ScooScreens 2

SnooScreens is a jailbreak tweak that allows you to change your iPhone’s wallpaper based on images appearing on a subreddit of your choice. Once the tweak is installed, all you need to do is configure a subreddit, adjust some of the tweak’s options, and assign an Activator gesture.

Upon invoking the Activator gesture that you assign, SnooScreens will cause the Home screen and/or Lock screen wallpaper to reflect the top image post on a subreddit or an image at random from the front page. Have a look at our video walkthrough after the break for a look into how this tweak works.

After installing SnooScreens, head over to the stock Settings app where it can be configured. There, you’ll find five different sections to establish five of your favorite subreddits. Each section can be configured with its own subreddit, options and Activator gesture.


SnooScreens lends the ability to save photos downloaded to the photo library, filter unscrupulous images, and more. Once you establish an Activator gesture, invoke the tweak, and you’ll see the wallpaper appear on the area you designate.

SnooScreens can be had for $0.99 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. If you add the right subreddit, it’s a tweak that can add an element of surprise and value to your iPhone’s Home screen and Lock screen.

What do you think about SnooScreens? Drop us a line down below in the comment section.

  • Dan

    Cool tweak, reminds me of 500 firepaper on android.

  • Milo Darling

    Seems like a pretty awful tweak
    Just kidding, I’m the developer, thanks for the review, Jeff!

    • Tyler Smith


    • Gawd yes it’s so awful. 😛

    • Awesome tweak. It works great on my 5s and is definitely worth it for $0.99.

      Is there any chance you can try to get it to work on the iPad? It seems to crash on my iPad Air 2.

      Also would it be possible to add wallpapers to an album rather than cluttering the camera roll when using the “Save photo to library” option.

  • Jen doe


  • Andrew

    I use DailyPaper for my wallpapers. It gives a nice, high-quality wallpaper everyday. Only issue is that it’s only partially compatible with iOS 8 (the “Update Now” button crashes the Settings app).

  • Brian Brown

    is it me or did jeff edit the clock to show 9:41..