iMessage iOS 7

Federal judge Lucy Koh has green-lighted a lawsuit against Apple over its long-standing iMessage issue that causes some former iPhone users to not receive their text messages, reports Reuters. The lawsuit was filed in May by San Jose, California resident Adrienne Moore.

Moore says Apple didn’t properly warn her that she’d quit receiving text messages after switching from an iPhone to a Galaxy S5. There’s no word yet on what kind of damages Moore is asking for, but she is seeking class action status, which would allow others to join the suit.

According to court documents, Apple argues that there’s no law covering technology that “simply does not function as plaintiff subjectively believes it should,” and that it never claimed the iMessage service would be able to recognize when users switched to non-iPhone devices.

Koh disagrees, and will allow Moore the chance to show Apple violated a California unfair competition law, saying “plaintiff does not have to allege an absolute right to receive every text message in order to allege that Apple’s intentional acts have caused a breach of contract.”

Judge Koh’s decision comes, coincidentally, two days after Apple released a new tool to allow ex-iPhone users to deregister their numbers from iMessage. Prior to the launch, the company had offered very little public on what was a widely known and well documented issue.


  • Anmol Malhotra

    New tool? It sucks… Not available in more than 50% of the countries.

  • E Double

    I think this judge loves to be involved with any litigation involving Apple. I understand the suit based on merit. But I am sure everyone, Apple and Samsung are sick of this judge!

  • BoardDWorld

    There’s no question about it, this problem should have been fixed within a few weeks at most. We are going on years now and they have “just” released a new tool? How is it Apple can try automate everything except deregistering iMessage/FaceTime. Not that I have had this problem but compared to Apple’s normal service which is exceptional I just don’t understand what technical problem hinders this.

    The tool should have been available in the first weeks of outcry and by now it should have been automated by push query when removing your sim.

  • Frank Anthony

    I only see a jobless person who’s looking for free money(if there’s anything like free money lol) from Apple. Get over yourself already… Litigation my foot! P.S Not supporting Apple either before someone start to throw comments down here 🙂

  • iBanks

    This is dumb. A simple tap and hold, send as text message would have done the job. After four messages being sent in such a manner, it defaults that number as text messages. And yes, I know this works because I’ve done it on many, many phones in my workplace.

    • Don Walker II

      Also, in message settings it is possible to remove your number from the iMessage system – iOS and OS X . It has always existed, at least for iOS. If someone simply didn’t take all the necessary steps to ensure a smooth transition, it is their fault.


    Wow I can’t believe some people. I’m gonna sue you because I didn’t get my friends selfies for like a whole month. When your the stupid whore who forgot to turn I message off. But Now the new tools out in some conteries.

    • George

      You realize that turning iMessage off doesn’t work for everyone? And really selfies? Some people could have missed important messages concerning work.

  • Rodney Coleman

    OMG!!! People are so damn stupid.

    Just swap your damn imei and swap sims on your account and boom!!!! Problem solved.