jawbone up3

Jawbone joined the onslaught of pre-holiday wearable announcements this morning, introducing two new connected devices for tracking movement: the UP3 and the UP Move. The UP3 is a much improved version of the current UP24 band, and the UP Move is an inexpensive, clip-on tracker.

The UP3 is billed as the “world’s most advanced fitness tracker,” and is both smaller and lighter than its predecessor. It’s also sporting a refreshed design, and it contains some cutting edge new sensors that allow it do things like measure your resting heart rate, and identify what you are doing.

up3 hero

The UP3 itself is just 1.5 inches long, and you can strap it to your wrist using a variety of bands. The face doubles as an invisible capacitive display for basic interactions, and is coated with anodized aluminum and stainless steel, making it water-resistant up to 10M—yes, you can take it swimming.

The battery is of the 38mAh lithium-ion polymer variety, which takes about 100 minutes to charge, and Jawbone says that should be enough to last you the week. Other internals include Bluetooth 4.0 BTLE, a tri-axis accelerometer, and sensors for measuring both skin and ambient temperatures.


Then there are the bio-impedance sensors, which make up perhaps the most interesting feature of the UP3. The band can measure respiration, hydration levels and galvanic skin response, giving it an unprecedented amount of information about your body, which it then feeds into its new, smarter software.

Jawbone’s Smart Coach software takes all of this data, and uses it to make you healthier. For instance, if you become dehydrated after playing basketball, the UP3 will remind you to drink more water the next time you play basketball. It will also remind you to sleep more on the days you workout harder.


The UP Move, on the other hand, is a much less sophisticated tracker. Shaped like a tiny puck, it can be clipped on or strapped to a wrist, and it does not offer all of the aforementioned sensors. It does, however, include Smart Coach, and serves as an inexpensive gateway into the Jawbone ecosystem.

The UP3 is priced at $180, and the UP Move at $50, and both are expected to start shipping later this month. They join a plethora of newly-announced wearables, including Microsoft’s Band, the LG G Watch R, Fitbit’s Charge and Surge trackers, and of course the Apple Watch launches next year.

What do you think of Jawbone’s new wearables?

  • Chang in Charge

    ahhhhhh I just got a Up24 I’m definitely going to return it now.

  • Khalid Salim

    i still don’t understand a fitness tracker without visual feedback(screen) we in 2015 guys

    • Chang in Charge

      I actually prefer it. The screen is so unnecessary for me because how many times in an hour do you check your phone. And between my work computer, my personal macbook, my iPhone, plus my TV I really do not want another screen to look at. But I get it I know a few people who prefer the bands/watches with the screen.

      • Agreed! I do understand what Khalid is saying though. I use to feel the same way. But once you get a tracker that doesn’t have a screen you do get use to it. I find it easier actually, because I’m not sitting there looking at the screen all the time. i can do a work out, go to bed… and the next morning sync the data with my phone and look at it in graphs/charts. To me that’s a lot easier to see then looking at a tiny screen on my wrist. Having said that, these new designs look pretty strange. I like the look of the Up24, so I’ll stay with that one until something better comes out. I just picked up a used one for less then 40.00 on ebay a few months ago.

      • Chang in Charge

        nice find!

  • Anonymous

    I’ll be getting the UP3, due to swimming reasons, I’ll still be getting the Apple Watch, but I don’t see my self taking a 300+ dollar tech device in water.

  • George V

    I’ve had the UP24 for a year now and I’ve been waiting for this announcement cant wait for this to come out

  • elrocc

    I’ve been an up user since the initial jawbone UP Device. I upgraded earlier this year to the UP24 since then I’ve had 5, yes “five” replacement bands. I’ll just await the arrival of apple watch!

  • Eikast

    Well this announcement did it for me. Keeping my Pebble Steel and going to replace my UP24 with this down the road. 7 day battery with heart rate, water resistant 10 meters, and more accurate readings. I’ll probably get the third revision of the Apple Watch but until 2017 I’ll be good with this combination.