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CVS appears to be following Rite Aid’s stupidity, according to MacRumors, and has instructed its individual stores to shut down NFC access on its terminals, rendering Apple Pay unusable during checkout. The problem with this decision is that it not only shuts down Apple Pay, but any other contactless payment technology such as Google Wallet.

These stores have been able to accept contactless payment for who knows how long, but now that Apple Pay has brought needed relevance to the space, companies are beginning to draw lines in the sand…

RIteAid internal memo Apple Pay

You may be wondering to yourself, why are these retailers shuttering Apple Pay at their stores, when they have the technology to process Apple Pay payments? CVS is a part of a retailer group working to bring their own mobile wallet—called CurrentC—to their customers sometime next year.

As for Rite Aid? Its motivations are likely similar in nature. Both companies are probably not fond of the fact that Apple Pay lets customers shop in private and not be tracked. Apple Pay transactions couldn’t be used to track user shopping habits, mine data, etc. It’s also likely that processing using their own product will be cheaper. In the meantime, CVS is attempting to put an end to Apple Pay usage in its stores while it awaits the arrival of said competing product.

Of course, Google Wallet users, who may have been using Google Wallet with no problems prior to this week, are casualties of the war on Apple Pay. Fortunately, there’s always Walgreens, who is a featured Apple Pay partner and the largest drug retailing chain in the United States. I say if you shop at CVS, Rite Aid, or any other outfit that purposely thwarts its ability to process Apple Pay for dumb reasons like this, you permanently take your business elsewhere. They’ll eventually recant their dumb decision if it hits their bottom line.

What do you think?


  • sosarozay300

    walgreens is better anyways

    • Definitely. CVS is straight from the 1980’s. Seriously. Stepping into those stores is like going back in time.

      • Chinch07

        Walgreens isn’t that close. It’s a few towns over from me. I live on Long Island, NY and I am surrounded by RiteAid.

      • Chinch07

        Walgreens is about 3 Miles from me and by no means a direct route.

      • Ali

        It’s a block away from me.

      • You win a prize.

      • Lucus Bendzsa

        Ib et their system will be about as advanced advanced as the 1980s/

      • Liam Mulcahy

        I agree

    • Arthur Larin

      I agree. Where i live, Walgreens is buying out a lot of Rite Aides anyway so it’s becoming more convenient.

  • Jason Dennery

    Oh well. I’ll vote with my dollar elsewhere.

  • EMAGZ1976


  • stulaw01

    Will not shop at CVS or Rite Aid for purposely shutting off NFC that they could in fact take.

    Will drive to the next block to go to Walgreens.

  • Brian Voll

    Just attempt to buy ~$200 worth of stuff with Apple Pay, when they refuse it, just tell them you don’t want any of it and you’ll take your business to Walgreens. If enough people do this, eventually Rite Aid and CVS will get the point. They’re losing both customers and potential sales.

    • Tony411LA

      I completely agree. I will be moving my prescriptions over to Walgreen’s and doing all of my drugstore shopping at Walgreen’s.

    • Matthew Stephen

      Please don’t do this. Don’t be an asshole to the employees that work at the store, they have no control over this. I work at rite aid and if you came in and dropped $200 worth of merchandise on the counter then say, “DONT TAKE MY METHOD OF PAYMENT?! F*** YOU THEN!” and walk out then you’re a piece of crap. Now I have to spend my time cleaning up your mess and corporate never knows any of it even happened. They get mad at me for not getting done what I have to do because I’m cleaning up after douches like you. Just don’t shop there. If they make a change and have fewer customers I promise the people in charge will notice. But please don’t sh*t on those of us on the front line who have no say in the matter.

      • Bugs Bunnay

        tough luck. your boss decided to go to war then a war it is. you’re not enslaved to work there. either put up with it or let someone else handle the 200 dollars worth of go-backs.

      • Matthew Stephen

        Where do you work, so I can come take a big dump on your desk. You’re not enslaved to work there. Clean it up or work around my pile of crap.

      • Bugs Bunnay

        you’re more than welcome to come and take a big ol dump on my desk. i’ll have a dispensable worker come clean it… again tough luck for that worker if you did :/ but u’ll have to find it. no free rides here

      • Matthew Stephen

        Where do you live, I’ll come poop in your house too.

      • Bugs Bunnay

        ok going poopy at my work place i have no problems with, but the minute a subject talking about my property is a totally different story because anyone i don’t know trespassing/invading will have 9mm looking down at them. let’s just stick to taking a poop on my desk ok? lmao

      • Mitchell Flores


      • Enrrique510

        I agree it just is what it is. I understand that completely that it is wrong to do some of this BUT they should not be making our life more pain in the as** by making us unsecure because they want to send us Ads and apple doesn’t?

      • Matthew Stephen

        I never said I agree with their policies. I have an iPhone and would love to use Apple pay. So if it bothers me that much I’ll just shop somewhere else. All I’m saying is don’t crap on the little guy.

