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Lots of interesting information is now available about the TaiG jailbreak for iOS 8.1.1, and it comes straight from the horse’s mouth. First, TaiG has posted an FAQ of sorts for their jailbreak where they answer some of the most pressing questions.

In the FAQ, we learn why the team decided to roll with the iOS 8.1.1 jailbreak as opposed to waiting it out. We also learn that iOS 8.2 is indeed supported in the jailbreak (it’s just disabled for the time being). Along with that, additional interesting tidbits have surfaced regarding the Mac version of TaiG. Yes, a Mac version is being worked on, and it could possibly be released in the future.

Step inside for more details. It paints an interesting picture of who the TaiG team really is.

First and foremost, as was mentioned, the TaiG jailbreak does support iOS 8.2! If you’ve tried to jailbreak iOS 8.2 beta using TaiG’s tool, you were met with a failure message. This caused many, including us, to speculate that Apple had fixed the exploits used for the jailbreak in iOS 8.2. This isn’t the case. Here’s what TaiG says about the matter:

In fact, support of iOS 8.2 has been completed by TaiG, as 8.2 is still at beta stage, we have disabled support for 8.2 in current public release.

So perhaps when Apple pulls iOS 8.2 out of beta, we’ll see an update to the TaiG tool that will enable the jailbreak for iOS 8.2.

A lot of questions have also come up regarding the timing of the release. As Sebastien and I talked about on the upcoming episode of Let’s Talk Jailbreak, jailbreaks never seem to release at an ideal time for us, but this jailbreak seemed to have especially odd timing. Here’s what TaiG had to say about the timing of the jailbreak. Keep in mind that this has been translated from Chinese, so the English grammar isn’t perfect, but it’s good enough to get the point:

Releasing a stable iOS version around Thanksgiving, and maintain it until the first quarter of next year, has been usual practice of Apple, which means 8.1.1 will be around for quite some time, and it is a relatively stable firmware. These are the main reasons that TaiG chose to release JB for 8.1.1. In addition, signing of 8.1 is closed earlier today, thus it could be a good time to update to 8.1.1 and jailbreak.

TaiG also states that they believe that waiting provides little to no benefit to users.

What about the people behind the actual jailbreak? Who are they, and who does what? There is, unfortunately, still many clouds around the actual people who worked on the jailbreak, but we do know that there was one primary person responsible for the entire jailbreak.

TaiG is also very confident about the jailbreak possibilities of future iOS firmwares going forward. They do acknowledged, however, that jailbreaking isn’t exactly easy, and that a lot of effort was expended to make this happen. With this in mind, the TaiG team hopes (at least publicly) that they can work together with the Pangu team in a collaborative effort to expedite the process of releasing future jailbreaks:

Luckily we have some fellows domestically, if we can cooperate, it will bring more benifits [sic] for all users. Thus we sincerely invite PanGu Team for a face-to-face communication, to find a way of cooperation for providing faster and better jailbreak sevice [sic] together.

In the end, TaiG thanks the media, developers, and everyone else for their attention. They also acknowledge the existence of thousands of bug request fixes, and are working hard to bring those fixes to fruition.

I didn’t copy and paste all of the goodies from the original tweet, but I highly recommend you take a look at it, and at the thread on /r/jailbreak.

But that’s not all! In a separate interview with Chinese website feng.com, TaiG divulges more juicy details. Most notably, they talk about the existence of a Mac version of the TaiG jailbreak tool, something that many are interested in seeing sooner than later. Responding to the question of if a Mac version is being made, TaiG states (emphasis, mine):

We are making it. But it’s not decided if it will be released or when.

Other supplementary details are revealed in that interview as well. If you read Chinese, you can visit the site itself here. Otherwise, you can visit this thread on /r/jailbreak where someone has graciously translated the text into English.

For the very first time since the jailbreak for iOS 8.1.1 arrived, some light has been shined on the team behind the exploits. I think interviews and explanations like this will only bode well for the good-will and the trust placed in the team by the public.

