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If you want to jailbreak iOS 8.1, but you’re running iOS 8.1.1 or the new iOS 8.2 beta, you can downgrade your firmware to iOS 8.1 and jailbreak as long as Apple is still signing the iOS 8.1 firmware. As of this post, 8.1 is still being signed, but that will change in the future, so use this post to determine whether or not this tutorial is still valid.

If Apple is signing iOS 8.1, it’s extremely easy to downgrade your device, even if you’re running the iOS 8.2 beta or iOS 8.1.1. Neither of those firmwares are jailbreakable at the moment, but iOS 8.1 is jailbreakable, hence the need to downgrade. Follow our simple tutorial after the break to downgrade your device back to iOS 8.1.

Step 1: Make sure that Apple is still signing iOS 8.1. If it is, you may continue to the next step.

Step 2: Download the iOS 8.1 firmware for your device via our downloads page and save it to your desktop.

Step 3: Connect your device to your computer and open iTunes. Hold ⌥ and click the Check for Update button on the device page (if you’re running Windows, you’ll need to hold the Shift key instead of the Option key when clicking Check for Update). Navigate to your desktop and select and the 8.1 firmware file that you downloaded in Step 2 and click Open.

Step 4: iTunes will downgrade your firmware back to iOS 8.1. Again, this is assuming that iOS 8.1 is still being signed as noted in Step 1. If iOS 8.1 is not being signed, you will receive an error message and the downgrade will halt.

Step 5: Once the downgrade is completed, you can follow our OS X jailbreak tutorial for iOS 8. If you’re running Windows, we have a Windows iOS 8.1 jailbreak tutorial as well.

That’s all there is to it. Watch our video walkthrough above for the step by step process if that will make your more comfortable.

Have you downgraded iOS 8.2 or iOS 8.1.1 yet? I have twice, but I have a feeling that Apple will be bringing the signing window to a close in the near future, so you might want to jump on downgrading if you’re at all interested in jailbreaking iOS 8.

What do you think?

  • iNeedANameHere

    I wish Apple would always sign two firmwares.
    1) Latest version (obviously) for the security conscious and the “must have the latest” customers
    2) The last version that’s jailbreakable

    I know it’s a big stretch of a wish but at least this way everyone would be happy. They wouldn’t even need to market it. The ones who jailbreak would know from trying it and those who don’t probably wouldn’t notice. That method would keep fragmentation at a minimum.

    • InfinitePlusOne

      Email your wish to Tim Cook

    • Merman123

      A man can dream… 🙁

    • Buzz { Light:Year; }

      Nah put it 1st current and 2nd former version don’t be ignorant and say last jailbreakable version.

      • iNeedANameHere

        8.1.1 can’t be jailbroken. Using that logic if Apple pushed 8.2 (already in beta as the article says) out soon the 2nd version would be 8.1.1. So they would be signing 8.1.1 and 8.2. Leaving 8.1, the last jailbreakable version, unsigned. So yes. I meant sign the last jailbreakable version

      • JoshuaHulgan

        Buzz’s suggestion was more realistic.
        Bc Apple will never leave last jail-breakable version open.
        In their eyes jailbreaks are simply security risks to their customers and platform, make the OS unstable, would be an increased cost to support, and as incendiary as this statement may be – is also a major contributor to piracy.

      • THE Roen

        So don’t support the last jailbreakable version but leave it open for the hobbyists? Sounds like a plan.

      • drgonz0

        How about leave all versions open for signing, unless there’s something absolutely terrible there. Honestly as 8.0.1 showed us there’s a big downside to closing signing windows for unforeseen bugs.

      • drgonz0

        Apple is doing exactly that with Apple TV version 5.3. There’s no reason they didn’t close the signing window yet.

  • Carlos Neira

    I download twice IOS 8.1 from two different pages, but still itunes says “incompatible firmware” my device is a Iphone5s model A1457 (apple say is GSM), now Im downloading the global version, someone can help with this?

    • iNeedANameHere

      1457 should be GSM
      keep in mind there’s a Chinese GSM model (1526) so make sure you’re not downloading that one or the CDMA+GSM which is1533

      • Carlos Neira

        it is exactly the GSM version “Iphone6.1_8.1_12b411” in the idownloadblog page of IOS firmwares, but in itunes “error”, before just I restore with the apple service, but now i can´t because is ios8.1.1 already on the server

      • iNeedANameHere

        Try putting the device in DFU mode if you haven’t. Recovery mode or normal don’t usually work for me. Also if you’re on windows try turning off firewalls and anti-virus.

      • LuvlyVibez

        I got the same problem.

        Iphone 5s GSM model. Running iOS 8.0.2 and want upgrade to 8.1 but itunes say incompatible firmware.
        I download from 3 differend site the ipsw:
        Try restore with “shift+click” & DFU mode. But every time the same message:incompatible firmware

      • LuvlyVibez

        Solution : Download the Global ipsw then it works.

      • gustav

        global ipsw?

