Google Maps for iOS (OpenTable reservations, Material Design 001)

Announced yesterday, a much-improved Google Maps for the iPhone and iPad featuring Material Design appearance, OpenTable reservations, Uber integration and more is now rolling out in App Stores worldwide.

Featuring engaging animations, shadows and depth — courtesy of Google’s newly-found design language for desktop, mobile and the web — Google Maps 4.0 promises to be the funnest version of the app to date.

The search giant says the layers and buttons “come to life so you know just where to touch to get directions, recommendations and imagery.”

Download the app now, give it a whirl and tell us how you liked it in comments.

Google Maps 4.0 is free in the App Store.

U.S. users will love the ability to make a restaurant reservation, right from the app, for restaurants found on OpenTable. And if you have Uber installed and the service is available in your location, Google Maps will show you estimates for Uber’s pickup time and price for their route in both walking and transit directions.

Google Maps for iOS (Uber card, Material Design 001)

You should also appreciate visual changes in both the Info sheet and the Explore section, with Explore at the bottom now showing you recommendations of new places to dine or visit.

Check out the old (left) vs. new (right) app icon comparison.

Google Maps 2.3.4 for iOS (app icon, small)Google Maps 4.0 for iOS (app icon, small)

Google Maps 4.0 changelog

  • New Material Design brings bold graphics, fluid motion, and tactile surfaces
  • Make a restaurant reservation right from the app (U.S. only)
  • See estimated wait time and cost of taking an Uber, if you have the app installed
  • Optimized for iOS 8
  • Bug fixes

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  • Fanboy 

    Been waiting for an update to Google Maps! The one thing I can’t trade because of their extensive business listings.

  • Lance Baker


  • Nathan Jung

    I’ve been enjoying this material design. I am glad we get it on iOS.

    • ericesque

      Seconded. From what I’ve seen of material design, Google really knocked it out of the park. Not only is the design successful in its own right, it’s also very compatible with the iOS design language. While it certainly doesn’t look native, it still feels very much at home on my iPhone.

      • Jonathan

        I agree, slide out panels, bright colors, no patterns (fabric, etc) and a clean look.
        Only thing I caught not-so-iOS is shadows. That’s it.

      • Jason Baroni

        I don’t like the shadows, but I do love the animations, how things come from other things. Pretty intuitive!

      • Ian Leon

        I don’t see what’s so great

  • Capirexz

    Not bad. Looks beatiful on iOS than Android.

    • s0me

      Does Material Design tell you anything?

  • TwinSon

    Thank God it’s not that stretched out looking mess anymore.

  • Delfos Sambucetti Arturaola

    google maps or stock apple maps whats better? trying to decide to go with.

    • Dan

      Google by far

    • Anthony Snyder

      Depends. Google app is less intuitive but has more features. Doesn’t have Siri integration either. It can’t take over the lock screen too.

      I use Google Maps mainly for transit.

    • EetFuk

      Apple for looks and smoothness. Especially in 3d and satellite modes. Plus system integration and Siri support. Google for business listings accuracy and content along with transit info which the other doesn’t have.

  • Jonathan

    If some of us don’t know this, if you type (not speak) “ok maps” you can save part of the map as offline.

    • VITICO

      i did this when i went to DR.. lol

      • Jonathan

        eh, where’s that?

      • VITICO

        Dominican Republic..

      • Jonathan

        oh, sorry. xD

  • Nabil El Hajjouti

    Anyone else getting annoying “drive” parts in their route when viewing directions in “transport” mode ? Very annoying. It used to only show “walking” and “transport”. Now it shows parts you have to drive. What the hell ? That makes no sense, it should only appear if you selected “by car”.

  • Jose Gonzalez

    Wish they could add the feature to allow multiple locations for driving directions. Just like you can on a desktop. Its a really awesome feature and it would allow me to deliver checks out to my guys in different locations without having to set up the next location to go to.

  • blist

    I Hope they are going to update all the google apps with this material design, looks really nice

  • maaya1989

    not ready for i6 and i6+……

  • Yermum

    I reality wish Google would stop limiting maps to running at 30fps. The stutters really bug my eyes.

  • Anthony Snyder

    So a few things….. The side panel doesn’t animate smoothly. When you scroll to the top, there is no “rubber band” effect. There is when you scroll to the bottom however.

  • Ian Leon

    We get it before android hehehe

    • Marco Carranza

      Apple want to get all the ios users. Although all of their apps are barely updated such as google voice or google earth

  • Foellarbear

    Ok, one huge complaint is the current location and directions button on the right side. That needs to move to the bottom, it’s getting in the way when interacting with the map.

  • Just updated and it actually does bring the material design to iOS 6, instead of the separate GUI for different OSs. Doesn’t look that much different from the previous design, not harsh on the eyes, not too lazy-fugly-flat, and neat animations…I don’t mind it.

    • Mozaik

      Ok troll

      • The good old numbskull habit of trolling with troll remarks…it never ends.

  • Divyang Mistry

    The side panel obscures half the map when finding a route, so a real annoyance! Removing the side panel gets rid of the route so no use at all. Bring back the previous version of Google maps

  • BigAppleGuy

    google maps apps is poopy now. can’t zoom down to anywhere near street level. can’t zoom in enough to get cross street names. used to be able to go to building view…also it can’t accurately find my location half the time. it always used to … what is going on here?