More importantly, however, I think that the future of jailbreak is very bright. These guys seem to be extremely confident in their ability to bring new jailbreaks to the table to coincide with Apple firmware releases. Unfortunately, it looks as if the Mac version will indeed always lag behind the Windows version. It probably wouldn’t hurt if you make your wishes known regarding a Mac version down in the comment section.

What do you think about TaiG now? Are you happy to get to know the folks behind the tool a little better? Do you still have questions? Sound off down below in the comment section with your thoughts, questions, opinions, and observations.

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  • nyangejr


  • 8.2 is going to patch whatever they have cooked up, it won’t be hard to reverse engineer what they’ve found as an exploit and patch it. They shouldn’t have mentioned anything about 8.2 just yet.

    • pauleebe

      Partly true. If you read more, you’ll find out that parts of the exploit used since the iOS 7 JB (and by Pangu team) actually hasn’t been completely closed by Apple.

      But the general consensus is that the current TaiG JB won’t readily work when 8.2.0 drops.

      • Keith S.

        What I read is that they found an exploit they can use for 8.2, but removed it from the TaiG tool (or at least disabled it) specifically so that Apple would NOT find it and patch it. If so, that’s ballsy (and smart).

      • pauleebe

        I was under the impression that they haven’t disclosed whether or not they have more exploits up their sleeve for 8.2.0 (as already said, there will always be more in the future, I’m sure they have more), BUT they intentionally disabled support for the 8.2.0 beta’s to keep users from screwing their phones up. It’s not uncommon for jailbreak teams to not support beta softwares.

      • Niclas

        No, they simply disabled the tool to work on 8.2.

      • Nima Kian

        guys there will always be exploits nothing will change that

    • True, 1. because it’s a minor update and not a patch level update. 2. because their untether package was not highly obfuscated like Pangu’s (which was patched too).

  • pnh

    Less cooperation and more competition between the jailbreak teams. That will make for faster and better jailbreaks.

    • pegger1

      Wrong. More cooperation easily goes a lot further. Rather than two teams duplicating work, they combine their efforts and get a lot more done.

      • pnh

        No. You are wrong. The lack of competition is never a good thing. No incentive for improvement or productivity. Combine the two teams and the ego issues will create more problems than they solve.

      • XZavier

        Your both wrong and right, more competition does give them a motivation which could make them work faster, but that will not make better jailbreaks, in fact they will probably be a little more sloppy, the cooperation would make it faster to if they still had motivation, the cooperation also would make it better, and more secure. So I would prefer cooperation over competition.

      • Bugs Bunnay

        all you three are wrong. cooperation and competition goes hand in hand. the end.

      • Der Faust

        well said, Bugs

      • Justin Craven

        I seem to remember in iOS 7 when evasi0n found out that Saurik may be working with a foreign team to create a jailbreak and then, under much speculation, evasi0n released a jailbreak and unnecessarily burned all the exploits at the time. So while Bugs is right, cooperation and competition goes hand in hand, it is not always for positive gain.

    • Tyler Smith

      I would rather them work together. Competition seems to mess things up big time

    • Dom

      More stable jailbreaks yes but its the competition amongst the various teams that drives how fast they get released.

    • Yash Gorana

      The trick of Dr. House isn’t gonna work here 😀

    • Keith S.

      Having them work together may also solve the Mac/Windows lag issue. As I recall, Pangu had it out on Mac first. It may reduce competition slightly, but what’s to be gained here from the competition? Bragging rights? I heard mention that “there’s big money in jailbreaking”, but I’m not honestly convinced of that. (At least the “big” part.) I’d like to think their offer to meet with Pangu and cooperate is genuine, even though it could be perceived as slightly condescending. Hopefully the two teams don’t have sensitive egos!

  • Michael

    Jeff, does this now earn your vote of confidence to jailbreak using TaiG? Would you personally recommend it?

  • InfinitePlusOne

    How’s apple pay going for people in the states?

    • Greg Warren

      I love it. No complaints whatsoever, except my primary bank (a small credit union) doesn’t support it, but I’m still able to use my other bank and credit cards. It’ll be much better around this time next year when many more companies have updated to newer credit card terminals that also accept NFC payments.

