Another twist to “The Interview” movie: The New York Times reports Sony asked the White House for help in lining up a single technology partner to stream its movie “The Interview”, and it wanted help from none other than Apple’s iTunes.

The Cupertino-based Apple reportedly was not interested, “at least not on a speedy time table,” the New York Times says. An Apple spokesman declined to provide official comment on the matter.

I’m sure you’ve all heard the story by now: Someone hacked Sony for making “The Interview”, starring Seth Rogen and James Franco on a mission to assassinate North Korea leader Kim Jong Un. The hack was crippling for the company, releasing a trove of sensitive information. Furthermore, the hackers threatened terrorist attacks on moviegoers, forcing Sony to halt its premiere after several movie theater chains canceled the premiere.

The New York Times reports after political comments, Sony tried to rebook the premiere with mega chains. After failing to secure a large distribution online or in theatres, Sony chose to release the movie on Christmas day as planned, but to only about 200 smaller theaters across the US.

It’s not clear exactly why Apple said no. Perhaps it just didn’t want to get itself involved, or felt it didn’t have a feature set in place to premiere a movie (which seems unlikely).

[New York Times]

  • coLin

    This is a cool movie dude! Idk why North Korea didn’t like it…

    • How proud would you be to see a movie of you yourself (not you acting as some other character) being miserably disgraced in public and getting murdered?

  • Juan Genao

    Netflix and Amazon Prime !!!

  • Noah

    Whoever does end up “hosting” the film, it should be a massive boost for them – I think there is a lot of people out here who want to see this.

    • David Christian

      Plus a massive ddos on their servers.

      • Antzboogie

        Yeah live in fear it’s good for you lol.

      • ck125

        Nah they are safe because karma came back to get karma and someone hacked their 2 servers they have in their entire country.

  • Bugs Bunnay

    don’t be a wuss apple. stream it.

    • Ronaldo Villanueva

      I think the problem would be the possibility of Apple being hacked. It would put iCloud users at risk. We don’t want another iCould photo leak, or worse, our credit card info hacked, or at least put at risk of being so.

      • Jeff Maxwell

        Giving in to terrorism (even online terrorism) is never acceptable. Apple has a responsibility as an American company to take a stand.

      • Antzboogie

        Exactly and aren’t they more secure then ever what are they scared of?

      • Byambaa

        American president criticized sony blisteringly for not airing the film letting terrorism win and this. So much for apple is an american company. Now i really want to hear a word from the president about apple denying it.

    • Shane

      global chickening out, including Apple, lol 🙂

  • Byambaa

    Apple is afraid of being hacked by someone for the streaming. most secure and advanced OS in the world and servers *facepalm*

    • Mr.Coolfreak

      It would be awful PR for apple if they end up being hacked

    • Annie Leonhardt

      Who wouldn’t be? Also… what does OS have to do with it? lol, they are hacking Servers not OS’s lol. Either way, iOS 8.1.2 has already been jailbroken anyway… Apple is by no means the most “secure” and “advanced” OS in the world, and they have never claimed to be.

      Nothing is in-penetrable.

      • Byambaa

        i think their servers are running OSX. Or do they use linux or windows for their server OS?

      • Annie Leonhardt

        lol… their servers run a combination of OS’s Mac OS X, IBM/AIX, Sun/Solaris, and Linux systems…Red Hat Linux and Oracle Enterprise Linux. All handle different segments of data. A wild guess though experience would be a majority of their servers would probably be Linux based.

      • Byambaa

        OK, they use linux *double facepalm*. I now really hope they don’t use free distros for iSheeps’ data segment 😀

      • Annie Leonhardt

        Majority of servers in the world are running Linux. It’s not the server that is targeted, the front end website is targeted and are tricked into getting info from the server. A servers security is solely based on the security measures you put in place through code…

  • Mr.Coolfreak

    Apple probably didn’t want to risk being hacked

  • KennyP

    Why Apple should take part in the marketing campaign from Sony?

  • Gleesh

    I laughed at the headline, sony is asking big brother apple for back up, f Sony and f apple lmao

  • NekoMichi

    I don’t understand why people are surprised that Apple declined. iTunes does not have a premiering or live-streaming feature for movies. They didn’t turn down streaming The Interview because of its politically controversial content, they declined the request because Sony was asking for special treatment. No other movie receives special treatment like this on iTunes, so why should Sony be granted it?

    • What

      Live-streaming? It’s not live-stream. All Apple needs to do is upload the video just like any other videos via iTunes and charge at whatever amount it is for Rent or Download.

  • Tommy Gumbs

    This rumor is ridiculous. Apple couple barely stream their last event without issues, much less a movie. And how would they even stream it? Move on people. This one was pulled from somebody ass.

    • Hahaha, that one was a miserable fail at live streaming. This one is just a video file on their server being played through say iTunes. Would of-course need you to install iTunes, which some might not like. QuickTime, not a reliable option; up till today, can’t play their Keynote even from their website via QuickTime on my Windows PC.

      • Tommy Gumbs

        Exactly lol.

  • richard bryant

    Has anyone had the idea that Apple maybe just wants to steer clear of this? It’s just controversy and idiocrasy at work. Plus that ain’t apples style to get involved with something that doesn’t concern them. Apples last keynote was a big failure so even if they came up with a way to stream it they would need to be able hold the millions if not billions who would wanna be on it at the same time. As for the movie I say show it! Who cares about North Korea gettin their panties in a wad. We shouldn’t step down because of a terroristic threat. If u feel threatened stay home and wait for the DVD if not go enjoy the movies like we should be able to in America!

  • Burge
  • Guest


  • Burge


  • drewjbx


  • Mohammed

    Probably the smartest thing they did this year.

  • Mark

    its online now via google play, youtube and xbox. I am looking for the torrent because you guessed it, I would rather not pay for it.

  • ck125

    Apple missed out on a lot of money. You are going to have people see it just to spite it not being in theaters everywhere. Not surprising though that apple passed. More $$ for others.

  • Nathan

    Aww 🙁

  • Chocolatewe

    apple are such cowardly pussies. Afraid of getting bombed for showing a movie are we? Pathetic apple. Well done google and microsoft for streaming the movie.