QuickSiri Prefs

Do you find yourself using the same Siri commands over and over? I know I do. I always use Siri to tell me the time, and I always use Siri to set alarms. My Siri usage is very limited, so a jailbreak tweak that lets you instantly invoke Siri with a canned command seems right up my alley. Enter QuickSiri, a brand new Cydia release that makes it ridiculously easy to get a fast response from Siri via a canned inquiry.

QuickSiri features the ability to pre-set up to five different canned phrases via its preferences. The tweak’s settings provide you with some suggestions, but you can easily come up with your own unique queries and enter them in line by line.

Once you have your canned phrases established, head over to the Activator preferences to link an Activator gesture with each QuickSiri canned text entry. After that’s all set up, use the Activator gesture to immediately acquire a response from Siri to your canned command. Like the What’s this song, Siri? Activator add-on that we reviewed earlier today, QuickSiri results in an immediate response with no need for you to utter as much as a single word.

QuickSiri Preferences

If you’re someone who’s always using the same Siri commands over and over, or if you just want a faster response to commands that you use more than occasionally, QuickSiri is a great way to do so. It’s also fun and entertaining to use, as you’ll see from our video walkthrough above.

Want to try QuickSiri? Mosey on over to Cydia’s BigBoss repo where it can be downloaded without cost. Once you do, have a go at the comments section below and let us know what you think about it.

  • disqus_ANqmXtukPg

    Would be better to have a custom siri command that invokes an activator action. e.g “Lock my device” or “How do I get from Philly to New York with Google Maps?”

  • deepdvd

    Is this any better than built-in Activator functionality? You can already do this without the tweak. I guess it might save a few taps if you did a bunch of them?

  • babelhoo

    Don’t see the point of this tweak, you can do the same with Activator then “ask assistant”. I would love to see a tweak to modify the usual “hey siri” command (especially in some languages, for example in Spanish it is “oye siri”, but it’s not a phrase used on all spanish speaking countries, like my own, so I have to say a foolish unnatural phrase.

  • Timothy

    Doesn’t Activator already have this functionality built in, under “More” at the top?