Cydia Jailbreak iOS 8

Now that Pangu has been updated with Cydia Installer support, it’s just a matter of jailbreaking with the Pangu tool, and installing Cydia from the Pangu app. It’s extremely easy, and extremely straightforward.

You’ll still need a Windows machine, or at least a virtual Windows machine, but other than that, it’s as simple as simple gets. Inside, I’m going to show you how to jailbreak your iOS device and install Cydia from start to finish.

Note: I recommend restoring your iPhone to factory defaults before proceeding, as it gives you the best chance of Pangu succeeding. This tutorial requires a Windows machine. Make sure that Find my iPhone and passcode is completely disabled.

Step 1: Download Pangu from our Downloads page and save it to your desktop

Step 2: Make sure iTunes is installed, and that iTunes recognizes your iPhone

Step 3: Right click on Pangu and select Run as Administrator, and click Yes

Step 4: Wait until Pangu recognizes your device, uncheck the box, and click the blue jailbreak button.

Step 5: Wait until Pangu finishes completely (The blue status bar will go all the way to the end)

Step 6: Launch Pangu on your iPhone’s Home screen, and install Cydia using the Cydia Installer link

Step 7: Launch Cydia and let it configure itself and install any requested updates

Congratulations, a jailbroken iPhone with little to no user interaction. Again, extremely simple. What do you think? Have you jailbroken yet? If not, what’s holding you back?

  • Ernie Marin

    So far I’ve been able to use 4 or say 7 essential Cydia tools (at least for me that is), iBlanks (since gridlock pretty much died with iOS 6), Protube, Bridge (does not transfers songs but still plays them over from Protube), CCControls (respring is a little clunky as it could send the phone into safe mode, but a quick respring from safe mode and it’s back up). Now this apps all say they are not compatible with iOS 8 so I’m taking a chance every time but so far no issues from them, the rest are Icono ( I count them as one) family apps, multiicon mover ( can install but has no effect), and springtomize don’t work yet.

  • HamptonWalley

    So, I have done jailbrake too, following this guide. I just dont understand why is an anothe PP艾勒 icon near my Pangu? How could i remow that?

    • Antzboogie

      Did you uncheck the little box in the Pangu program before you pressed the button to Jailbreak? It installs an extra Pirate repo.

      • HamptonWalley

        Yes I did, I even double checked that is unchecked. That is why I’m so suprised. Does hurt anything that crap?

      • Chris Buck

        Just remove the PP app via cydia installed tab, then reboot and poof, gone.

  • Bruce Rahmani

    Did not work for me, iPhone 6-8.1. Stuck on 2/6. Tried tongbu recommendation with no success. After failed attempt all the photos on my phone got deleted.

    • Rowan09

      I had the same issue until i completely signed out of icloud and it worked. It does take time though about 15 minutes for me.

  • Tuan

    I did everything, step by step. But now Im stuck at the apple bootlogo after restoring backup? What to do? Anybody else having this issue?

  • Gordon

    HELP! Everything done as described in the video. JB works fine, BUT iTunes dont work. (iTunes find my iPad but will not finish the “analyze” so I cant choose it). Since iTunes dont work, I cant even restore to factory.. Is there any other way to do a Factory reset and start over???

    • Chris Buck

      What is the image on the phone (apple logo/black screen)? You can hold down the home button While putting in the lightening cable to go into restore mode on phone.

      • Gordon

        Thanks for your reply. Already tried that but it doesnt work. Even from DFU mode the restore starts, but then interrupts with error 3014 (if my memory is right..) iTunes says it cant complete the restore. Nothing is being changed and i’m back where I started…

  • TonyVee73

    I have the JailBreak on an iPhone 5. Here is a list of tweaks that I use that do and do not work on ios 8.1.

    Activator, Color Badges, Coono, Cou, Custom Volume Step, Folder Closer, iCleaner Pro, KeyFault, MessageRenamer7, NoBlur, SameStatus, SoftRemix for iOS 7 (not fully), StatusHUD2, Swipe Selection Pro, ToneEnabler, Winterboard.

