iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Kantar Worldpanel, a WPP-owned market researcher, yesterday revealed that the latest iPhones helped Apple gain share over Android around the world while the iPhone 5c outsold the iPhone 6 Plus in the U.S. during the last three months up to October 31.

Today, Kantar is back with some additional newsworthy data pertaining to “phablet” sales.

For those wondering, phablets are typically defined as smartphones with a screen size of 5.5 inches and larger. The 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus, Kantar said, captured as much as 41 percent of sales of phablets in the U.S. alone. As for the smaller 4.7-inch iPhone 6, it grabbed 33 percent market share to become the best-selling iOS device in the period.

Although phablet sales represented just ten percent of overall smartphone sales, that’s up sharply from a meager two percent during the same period in 2013. The research firm estimated that smartphones sales reached 81 percent of overall phone sales and 59 percent of all phones in use in the US.

Consider, if you will, that the new iPhones have been on the market for just over a month of the three months ending with October 2014.

Brand loyalty remains one of Apple’s primary differentiators as 85 percent of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus owners were repeat iOS buyers while nine percent switched over from Android.

Check out the evolution of the OS market shares in Kantar’s interactive chart below.

Kantar interviewed buyers at the point of sale and found that 58 percent of those surveyed who bought an iPhone 6 Plus cited screen size as their primary reason for choosing Apple’s phablet.

It’s interesting that 60 percent of those that opted for the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 also said screen size was their primary purchase driver. The ability to connect to a 4G/LTE network was the second most important reason cited by both buyer groups, said Kantar.

As for older iPhones, the iPhone 5s emerged as Apple’s second best-selling iPhone model in the U.S. with a 26 percent share while the iPhone 5c was third with 18 percent market share.

“In the Android camp, the Galaxy S5 remained the best-selling model with 22 percent of sales while the Galaxy S4 continued to show its longevity, maintaining second place with a share of 12 percent,” said Kantar.

[Kantar Worldpanel]

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  • Virus

    Samsung S#%Ting in their pants over the Note range

  • For me I prefer the all round quality of my 6 plus but I prefer the software customisation of my note 4 along with the s pen, here’s to looking forward to future generations of the apple phablet

    • springer85

      LOL the S Pen is pathetic just like Eye Scroll!!

    • FrankensteinBlack

      Total agree! Apple hardware is good but iOS is F’en Booooooring!!!
      Unless of course the device is jailbroken! ;^p…

      • Cody

        Apple hardware is good for this year, but about 2 years old for a smartphone. The only good thing about iPhone is the software

  • springer85

    LMFAO Apple has %41 of Phablet sales in the USA ALREADY after the Iphone 6 Plus has ONLY been on sale since October?LOL.
    SAMESUNG has been in the Phablet market for over 5 years!!!
    The 6 Plus is Apples first entry in to the Phablet device with newer revisions to only get better and better.
    SAMESUNG is so B U T T hurt, maybe now they will realise that their pathetic lame videos trying to mock Apple has actually backfired so badly it is hilarious!
    Maybe SAMESUNG will now actually focus on releasing the next ground breaking device like Apple did with the Iphone in 2007 and the Ipad in 2010!

    • FrankensteinBlack

      Could be that us Americans are just Apple retards that would blindly buy a bendable turd if it had an Apple logo on it? Really, the iPhone 6 plus is not a phablet but simply a “big” iPhone 6. It needs to DO MORE and not just be big for bigness sake!

      • springer85

        The Bendgate was a load of bollocks, yeah the guy really did keep it in his back pocket for 18 hours!!LMFAO!!
        The Iphone 6 Plus makes the Note 4 look like it was made in someone’s shed!
        Bet you come back with screen DPI, resolution etc!!BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      • Cody

        That’s sales numbers, it doesn’t count returns or anything like that. The iPhone 6/6 plus doesn’t have a better camera, also, the front camera is 1.3 Megapixels. Better software? That’s for sure. That’s the only thing that is keeping the iPhone alive. And yeah, the iPhone 6 is better if we talk about building material, but the design isn’t that appealing at all like the design of the 5/5s.

      • springer85

        LMFAO Yes it does have a much better camera and features you tard!
        All the test reviews prove this!
        The design shits all over the Note 4 please get your eyes tested!
        The Iphone 6 and 6 Plus have OBLITERATED The S5 and Note 4 all over the world!
        SAMESUNG are bricking it!

