icloud photos upload

Apple updated its iCloud.com Photos app today, enabling the ability to upload photos. The feature, which developers have been testing on the iCloud beta site for the past two weeks, allows users to upload images to iCloud Photo Library.

Previously, those with iCloud Photo Library enabled in iOS 8 could view, download and delete their photos on iCloud.com, but there was no way to upload them. Now users can upload images—including those not taken with an iOS device.

If you have iCloud Photo Library enabled, a Photos app appears in your dashboard on iCloud.com. Within the app you should now see an upload option, and once you’ve selected your photos, they’ll sync to all of your iCloud-enabled devices.

It’s worth noting that only JPG photos are supported at this time, so no PNGs or movie files. Users should also understand that photos uploaded to iCloud Photo Library take up iCloud storage space—which for many people is limited to 5GB.

Earlier today, Apple updated iWork for iCloud with new languages and more.


  • Been waiting for this especially as the price of iCloud stora is so cheap now

    • It’s actually not cheaper at least for the plan I’m on. I’m currently on a legacy 20GB plan for £7.49 a year. With the new monthly pricing it’d cost me £0.79 a month to keep this plan which is £9.48 for the entire year…

  • Ricky

    I’m still waiting for the mac app to come out and videos to be uploaded. I’m going to buy the 200 GBs so I can upload my entire library.

  • iBanks

    Still waiting to view my shared photo albums within this view. I delete all pics from “Recently Added” after uploading to an shared album. That way I save storage space on the device.

  • Lordrootman

    Apple is still joking with this iCloud mess
    How can a big company like apple mess up photo camera photo stream just like tha ?
    Even with iOS 8.1 still mess who cares about recent or date leave photo stream alone pls
    Is ridiculous when if I want to see the picture on photo stream On my other device I have to add the pictures I want to see in photo sharing before I can see WTF APPLE
    Since the celebrities photo went on public Apple is trying to do too much and now everything is mess up pls take us back to photo stream we know in iOS 7
    You know we love you and can’t stop using iphone please

    • raulortiz318

      What did you say?

  • Jimmy Ekman

    I was wondering what hoppens if i need to restore my iphone, will the allready uploaded photos be restored aswell? ( not like it allways has been with past photo libraries ) They are in the cloud so i cant see why not but havent found any info on that so far…

    • pdrake007

      Yup all photos are in the cloud so are restored when you restore the phone. Just make sure all the photos are uploaded from the phone before you restore it.

  • It sucks that storage space is so limited without paying. I was pleasantly surprised to find out my OneDrive storage has been increased to 10 terabytes which is 10 times Apples top tier iCloud Drive storage you can get…

    Granted I pay for OneDrive (through a student Office 365 subscription) but even if I wanted to I don’t think I could get 10 terabytes of storage with iCloud Drive and if I could I’d have no money left….

    I want to like iCloud Drive and I want to use iCloud Drive but with its limited storage space I just can’t work it into my workflow 🙁

    • Kaptivator

      How did you activate your OneDrive storage with your student subscription?

      • I didn’t have to do anything it just happened Friday. I guess they’re slowly rolling it out…