    Don’t work:
    Action Menu, Action Menu Plus Pack, AltKeyBoard 2, Batteryinfo for Notification Center, BiteSMS, Browser Chooser, CCToggles, ClassicDock, Forecast, Icon Renamer,MultiIconMover+, NCAgenda, Open In Chrome, PowerBanners, Slide2Kill 7, Springtomize, TinyBar

  • zeekfizz

    my pangu icon is white and won’t open. ran as admin. in airlane mode. fresh restore

    • zeekfizz

      ahh, phone should be locked when youhit the jailbreak tool. lol

  • Nigth Sergelen

    my iphine have to be restored?????

  • Chris Buck

    QuickDo must be from another repo…what is it?

    • Chris Buck

      Also, I have Chroma tweak and Not seeing any changes in tint; system wide for over 4 hours now…working for you?
      iPhone 6 here.

  • Nesly Lacroix

    I am experiencing constant Safari reloads and page crashes on my iPad after the jailbreak. It doesn’t matter how many tabs I have open or the website. To prove that it is related to the jailbreak, I have no reloads in safe mode. As a matter of fact, that’s how l was able to compose this post. Anyone else having the same issues? Do you know of any possible fix? This is really annoying.

  • bushygoodness

    …still stuck on 2/6

    – Fresh restore for iPhone 5s, DL newest version of Pangu, turned off Find My iPhone, passcode disabled and put in airplane mode (also tried without airplane mode)… also DL Tongbu Assistant and cleared the mb to 0… anymore advice?

  • White Michael Jackson

    How do i restore my text messages, this is probably the most important part of my phone? When I restore from backup will they return? And or/ can i only restore the text messages?

    • Chris Buck

      Yes, once you restore from a previous backup, the messages will be back:-)

  • khmi

    I solved my reboot problems!!! Here’s what I did.
    Step 1: Backup WITHOUT passcode or icloud turned on
    Step 2: Clean Install of 8.1
    Step 3: Jailbreak
    Step 4: Restore phone
    Step 5: Turn on icloud…Then restart, see if phone boots back up
    Step 6: Set a passcode and touch ID
    Step 7: Reboot
    If all works enjoy!

    • Chris Buck

      Cool, I may re-post your info to help others that have that problem.

      • khmi

        I posted on the other post already. Did it work for you?

      • Chris Buck

        All good, been jailbroken for I guess 5 days with a stable JB (did it 4 times due to some tweaks bricking phone but they again updated their apps). All happy here on iPhone 6:-)

    • CrissCross

      its not working

  • cenarius

    i jailbroke using pangu, installed cydia, was updating cydia that suddenly it said my storage is nearly full and need to delete apps.i went ahead to settings but settings kept on crashing. i restarted my device and then when i unlocked i could see only newstand and all the other default icons like settings,safari mail everything was gone except the apps installed from the appstore. i tried to search for pangu and cydia icon but none could be found.what should i do?i was trying to jailbreak for the first time.please help!

  • Adrian

    After jailbreaking I am no longer able to move my apps. When I put them in “wiggly”-mode the iPhone restarts and I end up in safemode. What may cause this?

    iPhone 5s
    Cydia verison 1.1.16
    (Sorry for my bad english)

  • Karina Velez

    pangu app is to recognize my cydia…. how to fix this?

  • redjazon

    Can I restore the backup from itunes after jailbreak?

  • Guest

    My dream is to be mentioned in one of this podcasts

  • Timely Manner

    Never jailbreak before. Have nothing on my phone 5. Did “Erase al cntent and settings” before updating to 8.1 so fresh and clean. Where do I start to jailbreak? Thank you.

  • John marcel

    Does this work on iPad

  • John marcel

    Will it work if you don’t reset anything

  • Ermin

    Can I jaibreak my I phone 4s without restoring my phone

  • babsjacy

    please i need help on this because i download english version of pangu but when i restore my iphone 5s through itunes and run as administrator my pangu, its just showing itunes is too old please upgrade itunes version 11.2 of which my itunes is 12.1 please advice

  • Little Randy

    please pangu cant detect mi phone

  • naveen

    hey guys can u help out to install jailbreak in my iphone……………please send me the link to install it

  • Haseeb Aijaz Memon

    Will jailbreak would be reversed after deleting pangu or cydiya from iphone

  • Niee Shan

    but my itunes version is 12.1 what to do??

  • M369 email

    Thought it had been a bit forced and uncomfortable sometimes but thats to be expected in the initial show. Never was a lover of night time speak until I was stuck at my grand-parents or something lol but I will likely stay tuned again because its colbert

  • Lance Dryden

    Does it give you root access still?