Pangu Windows

It’s hard to believe, but it’s almost been two weeks since Pangu surprised us all, providing a jailbreak for iOS 8. Since that day, we’ve seen numerous updates and releases to fix bugs and address other lingering issues.

Many of you, though, are still waiting for an OS X version of the iOS 8 jailbreak. From the looks of things, the OS X jailbreak is still a little ways off. Pangu is currently working on a 0.4 release of its Windows tool, which will drop shortly after the 0.3 update was released to fix overheating issues in 32-bit devices.

Quite a few users are reporting crashes with Safari related to playing video, even after the 0.3 update. Pangu says that a fix for it will come soon with the 0.4 release.

Besides Safari issues, some users are reporting problems with rebooting. For those on 0.3 experiencing issues with reboot, the team states that this can be caused by a backup restore. Reboot loops can also be caused by incompatible tweaks, or other issues unrelated to the untether and/or Cydia.

At any rate, it unfortunately appears that the wait for an OS X version of Pangu isn’t in the immediate cards. Pangu has stated in the past that only after the Windows version is stable will they focus their efforts on OS X.

With that in mind, it may be wise to consider using our virtual machine tutorial. In it, we discuss how to jailbreak iOS 8 on OS X using a virtual machine running Windows. It’s free, easy to setup, and relatively painless.

What has been your experience with Pangu 0.3 thus far? Are you finding it to be stable, or are you anticipating the 0.4 release? Sound off down below in the comments.

  • Jad Boukai

    Cool Beans

  • Mark Lopez

    I’m still experiencing high cpu usage on 0.3 im on a iPhone 5 running 8.1

    • kevin

      how you can see that ?

      • Marvin

        Not cpu but launchd

      • mrgerbik

        Show last 24h not 2 days or use top in console

      • Imran Ar

        Which App is this?

      • Marvin

        Settings app

      • Syed

        I fixed it by updating it to the latest pangu untether package from cydia. It’s on version 0.4 now

      • Chris

        You can SSH into your device and run the command top which shows how much CPU and memory a single process is using

      • kevin

        nice thank 🙂

      • Om

        Hi, is this available for the Windows PC?

    • Eli Montoya

      Same here 🙁 it loses like 15-20% in 7 hours of non use :/ imagine how it when I do use it…

      • Capirexz

        Same here!

  • gino hakimi

    Honestly I have not 1 issue with this JB? Idk if it’s just that I read first and follow directions or if it’s because I just got lucky ! But so far so good ! I got my tether tweaks and my

    • Christian Mejía

      Lucky! My iPhone 5s can’t watch a single video, can’t go on iTunes Radio, and can’t kill multiple apps without going into safemode.! And when it goes to safemode then the cpu usage goes up and kills my battery + heats up my phone. I’ve had really bad luck.

    • Valinor

      Yeah same here, my iphone 5 and ipad air work great with the jailbreak. Not a single issue.

    • Mark

      are you having the ifile issue Im having where the app names are just numbers and letters. I have changed under settings to app names but nothing changes. Hard trying to copy movies into cinexplayer like i did with ios 7.

      • Lemerio P.

        From what I hear, he file system has changed slighly for app locations since ios7

  • problem problem

    Cooool, new fix!

  • Marvin

    0.3 is stable …

  • David Hunt

    Had problems with safari since jailbreaking my iPad mini. Doesn’t load pages properly. No problems on 7.1.2. Think I’ll wait a bit before I jailbreak my iPhone 6.

    • Chris

      Safari for me chugged and crashed constantly before I even jailbroke my iPad 4, I saw no change even after the jailbreak.

    • Bruce Ngataierua

      Same here…Safari is buggy…can’t wait for Pangu 0.4

      • Paul Mason-Firth

        Use icleaner to remove junk files from your ipad. Safari works a treat now !

  • Samir


    My phone has been stuck on the Apple logo after I installed the update and hit reboot device. I did a hard reset and it’s still stuck at the Apple logo. Have no idea what to do.

    • Osiala

      Restore in iTunes.

    • Mark

      hold the volume up when booting….it will put in safe mode.

  • John

    So average Joes are safe to jailbreak now?

    • mrgerbik

      What device?

  • Mr.DnQ

    I have 0.3 and luckily no heating or battery draining. (Nocking on wood right know). Please don’t drain after I wrote this… Think it’s because I made a clean backup and started from scratch. Hope you guys aren’t having too much problems. 0.4 is coming like the good guys from IDB wrote. So it all will soon be done…

    • Alberto Espinal

      Mr. D if you did a clean back up and started from scratch, how do you get you contacts, pictures, videos, you know those things that are needy? I would like to do that but I have lots of contacts that are very important to me, Thanks!