  • Logan O’Connell

    I keep getting error 14 when trying to downgrade my iPhone 5s to iOS 8.1 from iOS 8.1.1 I’ve tried recovery mode update and restore and DFU mode restore please help.

    • iNeedANameHere

      Error 14 is a USB error if I remember correctly. Try changing USB ports and making sure iTunes is updated

      • Logan O’Connell

        thank you i think that might’ve been it

    • kl Wong

      Another reason may cause this is the firmware itself, download again from others source and restore.

      • Logan O’Connell

        thank you for the help i got it

  • I have downgraded my iPad Air ios 8.1.1 to 8.1.0 but I am still not able to jailbreak. Could someone help me, please?

    • pegger1

      You need to give more detail other than “not able to jailbreak”, if you want help

  • Jen doe

    Should i upgrade my ipad 3 to ios 8? Im currently in 7.1.2

    • pegger1

      Yes, you should have done it a long time ago. You’re going to miss the jailbreak window

    • Serge Bodin

      i wouldnt do it, unless it was an air. Older devices tend to get slower with newer updates

  • Jonathan Terrasi

    I downloaded the file for my hardware from the download page, but when I held Shift (on Windows) and searched for the 8.1 firmware, my PC couldn’t recognize any of the filetypes, and there was .ipsw file in the zip file I downloaded.

    • Jonathan Terrasi

      Sorry, there WASN’T a .ipsw file. Couldn’t find one anywhere.

    • mynamesuxlol

      try renaming it to *.ispw
      i belive an ispw is just a zip file containing the assets

  • Slifur

    I’ve just jailbroken my 5s few days ago. And I think i need to restore and just live with ios 8.1.1, because my battery was significantly draining and there’s a noticeable lags. I’ll just sacrifice my fav tweaks for fluidity and smoothness. 🙁

    • ProSzakal Aszakal

      This is what I like keep smooth and no lags only possible without jailbreak…
      I upgraded to iOS 8.1.1 and I happy witch my iphone 6 plus battery and I’m sure when I pick up my phone he always work like should be…

  • Márton Kiss

    Hurry up guys, it’s still open!

  • BoB

    please told me how i can downgrade to ios 7.1.2 from 8.1.1

    • Bob

      You can’t

      • BoB

        you think in future it is possible?

      • Bob

        That’s up to apple, you can always go forward but not back wards with ios firmware

  • Courtney Macfarlane

    Is anyone having problems with iOS8 photo albums missing with certain apps?! It’s mainly happening in Facebook Messenger and “Moldiv” photo editing app. Is there a tweak I can resolve this with from Cydia? I keep all my photos neatly in folders I sync from iTunes and this has completely changed that 🙁

  • Juan Diaz

    I have an iPhone 5 running the ancient ios 6.1.4. Should I risk my jb by upgrading, and then downgrading back to ios 8.1?? I have lots of battery issues currently, but everything else is perfect. I can’t risk losing this jaikbreak..I am guessing that if apple doesn’t close this up during the day today (Friday), it will be safe until Sunday. Anyone have any thoughts on this? I know it is just a guess, but what has been the history? I am thinking it would probably be safe at like 6:30pm pacific time (9:30 eastern time) tonight. I doubt apple would change anything after 6pm pacific time on a Friday. …anyone else have a suggestion, or educated guess?

    • Chinh

      Just load 8.1 now…

  • My phone still in 8.1, can I jailbreak after Apple stop signing?

    • Chinh

      Yes… As long as it’s ipsw restore not ota

      • Guest

        My 8.1 is preinstalled when I bought my phone

  • Rob Lalinde

    I downgraded my iphone 6 plus to 8.1, but phone keeps trying to download 8.1.1 upgrade automatically..Cant figure out how to stop it other than to disable wifi..As soon as I enable wifi, it keeps resuming upgrade..I never asked it to upgrade, I just noticed it once I went to check under sofware upgrade to make sure phone was downgraded, but once went to check, it was already 1/4 into the upgraded..
    so how do I stop it without disabling wifi?

  • Louis A. Cook

    Tiny Umbrella, thanks for the good times.

    • Louis A. Cook

      Ps, thanks a million IDB for maintaining these resources!

  • Stefano

    Do we know if 8.1 is still being signed. I have iPhone 6+ AT&T

    • Louis A. Cook

      I just updated from 8.02 to 8.1 successfully 15 min ago. So as of then, yes. Make your move asap.

      • Juan Diaz

        how do we upgrade to 8.1 without upgrading to the other one first? oye oye. I gotta move fast!!!

  • Martynet

    8.1.1 improved my 6 Plus a LOT. F*k the jailbreak 🙂

  • Gintoki

    is apple still signing iOS 8.1 ?

    • SIMON


  • NeedHelpPlease

    My iphone 6 plus is running on 8.1.1, I downloaded the correct firmware, but it keeps saying “firmware not compatible” Any ideas what i can do?

  • Shingo

    ipsw[dot]me is down is apple not signing no more ?

