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I love jailbreaking for many reasons, but one of the primary reasons is that it allows developers to bring unique ideas to fruition. One such idea is AppButton, a new jailbreak tweak that places a very different twist on the concept of app switching. AppButton is not available on the default Cydia repos yet, and is still in Alpha stages. Even so, it’s a tweak that shows tons of potential and promise.

Once installed, AppButton places a small button on the iPhone’s screen. This button serves as an overlay, so it doesn’t just appear on the Home screen, but within apps as well. The button is translucent, so outside of its thin border, it doesn’t hinder the view of the current app or Home screen much.

To use AppButton, simply tap and drag on the button overlay to reveal app icons representing your most recently used apps, and release on the app that you wish to switch to. You can drag in any direction from the AppButton, and move your finger to a new location on screen as long as you don’t lift your finger off of the screen.

App Button works in such a way that it’s like you’re “drawing” on screen to reveal the apps that you wish to switch to. Most of the time, you may be able to envision how a tweak works just by reading words like these, but to really appreciate AppButton, I highly recommend watching the video above.

AppButton Screens

You can move the AppButton around the screen and position it in a desired location just by using an extended tap, hold, and drag gesture. I recommend moving it in a corner so that it can afford you the most real estate needed to switch to the largest quantity of apps. You see, AppButton arranges apps by most recent usage, so switching to apps that you’ve used further in the past requires more room to extend the drag gesture.

As stated, AppButton is still in its alpha stages, and there’s no solid word on when a full release will come. Stay tuned for more information, and please leave a comment telling me how you like this tweak idea and if you would be willing to use it on your iPhone.

  • Inseltraeumer

    looks awesome

  • Ángel Javier Esquivel

    I want it !

  • Anmol Malhotra

    I dont feel like jailbreaking anymore on my 4S. Just did a restore and stock iOS is running pretty smooth as compared to jailbroken. Just installed few tweaks: Eclipse 2, Subtle Lock, Cloaky, PowerTap, Tage, LocallAppStore, Winterboard with 2 themes (Ayeris and Consillium), Ad-Blocker 2. I really wanted to jailbreak but i prefer smoothness over jailbreak. I wish 4S becomes jailbroken for life. I expect it work great with last iOS 8 version.

    • JulianF

      The 4s is slowly dying… I would start to consider an upgrade in the near future. Just went from 4s to 6 Plus with JB, and you are missing out on some great tweaks!

      • Anmol Malhotra

        Yeah bro you are right. With bigger screen tweaks are taking its advantage. One eg is Auxo 3. I miss that tweak. Btw how’s 6 Plus after using 4S? Isnt it very big? I think i might go for 6s or 6s Plus. 🙂 4S is really getting very slow. Cant take it anymore.

      • JulianF

        I was afraid that it would be too big, but no it is not. I really love it! Some friends talked me out of buying the 6 Plus instead of the 6, and I am really grateful for that. 6 Plus with a 0.3 mm case is the best phone i think, and jailbreaking is really nice on it. And of course the battery life, it is insane! That and OIS on the camera is som of the best things about it. I would most def go for the 6s Plus.

      • Anmol Malhotra

        You’re forcing me to upgrade to 6 Plus. 😀
        Stop. :p

  • Unique. Hopefully the dev will implement a double tap of the button to bring you to the home screen.

  • Jonathan

    I see you have HueHueHue installed. I know what that tweak is, but can it only do on off to a Hue light, or can I do whatever I want? By that I mean, if I do an Activator gesture, it will set the hue to a certain color, or dim it a little, etc. Can it do all that?

    • You can use Custom Settings but its fairly limited. There are no sliders for color, etc. But you can make it take on the same color as it did prior to shutting off.

      • Jonathan

        Thanks, that last feature you said is enough. Buying now. 🙂

  • Brent Shelton

    Looks great!

  • You guys like the new intros? Should I keep them? I thought it might be helpful.

    • Carlos Maanuel

      I love it

    • Jonathan

      It allows me to be prepared about what you’re going to talk about. Sometimes I start watching the video, and am a little confused about what you’re talking about. But with the 3 second short at the beginning, everything makes sense after that.

      • Awesome, I really like the intros so I’m glad they’re being well received.

      • JulianF

        Jeff, quick question; what do you use to record? Seems smoother than DisplayRecorder. Are you using some PVR of some sort to get full performance or something?

      • Noah

        Yosemite + iOS 8 = screen recording for iOS via QuickTime Player

    • john diaz

      I sure do, i think it’s better to look at what your going to eat before you eat it.

    • Rahimo

      Yea i love that fast intro befor the music and iDB logo, specially for slow internet, one can know what the video is talking about brifely !!! You should keep it Jeff !!

  • john diaz

    A lot of tweaks similar to those of android are been released it’s as if developers get their ideas from android.

  • GuyWithTheThings

    Meh. I’m gonna keep Auxo 3 installed and use that quick switcher.

  • Diego Milano

    Not practical; Auxo’s QuickSwitch seems more elegant, less intrusive, and similarly easy to use. If it wasn’t for Auxo 3, then no doubt this is probably the second more practical way out there available to do quick switching. 🙂
    Kudos to the developer!

    • Romi

      All true BUT I’ve been using this tweak for the last 5 hours and it feels just right where the “lag” when invoking Auxo’s QuickSwitcher had always bothered me. No lag here, snappy and elegant, I love it!

      • Diego Milano

        I do not get how something being intrusive on the screen can be considered elegant but I’ll have to respect your opinion.
        Similarly, I find QuickSwitcher on the latest Auxo version much responsive compared to the original version.
        I guess -like I always say- it’s nice to have a choice to choose from, right?

  • Mallouk Malek

    i think this tweak will be great to create shortcut to the favorite apps not as app switcher

  • Timothy

    This would be my new favorite app switcher if it didn’t leave an icon on the screen—maybe swiping across the status bar or something.