      • Pull them in from iCloud or some other online service or install a vcard file manually that contains all of your contacts…

        As for pictures and videos again use iCloud or sync with iTunes…

      • Alberto Espinal

        Thanks Aidan

      • Barcelonian

        There is an app called My Contacts Backup it will take a backup of your contacts as a vCard and then send it to your email as an attachment and make sure that you have received a mail with an attachment of your numbers once you have made sure then restore and then sign in your email on your iPhone and then just go to that mail and then you will see an attachment click on it and it will show you a pop up with all the contacts you have and there will be an option that says save all contacts just click on it and all your contacts will go directly to your contacts app it is that simple. Saving your pictures and videos is an easy task use either Itools or Ifunbox and you can directly just select all your pictures and also camera rolls and drag them or you can also use Icloud to backup your contacts and your pictures without anything else like apps and such.I hope i have helped.

      • Alberto Espinal

        Yes, thanks, I always wanted to do a clean restore and not drag all that garbage from previous back ups

      • Barcelonian

        Yeah sure thing bro.

  • Tim Taylor

    I have 6+ 128gb running the 0.2 unteather. I restored from a backup. But my phone is running fantastic. Worried about upgrading to 0.3.

    • Chris

      If you do update to 0.3 remove all the tweaks you installed, I had a minor issue where a tweak I have installed caused 3 boot loops before jumping out of it, aside from that the update is working perfectly.

  • iPodDroid

    Haven’t had not one issue. Which is great! Now I’m just waiting for tweaks to update!:D On another note, I feel like the people who are hating on Pangu are either just not following the directions to install the jailbreak properly or are just waiting on an Evasion jailbreak, even though they stated that they don’t feel like doing one right now.

  • Christian Mejía

    What about the can’t watch videos or even go on iTunes radio without going into safe mode?

  • Todd Young

    In other words: “This jailbreak is not yet stable, and once it is, we will release a Mac OS X version for everyone”. Folks should read into this, as there are still way too many folks having issues with what is a bug ridden JB, irrespective of what computer platform is used to install it.

    • Completely agree! I appreciate what Pangu has done but to my knowledge I don’t remember the Evad3rs ever shipping a buggy non-cross-platform jailbreak. Heck they’d even make a tool for Linux users leaving no platform left out at all…

      • pegger1

        You don’t have very good memory then. evasi0n7 had like 8 versions. It had plenty of bugs, so don’t fool yourself.
        If you don’t like the way the Pangu team are doing things, don’t install it.

      • SIMON

        ‘ever shipping a buggy non-cross-platform jailbreak’ – Read with understanding.

      • pegger1

        You should read with understanding. It was implied that evaders shipped a non-buggy jailbreak for multiple platforms.
        evasi0n and Pangu were/are both buggy releases, only one was for multiple platforms.

      • SIMON

        I feel that you still do not understand… I mean, that after you install jailbreak by Evad3rs, there was no need to reinstall it many times, in many different ways – just updates, without which iPhone was stable and useful. With Pangu now we have whole lot of fun, many attempts, re-installations, spontaneous reboots, resprings, dozens of new instructions and still no success.

      • pegger1

        I don’t think you understand. With the evasi0n jailbreak there were people who had those issues. And with this Pangu jailbreak there are people who have no issues. I’m one of those, I’m on iPhone 6 jailbroke it one time and I’m having no problems.
        Some people have success, some people don’t. It’s like that with every jailbreak.

      • SIMON

        Ehh… You said him ‘You don’t have very good memory then’. – Maybe he was lucky with the evasi0n jailbreak, like me and his memory is okay.

  • Austin Marten

    Having problems with my 5s when plugged in to charge the phone locks up and requires a hard restart off the charger to be able to use it again.

    • John

      Well, does it charge?

      • Austin Marten

        It charges but is unusable on the charger.

      • SIMON

        I had the same problem [4S]. Too many errors, too little time for the next attempts. I returned to clean iOS and still waiting for stable release by Pangu, Evad3rs, Santa Claus – anyone.

  • Bugs Bunnay

    so who will be this version’s guinea pig? iPhone 6 users preferred.

    • pegger1

      I’m on iPhone 6 and successfully jailbroken with no issues, so I have no reason to do this update. But good luck.

  • Alatoerka

    Can I use my Touchid and password with this jailbreak? I want to jailbreak but this stops me 🙁

    And there peoples who succesfully jailbreaked there iphone without full restore?