  • carlos minano

    does anyone know how to bypass icloud. ios 8.1 for FREE!! i really need help

  • I tried to restore my iPhone 4S 8.1.1 twice with two different ios 8.1 firmwares (These are different days by the way). Both the times I tried it I backed it up, put it in DFU mod. The first time I used the shift + restore method. It begun and finished with no errors and it ended up with a boot loop and wouldn’t stop at all. I tried to attempt to put it back to DFU mode but it wouldn’t go it just kept repspringing. Then I decided to use TinyUmbrella to kick it into Recovery mode and that ended up working at least. When that part worked I tried to restore it using the shift + update option, same thing happened. I could take the Recovery mode off but then it would just start the loop again if I did that. So I went to the store to get it fixed back to 8.1.1. I still want to downgrade.

    Currently still running 8.1.1 and want to downgrade still. Any suggestions or something?

  • Still signing but i cant download it completely? on the middle of download saying error? is there any way to dowmload 8.1?.. please help

  • Fam Fam

    Please help me out, I’m trying to downgrade my ipad mini wifi, but I can’t select (nothing open’s up) the downloaded 8.1 file on my Windows desktop. What am I missing? Please help. Thank you!

    • clintz

      you have downloaded the ipsw file for ipad mini wifi?

      • Jonathan

        Thanks for being my 300th follower.

  • Dylan

    Apple makes everything so damn difficult. I found a stupid iPhone, cant return it to owner, and now it is such a pain in the a$s to do anything useful with it… this is why I love android.

  • clintz

    just got my ios 8.1 back from 8.1.1 thanks. im using iphone 4s

  • Joy Mitchell-Butler

    I downloaded the firmware file twice but still can find the .ipsw file. What am I doing wrong? The file I downloaded was iPad 3 – iOS 8.1 – Wi-Fi iPad3,1 (12B410)

  • Ben

    I have the 6 plus and it is saying firmware is not compatible

    • NeedHelpPlease

      Me Too! and i have no idea why . Have you figured it out?

  • Bethany Danielle Cooke

    I downloaded the firmware to my desktop but when I go to iTunes to use that, iTunes does not recognize it as iPhone compatible etc.. soooo idk what now lol. there was two options to download it for the iPhone 5s. there was global and there was another one, and I chose global.. I don’t know if that would be what’s causing the problem but id really like some help.

  • ddlovogue

    I downgraded and suddenly all my photos in my camera roll are completely scrambled, and a lot of pictures I had already deleted came back too. In the Photos tab though, there are all my pictures neat and in order. Does anyone know why this happened and how to fix it?

    • ddlovogue

      Actually – I just realized that all my photos from about a month and a half ago were sent back to the beginning as if they were older pictures. how do I fix this?

  • 1456798762

    I like pancakes.

  • kgs

    as of 4 pm today- tuesday the 24th, apple was still signing 8.1. I upgraded to 8.1 this afternoon for my ipad air.

    • Helen Helene

      I’ll try now as I need to restore! I loved my iOS 7!! So so annoyed!

  • Helen Helene

    can I upgrade straight to 8.1? I’m on iOS 7 still. Or I need to upgrade to 8.1.1 and then downgrade?

  • Victro Tong

    i using iphone 5 8.1.1 but when i wan downgrade to 8.1 its say ( The iphone could not restored ‘because the firmware file is compatible ) what thing going wrong ?

  • joe

    its saying i am incompatible. HELP!!!

  • Radek

    Ive downloaded the correct iOS 8.1 firmware for my iPhone 5.
    I can start the restore function correctly in iTunes (MacOS) and it gets through about 95% and then I get “error -6” something about not being able to authenticate. To get a functioning phone I have to do a full restore back to iOS 8.1.1.

    Does anyone else have this problem?
    Any solution to this?

    Does this mean Apple isnt signing iOS 8.1 anymore?
    IPSW[dot]me still says it is being signed

    Ive redownloaded the 8.1 firmware again from a different site and same error.

  • cpi

    I get this error when trying to download the ipsw, any help?

    An error occurred while processing your request.
    Reference #30.3e050f17.1417050357.36df3d3

    • jc

      Try a different browser.

  • TruthWillPrevail

    I was already on 8.1 when Apple were signing. I am doing a fresh
    restore of 8.1 through iTunes by choosing the ipsw file even though
    8.1.1 is out. And I have just been able to restore successfully. So does
    this mean that Apple is still signing 8.1? It is still working as of
    2am GMT 27th Nov 2014.

  • Sung

    are they still signing 8.1????

  • Miller Verheij

    THANKS THANKS THANKS!! Super nice! Thanks a lot man!

  • Ann

    How can I downgrade without a desktop?

  • ya

    how to install cydia in ios9 iphone6 ?

  • bonniebourgini

    My business partners were searching for PD F 1048 E several days ago and saw a document management site that hosts a ton of fillable forms . If others have been needing PD F 1048 E too , here’s