      • Cody

        I understand what you are saying, but don’t forget that the iPhone is an overpriced phone for what you get, Apple will launch an iPhone 6S with 2GB of ram and now what? Your $1,000 2014 phone will be pretty much obsolete. Apple knows it and laughs at all of us when we buy the same phone as last years with the same internals just bigger screen

      • springer85

        LMFAO this an iphone Apple website, you are a BUTT HURT SAMESUNG guzzler go and cry on one of their websites!
        Apple users do not give a shit about how much RAM ONLY SAMESUNG guzzlers like yourself brag about ram,screen dpi and screen resolution!
        Apple users by Iphones for the DESIGN,IOS,CAMERA and how they look and feel in the hand.
        SAMESUNG guzzlers by phones for Ram,dpi and screen resolution you know what phones are actually made for!!

      • Cody

        I, by not any means support Apple or Samsung. I am in the fence for both, but when you earn your own money and you are a tech junkie, you research and try to find what’s the best phone in the market for the money you are spending. By you telling me that by buying Apple I shouldn’t care about hardware makes no sense but it corroborates my ideology of how people just buy it because it has an Apple logo on it. You are just buying the brand for an exaggerated price. You can buy something better for $1,000, not a cellphone, something for the wife, for the kids, something actually worth the money.

      • springer85

        SAMESUNG focus on internal that NO ONE CAN VISIBLY SEE!
        Apple focus on amazing designs that look and feel awesome and to look at!
        Phones are made to make calls,text,check your emails, Twitter,Facebook,search the net and Facetime.
        The Iphone’s do all the above perfectly while looking such awesome pieces of tech.
        SAMSUNG focus on DPI,screen resolution and Ram, while looking like cheap plastic toys, NOTHING to do with what having a phone is all about.
        If I want to take better quality pictures than my iphone I will use my DSLR camera you know what IT WAS MADE FOR!
        So just as people have money and can afford Apple products you are mocking them that they should spend it on something else?LMFAO
        I EARN my money therefore can but what ever I want!

      • Cody

        Like I said, iOS is the only good thing about the iPhone, nothing else. Defending the iPhone as if it was your family makes no sense, it’s a damn phone that later on you will eventually get rid of. You are such a hardcore fanboy for sure. Not my problem, keep spending all the money you want, probably somebody with common sense and readable grammar will be able to understand what I am saying.

      • springer85

        Get rid of?LMFAO you are talking BULLSHIT!
        I still have my Iphone 4s and 5s so what the hell you talking about I will just get rid?
        Seriously you are crying just as Apples first ever Phablet phone has OBLITERATED the Note 4 even tho SAMESUNG has been in the Phablet market for 5 years!!LOL
        Now please go away you really are boring me!
        Go to a SAMESUNG website and talk about DPI,screen resolution,RAM and the pathetic Eyescroll!!

      • iPodDroid

        As an iPhone 6+ user, I have to say, that you’re probably the biggest fanboy this site has to offer….

      • FrankensteinBlack

        Spring85, you laugh and talk about Butts allot. Just sayin..

      • springer85

        Aww do not cry as the Iphone 6 Plus has OBLITERATED the S5 and Note 4 all over the world!!
        Here is a tissue for them tears!

      • FrankensteinBlack

        Tears? of laughter and have my own tissue, looks like this:

      • Guest


      • Andrew

        Wow. I’m an Apple fan myself, but you’re being rude, extremely immature, and just kind of spouting nonsense.


      • singhay559

        Please speak for yourself. I know many apple users who complains about all of the above. If it doesn’t matter then why upgrade your device? Mite ass well stay with the 5s. Since all that matters is software.

      • singhay559

        I have both phones. The note 4 has a better camera.

      • What test reviews are you looking at? Definitely not real world tests like this (bit ly/1s0dhob) or this (bit ly/1FUeyoP)…won’t be surprised if it’s tests at your local Apple store.

      • Antzboogie

        Well said you tell em!! Wait he lost his S Pen help him order a new one lol.

      • Cody

        I agree with you on that.

  • Alberto Espinal

    I was watching this guy YouTube channel don’t remember his name, black guy and he was doing a review on the Note 4 and that thing froze more than 5 times during the video, just a phone out of the box, people saying in the comment section “just root it and get rid off the touch wiz” but how many customers go and buy this phone that don’t know about rooting, Samsung just missed the train there!

    • Maxim∑

      MKBHD? You can’t get rid of touchwiz, no stock ROMs exist for the Note 4 so even android fans don’t know what there saying…

      • Alberto Espinal

        No Maxim it’s somebody else, he has a getto accent (sorry about that) tattoos on his hands

      • iPodDroid

        No stock ROMS exist YET…. It’s only a matter time before more show up

    • George

      If you’re going to compare phablets, compare the 6plus to the nexus 6.

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    All said and done. These type of percentage number show what people really want vs what was already out for years.

  • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

    So if this data is correct, then why does Apple always say they consume more sales in the world by an 80% increase over its competitors through their keynotes when this data indicates android being more in any area?

  • Serge Bodin

    Samsung your anti ads were weak!!!