    • Yes you can but not immediately (unless things have changed). Disable FindMyiPhone on your device and disable its passcode. Then backup and restore. Now jailbreak and open Cydia and refresh it to check for any updates. Install any updates. Once that’s done you can use a passcode and TouchID…

  • Off topic: Hey iDB, any plans to write about this new MacBook Pro lawsuit (http://zd net/1pgCMFS)? Or you think it’s just a few users that were lapping it wrong?

    • Read about this somewhere else. I might be wrong but the consensus seems to be the fault happened out of warranty so Apple has no obligation to fix it. However lawyers claim the fault directly resulted from something that happened during manufacturing. I think it’ll take a lawsuit to sort it all out not that Apple should worry they have plenty of money to defend themselves and if worst comes to worst they’ll likely only have to repair the machines or offer some money off a new machine…

  • Jorge Castro


  • Alan

    My friends, Hows the Ipad Mini 1 in 8.1? Will I upgrade from 7.12? Please help. Thanks

  • Mark Lopez

    when I run mterminal and use top it tells me springboar and backboardd are the reason my cpu usage goes up is there a way to fix this

  • Saulo Benigno

    The only problem I have it’s taking pictures inside any program, like WhatsApp or Flickr. When I click to take a photo it reboot. I hope it’s fixed later 🙂

  • Ramesh S

    few apps like Google+, skout getting shrunk with iphone 4 size after jailbreaking with pangu 1.1.0.. is anyone facing the same problem ? is there any fix or workaround for it .?

  • J3ff

    My ipad 2 is completely unstable, it keeps respringing randomly and I’ve tried restoring multiple time with no improvement. Many other users have been complaining aswell

    • Al

      Everything was stable on my 6 Plus. Until I updated to 0.3 and Safari kept crashing with each website I loaded. And since I like using Movie apps like Starz & Encore there’s no way of preventing those apps from checking if the device is jailbroken. I used TsProtetor in the past, but it hadn’t been updated.

      I went ahead and restored back to stock, gonna give the jailbreak team enough time to work out the kinks..

    • Tim

      Same here J3ff. My iPhone 4s is completely unstable, it keeps respringing randomly and I’ve tried restoring multiple time with no improvement.

  • Ali Majid

    Believe it or not im having a cpu issue after the 0.3 update
    ios 8.1 iphone 5S
    How can i report this ??


    Am i the only one? I can’t JB my Iphone 5…. At stage 2 the pang program is doing something with dozens of downloads (not one, but maybe 12-13 times I see it “downloading” something) and at stage 4 I get an error message, stating that I have to retry 3 times or reboot and retry. Nothing works……

    • Chris Buck

      Did you put iPhone in airplane mode? I JB my moms last night while visiting and she has iPhone 6 as well and it went so fast on her 128GB phone I thought it really didn’t jailbreak But it did.


        No nothing helps. I even removed iCloud account, put my iophone in flight mode etc etc. nothing. Even tried the new 1.2.0 version today. Samen problem. tried installing on mac using crossover. But then Pangu states there is no itunes installed??

  • Brian Brown

    After having to restore from the latest jailbreak, I’m experiencing Safari issues. Issues as when I type a number of keys the page will freeze, then safari crashes out. I’m thinking I should restore once again or something. But after, if pangu releases anything new then I’ll reconsider on jailbreaking.

  • Wolfer

    Everything perfect for me iPhone 5s, iOS 8.1; jailbreaked since the first Pangu, Cydia installed manually. I had done all updates since they appear into Cydia, or Pangu app. No problem for me. Fallowing alwways every step. And the things I know from years of jailbreaking and working with computers and other techs. Please an advice for those that are having problems!!!! “Please please, check all ur tweaks, and apps and others things that u had installed from Cydia. I think many peaople dont read if they are compatible with te new iOS or ur hardware. Some tweaks are only design for 32-bits, others for old hardware or old iOS. Always read and read before installing something. Not read only in Cydia. Many devs of Cydia I dont know why they never give info abot if it works for new iOS or hardware. There are many places over the internet that offer a vast lot of info of what works with what and what not work and why. Please read before talking trash about the jailbreaks or the devs, or some people of the comunity. We are supossed to be a family aver all!!! The jailbreak comunity and family is suffering today because many people do not understand what has happened in this family. Many are new members that do not know the past. Some are from the past that get angry because they though something was going to work in a way, and the it works in other way they dont like it. Remember software hass many codes, many lines of instructios that comuicate between it, other softwares and the hardware. I study Physics, Phicology and Computers Science and some programing in Java, C++, others using Linux, Mac, Windows, and Sun systems…please read people before installing something!!! Inform yourselves before crossing the river, so u dont get hurt in the middle of it, or drawn!!! Good luck to all and God bless u all!!!! I love IDB one of the best places to get many good info!!!! Great work guys and girls!!!!

