tough how to break the locks to get full use of my house. I can now make meth in my house. Does that mean teaching people how to get full use of their house is now enabling drug dealers? Of course it is, teaching anyone anything can be used for bad purposes. Does that mean we shouldn’t teach people how to use their house. Of course we should teach them.

    • Toskar

      Breaking in to houses is illegal, jailbreaking is legal.

      • alaska99801

        Toskar, i agree with what you say but you miss my point. Lets look.
        Teaching about how to break into houses is legal as it is jailbreaking.
        The end results of both teaching about break-ins and teaching to jailbreak are, one, the crimes of break-ins, two, the end result of most jailbreak end in piracy.
        Look, you dont have to agree, just try to see the moral similarities.
        It is a fact that most people that jailbreak their phones will end up using pirated software. Because of that one cannot have one without the other.

  • Toskar

    I think what McArdle said is an unfair comparison.
    If you steal a physical object, then there is less in stock to sell to legitimate buyers. If you pirate software, you aren’t taking something away from the developers, they have an infinite supply and making more copies doesn’t cost them a thing while the ice cream parlour would have to buy more ice cream.

    I dont support pirating as an alternative to buying. If you have the money and you want a product you should buy it. I pirate things, mostly games, to try them out and I know for a fact that a lot of other people do it as well. If I like the game I buy it, but if I don’t like it I delete it. Both outcomes benefits the developer. I think that if all games had demos (I think there were some rumours about demos in the app store a while ago) piracy would go down. Especially because its hard to justify a purchase when you already have the full product you wanted to try out. I think that demos for all games would benefit the video game industry greatly as the big developers don’t have to make good games for them to sell anymore, they just have to hype it up real good and make it look good in promotional material, throw in some launch day and pre-order bonus just to make sure that they sell most of their games on launch day, so that when players see how bad the game is, the developer would already have mad a profit. This way developers don’t have to worry about quality. This is also why there are so many good indie games, they don’t have a budget for that kind of marketing, their only selling point is the quality of the game itself.

    Its always hard to draw a line between whats legal and what isn’t when the product in question isn’t a real physical object. Which brings me to one time uses and bad developers. I downloaded a video editing software to use it one time for a project that wasn’t even serious or that would benefit me in any way really. Luckily the software had a trial, but I would have pirated it if it didn’t. In real life though, I wouldn’t have stolen a car if I just needed it for one trip on a special occasion, because there are taxis where I can pay a relatively smaller fee for one trip. I like what Wii Sports Club does. There aren’t that many occasions that you find yourself with three other friends who all want to play a sports game together so the one time that would happen a person would be more likely to just pirate the game to use it that one time (the game can’t be pirated yet though), while others may live in a family with many kids who all want to play all the time. Nintendo solves this with tickets. You can either buy the full game and have it forever or you can buy a ticket in the eShop, that gives you access for 24 hours.

    And then we have bad developers. I know that a lot of people pirate Ubisoft and EA games because the games they sell are broken and the general quality is sub-par. Should it be legal to sell broken products for full price? They aren’t always bad though, bought Child of Light because it looked good, despite being a Ubisoft game, and it was a good game, but it was the first time it felt bad to buy a game legitimately, because I knew that i was giving money to developers that hurt the industry. And when on top of those things have to install malware on your computer to legitimately purchase games form EA and Ubisoft, I understand why people want to pirate their games instead.

  • john

    The solution is cloud based apps, nothing but encrypted caches get downloaded to ur device during usage, and when u click the icon to start the app u r presented with like a login or something that will know YOU paid for it so only YOU get to use it. Kind of like the way Blizzard games work online with their cd keys. You HAVE to buy Blizzard games or legit keys in order to play online there’s no other way. That’s why I think they made Diablo 3 exclusively online play so to prevent piracy entirely. Smart move! The only thing that sux for us is that u can’t really use it offline. But at least then there’s zero piracy. Anyway, everything is going cloud based nowadays, very soon I think it will be only that.

  • Bugs Bunnay

    LOL days later and look at you all. endless debating about a problem that will never be solved. pirates are here to stay. deal with it. arrrgh good day me maties.

  • anonyzcs

    I thoroughly enjoyed this game, even though I didn’t pay a penny for it. 🙂

  • Mikasa Ackerman

    You are wrong…

    1. Apple used .EPUB format. (remember this)
    2. Debian is Linux
    3. You can open Apple’s .EPUB iBooks in FBreader and Calibre for Linux…
    4. There’s a simple plugin for Calibre to open DRM files

    Don’t make excuses for illegal downloading habits… You have options available for every OS in the world. Don’t start naming branches of Linux… there’s thousands… they are all still Linux. Which is a crappy OS to begin with.