  • g3r

    “but we do know that there was one primary person responsible for the entire jailbreak” – who? Geohot?

    • Mr.Coolfreak

      No in the QnA they mentioned some other person, name sounded asian

    • Zzyzxd

      The original Chinese says TaiG team has a member that is the third one in the world(if not the first) that can hack iOS individually. I only know Geohot before this and have no idea who is the another one.

      • tamp0i

        I think that person could be planetbeing..

      • Niclas


    • Niclas

      No. His name is Xiao Nan. He made TaiG himself and at least one big exploit is from an earlier jb.
      Geohot and Comex are the two who have done one man jb’s before.

  • MHCsk

    In the announcement they seem very skilled and serious, but thing that bothers me is the pirated store which they havne’t even mentioned.

    • Merman123

      The Chinese have a different mentality when it comes to pirated content. We’ve kind of agreed to disagree, and appreciate the option to opt out of installing that Chinese store app.

  • Mr.Coolfreak

    In the QnA they said only one person was working on the JB, tahrs probably the first time tho has happened.

    • arvindb02

      Well gehot released the first jailbreak all by himself…

  • Elliot James

    Would really hope whoever the pioneer becomes of all jailbreak solutions always include a mac version, considering after all these are apple iPhones.. haha – either way I’ve done the virtual windows machine multiple times, but it turns the whole process from 7 minutes into an hour or two – regardless thanks to every jailbreaker for their efforts!

    • slow_moon

      I’m in a similar boat. I have a Windows PC at work but most of my jailbreaking adventures occur on weekends when I have more time 🙂

      If jailbreaking via vm is slow for you, I wonder if your vm’s USB drivers are working in USB 2.0 or 1.1 mode? I use VirtualBox and it’s set to 1.1 by default so I changed it to 2.0 and also do USB pass-through.

      I’ll probably attempt TaiG this weekend using my vm so fingers crossed!

      • Elliot James

        was looking into VirtualBox earlier today funnily enough, you’ve encouraged me to give it a shot, thanks!

      • slow_moon

        Let me know how it goes for you. I’ll also reply when I’ve had a go. Good luck!

  • So optimistic

    Would help to get the jb on a Mac OS 10.6… If possible!? I have the 6+/tv. Lol

  • Tim

    These guys are unstoppable. A win for the jailbreak community

  • Utrarunner5

    What if TaiG is Apple? #TaiGConspiracy

    • Mark Kramer

      better call jesse vulture – A

  • Brian Voll


  • PlasmaPod

    mind worked even though i updated from ios 8.1 to 8.1.1 just then via ota it worked

  • Karina

    My screen has gone black after downloading appsync and ive tried restoring it and nothing has happened and itunes wont recognize the device, help please on removing the jailbreak.

  • Niclas

    What people don’t get:
    Q: How much time did it take for you to discover the exploits used
    for this jailbreak? (How long did it take for the jailbreak tool?)
    A: We’ve been doing it, preparing for a long time.

    This is made by a single developer. You might think that this is a good thing? Think again.

  • chris

    Einstein once said: ” Until a system will be created by humans, it will always have flaws…”

  • Ryan Hake

    I jailbroke with taig on ios 8.1.1. everything worked perfect until the phone died and did a full re-boot. All jailbrake apps and cydia crash and icon support crashed as well. I had to do 2 restore and re-jailbreaks. After I jailbreak I use openbackup to restore everything. Pangu Untether package gets installed with the backup. Could this be causing my issue? I tried to un-install the Pangu untether but cydia stops it with a security issue. What can be causing this?
    I have restored with iTunes 3xs and set up as new phone. When the phone does a full reboot it seems like it’s in a tethered state. No jailbreak related apps work and all my icons are moved out of their folders. I haven’t seen anybody with this issue. Is there away to remove pangu untether from cydia? I don’t think taig tool uses pangus package but I also don’t see any other untether package listed in cydia

  • mlee19841

    Any word on why other jailbreaks just stopped doing it? Lost of interest I guess.

    • Mark Kramer

      lack of interest, or lost interest

  • Liat Miriam

    Please release a version for Mac!