    • Walter White

      Finally someone who took time to write it all down.

      1 up

      • Wolfer


    • SIMON

      So sweet. Thank you.

      • Wolfer

        LOL… Why sweet??…and you are welcome

      • SIMON

        Very pretty story. Almost like Jesus. 🙂 No offence. 😉

      • Wolfer


      • SIMON

        Okay. Thanks. 🙂

  • Lito

    Anybody else getting “locationd “drain? I have location services off and all settings inside location off except find my iPhone off

    • Chris Buck

      This may help: install the free DetailedBatteryUsage to see more info in your battery settings.

  • Eni

    I have Battery drainnn, and after the restore, maybe pangu left some files in the backup

    • Chris Buck

      install the free DetailedBatteryUsage to see more info in your battery settings.

      • Lito

        Thx but already have it. Thats how i knew it was running in the background . I turned find ny iPhone off and on and it seemed have to fix that issue

  • Nuno123

    With all this mess I’ll restore my iPad 3 and wait for a final version of the JB, maybe when a Mac version is released. The behavior of Safari is ridiculous, I can’t surf without the pages being constantly reloaded even when I’m using one single tab… For those who aren’t experience any issues I say: lucky bastards!!! (Not intend to be rude or hurt anyone)

    • Walter White

      Did you get a fresh IOS before the jailbreak?

      • Nuno123

        Restored with update from iOS 7 to iOS 8 with iTunes and no backups… Maybe it’s because iOS 8 too, before I restored I used iOS 7 and didn’t have those issues.

      • Walter White

        Well , sucks to be you then. 😀

        My advice : Restore once again your Ipad with Itunes , or wait another few weeks till everything is right. I got no issues at all.

        but skyler is still a bitch

  • TK421

    iPhone 6+ and have had no issues.


    With each subsequent release, Pangu fix one of the many errors. It’s nice! 🙂

  • Daniel Beecham

    if you “HAVE” to JB you i6 or i6+ and you don’t have a pc in your home, go to a Cyber coffee 😛

  • NeftyCorrea

    i find it to be stable on my 5s and 6 work PERFECT FOR MY DEVICES

  • JinzoTrapGod

    if you are stuck in the reboot loop can you hold the down/up volume button during reboot to get you to the safe mode?

    • SIMON

      Only if I run Cydia AFTER restore Backup.

  • Walter White

    I haven’t had any issues at all. Safari works fine , no bootlop , no crazy cpu , no random resprings. I’ve had more issues with the ios 7 jailbreak to be fair.

    (iphone 6)

  • Glenn DolFan Baptista

    I’ll wait a couple more weeks just to make sure all the bugs are fixed

  • James G

    Until less than 50% of the comments on every Pangu thread don’t contain things like “stuck in boot loop” or “crashes” or “had to restore 8 times” I’ll continue to be patient and wait for a stable, OS X release of Pangu.

    That, or if Apple pushes 8.1.1 and it closes the jailbreak hole I’ll rush to jailbreak!

    It’s just not worth all this hassle right now. iPhone 6 on iOS 8 and the only thing I’m really *missing* is Activator.

  • Sandro Michailidis

    Pangu 8.0-8.1.x Untether 0.4 just hitted Cydia !

    • Tyler Smith

      no it didn’t.. lol wait does iPhone 6 not need the update?

      • Sandro Michailidis

        It did , lol .

  • The Zlatan

    More or less can’t use safari or google at all..

  • Kevin Shih

    Pangu just updated to 0.4
    No prob right now on my iPhone 6 plus

  • rokemz

    I have iPad Air 16 gigs wifi And I use the last tool of pango with ios 8.1 with the fix 0.2 of pango not 0.4 the last one so I don’t no if it’s relevant for you.

    But if you restore from back up and you don’t have trouble with the rebooting so it’s fine but if you have so this is the fix for The problem.

    1. Select new iPad.
    2. don’t Restore from you’re backup stay on fresh copy and starts from the beginning..
    3. Insert you’re Apple id and all you’re data will come back with out apps and pictures “Parttical restore”.

    That do the trick for me and now everything is okay.

  • SIMTester

    Update today from Pangu in Cydia to v .4 fixes Safari bug on 4S and all other devices presumably. Make sure you disable your passcode before updating.

  • MO JO Ham

    This is bullshit, Pangu sucks dick! it doesn’t work properly even on iPhone 4 . it says jailbroken after it jailbreaks the phone but Cydia doesn’t open .. even made in china apps SUCKS!!!!