    • DogeCoin

      Now, since you’re get technical, might as well rip you a couple new ones. First off all, TempleOS is not a Linux Distro, it is it’s own OS. Second of all, Debian doesn’t even specify Linux, as i could be using GNU/BSD Debian Fork. Second of all, we are talking about the .ibooks formate, of which is closed and DRM ridden. Due to the fact that there is no easy way, or anyway with out requiring another OS to convert .ibooks to an open formate, there is no point other than reobtaining my user rights.

      Now in lets get more onto it, you complained about me saying Debian in stead of Linux, when you your self said ChromeOS. There is no .ibooks reader for Inferno, Plan 9, PonyOS, BSD, Minux, HERD, FreeBSD, Haiku, HelenOS, OSDev, Genode, aros. Now let’s get into the fact that you called Linux a crappy OS, when you your self are using it right now, and many parts of it.

      MacOSX is BSD unix based. BSD has been know to have a semi incestuous relationship with Linux, and thus, you are using Linux code directly or indirectly. This Makes MacOSX second cousins with Linux. Now lets also go into the Fact that windows uses technologys from the BSDs, so again directly or indirectly related to Linux.

      Now in, with out linux, you would not be able to access this website, as it runs on linux, you would have not been able to find this website, as google runs on linux, you would not have been able to connect to internet as your router runs linux. Now in lets also see, other than the fact there is many MacOSX technologies are in Linux and many Linux technologies are in MacOSX. Steve Jobs personally wanted to employ the creator of the Linux kernel (Linus torvalds) to work on the Darwin Kernel. Linus declined, for be believes in user freedom, and one of the requirements was that he stopped working on the linux kernel.

      Now lets also see. This is a blog about jailbreaking. Cydia is graphical front end for apt-get, a linux utilities originally developed for Debian. The programs the jailbreaks/jailbreakers use are GNU (as in the GNU part of GNU/Linux, or just Linux unless referring to the kernel).

      Now on a side not, i do not believe in DRM, it is meant to restrict me.
      If i legally own a book i have no qualms with pirating an open standard copy. This ideology is best shown by Richard M Stallman, the founder of the Free Software Foundation and GNU.

      This is a book, a book i own, i will read this book with out any DRM or restrictions, it is my book. I should not need special programs to read my book. I will read my book in a libre formate, a formate that respects my rights. I do not care if i pirate or any other such things, i legally own this book, and has no moral bearings on my mind.

  • Mikasa Ackerman

    If you’re not manufacturing blu-ray disks… you don’t need a license…

    tell your friends you’re too cheap to buy a blu-ray player and to stop buying you Blu-rays. You don’t even buy your own software xD You even use a crap OS because you’re too CHEAP.

    1. Buy a real PC with a real OS
    2. Stop being cheap

    • DogeCoin

      lets see now, as someone who codes and tinkers i use a developer OS uses by developers, scientists, NASA, super computers, IBM, oracle, the military, etc. Compared to an OS that restricts me. Now lets also see, bluray has some ridiculous licensing that takes away my freedoms, so i refuse to use it, as they refuse to support me. Now lets see now, I’m running a macbook air (6,2), but i guess thats not a ‘real’ PC. You have no knowledge of technology or ideology. Since when has being profreedom being cheap. GNU/Linux is more widely used than MacOSX and Windows combined. If you have real arguments, and not some baseless blather because you can’t come up with anything logical, id like to hear it.

      • Mikasa Ackerman

        I can code better than you. How many languages do you know?

        I have a custom build desktop ($2,300) i7 4790k with 16GB ram, R9 290x, with a K70 RGB mechanical keyboard flashing rainbows at me. My desktop is running Windows 8.1 Enterprise and I have a Macbook Air i7, 8GB Ram.

        I don’t care what OS you use. I use an OS used my the top Billionaires in the WORLD 🙂 Windows and Mac Osx… Linux is a server OS. It’s really good for nothing other than hacking and servers. Half the stuff is outdated and doesn’t work.

        If you didn’t know, I am a Systems Administrator… I’m pretty sure I know far more about computers than you do, especially when it comes to an Enterprise environment.

        You’re running an outdated Macbook Air as a main machine… You have nothing on me… Why? Because I have a real job and can afford some heavy duty tech.

        I’m sure you’re just some 14 year old kid, who downloaded a free OS because he couldn’t afford a Windows 8 license, and he is learning how to code and thinks because he can print “hello world” that he’s a coder now…. Um…. no.

        Until you start coding multi-threaded algo’s to harvest millions of webpages at lightning speeds in Python, then you’re just a noob. Probably don’t even know how to write an algo. The best algorithms are created by math majors. Math makes the world go round. Algo’s control the stock exchange.

        Java, Javascript, Python, HTML, PHP, CSS3, C++, C#, Objective- C, and Swift… I’ll out code you in any of these languages. As the guys from Hackforums say, I challenge you to a Syntax battle. Let me show you just how far out of your league I am, and how stupid I’m going to make you look.

      • DogeCoin

        considering you have made various mistakes thought out this, fail to use logic and use ad hominid instead, and make false claims. i don’t believe you. this is over.

      • Mikasa Ackerman

        So, you accept the syntax challenge? Teamviewer, Skype? I want to put our coding skills to the test. Let me know when you are ready… My coding is pretty advanced. And if you are as good as you say you are, you should have no problem, yeah?

        Send over your Skype or Teamviewer ID.

      • DogeCoin

        First of all i don’t use either of them due to their OSS nature. You disgust me. using Team viewer? really? i though you respected your self. I would say use ssh, but since you don’t seem to have any sense about yourself, i refuse to recognize any thing you now say as legitimate . You claim to be a java programmer, but i guess you never passed the lesson on pass by value and pass by copy.

      • Annie Leonhardt

        … Typical deflection… I never took any programming class. Real coaders are self taught… my major is Finance. I create algorithms to solve equations and handle huge amounts of data quickly… You stand no chance at out coding me. You have no idea how to create an algo. You don’t even know how to multi-thread properly.

        I’d expect you to come up with a lame excuse to not want to test your coding skills against me. Hell you use doge coin. Every 10 year old on hackforums uses that junk… Move along kid, it’s very clear you’re talking out your a** and have no skills coding anything…

  • Mgggb

    Piracy is a victimless crime. No revenue is lost because digital copies of media cost nothing once they are created, also, people who pirate generally wouldn’t buy it regardless.

    That said, if you don’t want people to pirate your work, don’t charge $4 for some subpar hackjob of a game. I’m sure that 50-90 percent of pirates would be more inclined to buy something if the price isn’t inflated. That coupled with the people who don’t pirate but don’t buy it either equals more profit.

    I personally only purchase digital content if it either costs significantly less than its physical counterpart or I want to support the specific developer/artist. Outside of those two reasons, there are no reasons for me to purchase an app or song.

  • cr0w_69

    I was one of the ones who installed Monument Valley pirated. Don’t get me wrong, i don’t think piracy is okay, but i am one who doesn’t like to spend money on something useless. A good example of this was i Installed the 3rd party keyboard called Fleksy through AppCake, but i only did so to try it out, same with the app Ultimate Guitar. After i used them for a bit, I decided that they were worth buying, and i bought both of them. The main reason i decided to do so was in for the updates. Once an update is pushed to the AppStore, it is easily download onto your device. However, things aren’t that way when you install a pirated app. You have to wait for someone to crack the latest version and upload it, and sometimes that never happens. I also install pirated themes, but once i feel like it’s something that I will in fact use often, I purchase it, as i did with the Soft theme. Again, main reason for this was because of the updates, and the developer of Soft claimed that he wouldn’t provide support with the theme for someone who pirated the theme, and i totally understand him. I guess what I’m trying to say is that, yes I know that pirating is wrong and it hurts developers, but also, as I believe the developers of Installous said once, it is a way for users to have full access to the app (or tweak, theme, etc.) and try it out before making the final purchase decision. Think of it as heading over to a friends house and playing their copy of the latest Call of Duty before you decide of buying your own. Now here come the comments…

  • V900

    No way guys…

    Sure I do believe the 95% piracy rate on Android, but there is no way that 60% of the installs on iOS are pirated.

    FACT: The only proven, reliable way to install a pirated app, is to jailbreak your device.

    FACT: The number of jailbroken ios devices is below ten percent. Probably closer to five percent than ten percent.

    Why would all the jailbroken users flock to specifically this game?

    The obvious explanation is that they don’t. The ratio of pirated apps is much lower than 60%. I strongly doubt that it’s more than 25-33%.

    Now remember, the way the developer got to that number, was to subtract the number of purchased apps from the number of total installs. If you purchased the game, and also put it on your iPad, it would show up as two installs but only one purchase.

    And that’s where most of that 60% number comes from. People who put the game on multiple devices.

    I’d reckon that most iPhone owners also have an iPad. In some cases people have three or more devices on the same account, and install some of the same games on them.

    I should know. Over time, and with kids, I have a total of 6 iPads and iPhones on the same account. And in plenty of cases I’ve installed the same game to all six devices, even though I technically only purchased it once.