      • Bugs Bunnay

        there are always ups and downs in life. a lot of us will have to make do with what we got.

      • You’re just an asshole looking for a reason to justify being an asshole.

      • Bugs Bunnay

        aww thank you. you have a good day too.

      • Brian Voll

        Rite Aid is paying out of their pocket to restock the shelves. Losing you for whatever amount of time it takes to put my $200 worth of candy bars away.

        Say this takes 20 minutes to do. They’re paying that labor for something that would have been prevented if they just left their NFC terminals active for Apple Pay and Google Wallet.

      • Bugs Bunnay

        damn straight!

      • Matthew Stephen

        That’s good in theory, but anyone in retail knows that’s not how it works. They still expect you to put stuff away in addition to do everything else you’re assigned. So if everyone comes in and knocks everything off the shelves the employee has to pick it up and then do everything else they’re supposed to do that day. If you just don’t come in the employees still get their work done and you give the company the message that they’re not getting your business.

      • Jay Phillips

        You finally get the point? It’s an inconvenience to the customer, therefore we make it an inconvenience to you the employee, which becomes an expense to the company. Corporations are like dinosaurs. The only thing they respond to is pain and it takes a long time for them to even notice it. When their bonus checks start decreasing then they’ll do something about it.

      • thirtyeyes

        I don’t get your complaint here unless you are a manager. You get paid by the hour you can only do one thing at a time. If you spend most of your time re-stocking shelves, then maybe corporate will get the message. That being said, I wouldn’t do this because I simply won’t go to a store if I have the choice to go to one that accepts Apple Pay, but if I did accidentally walk into a store that had a near field pin pad and they did not accept Apple Pay, I would walk out unless it was a big emergency purchase.

      • Bugs Bunnay

        oh man i definitely agree here. restocking the shelves was the best part of a job i used to work as a courtesy clerk on. i really took my time while every other coworkers out grabbing carts and mopping up spills. one of the best jobs i had when i was fresh out of high school.

      • Brian Voll

        Same here. I worked as a cashier at a grocery store for a little over a month after I was fed up and quit my shitty, low pay IT job. The one time they asked me to restock the shelves, I made damn sure I was taking my sweet time with that.

      • Joey_Z

        If no customers are even coming in, how can the top manager know for sure the reason of customers not coming in? It could be lack of advertisement, it could be location related, and the list goes on and on…

      • Riley Freeman

        i agree with matthew dont do this, employees have no control and they cant complain to corporate.

        the only way this works is if a lot of people do it and post it online. Videos go viral then there could be some type of impact but it still inconveniences the employees

      • Joey_Z

        You should ignore people who say the F word. But customers are entitled the right to not buy if they found out that their payment method is not accepted. This is a new technology here in the US, and not a lot of people know who take it and who don’t. You can’t expect people to know it naturally. I’m sure people come in to the store to buy stuff not to deliberate mess with the employees.

  • Kroffy

    Business is business… Apple removed Bose products from their stores weeks ago, but nobody called this a “stupidity”, right ?

    Too much fanboism here !

    • Apples and oranges. Apple and Bose are now direct competitors in the headphone space. CVS is not a direct competitor in any way to Apple.

      • Kroffy

        Aren’t they planning to launch their own wallet platform ? So competition there is !

        The only thing that discredit them is the fact that Google Wallet users still can do so

      • “The problem with this decision is that it not only shuts down Apple Pay, but any other contactless payment technology such as Google Wallet.”

      • Kroffy

        Yep sorry. I’m not a native English speaker so I read a phrase in the wrong sense. Still, I don’t see why their move’s not legitimate.

      • Kr00

        Maybe because NFC payments are a world wide standard now in smart phones, credit cards etc, and turning off your NFC scanners and then telling people, “sorry, we don’t have an alternate yet, come back next year”, is a dumb move. Beside their new system uses QR codes, which they can track your buy habits with, to then onsell your information to advertisers. Thats the problem. Get it now?

      • Kroffy

        We’re talking about drugs and prescriptions. If you think they will sell your prescriptions drugs data to advertisers or if it’s possible in your country to do that, then I’m sorry for you and your country.

      • Joey_Z

        I don’t think this article is talking about drugs and prescription only. They sell a lot of other stuff in their store. Sometimes even a name + an address without purchasing pattern will be worth selling.

      • Joey_Z

        see, this is where it gets interesting. Just like Apple removed Bose headphone from its store, Apple can reject any other competitive apps submitted to the App Store. What would CVS do next? Introducing one more item to put in people’s wallet? Aren’t we trying to remove that bulky stuff sticking out in our pockets?

      • Kroffy

        One more item in your wallet ? It will be one more app on your phone, probably yes, but can they own their business their way ? Do they really have to follow VISA, Google or Apple to lead their business ? Why didn’t Apple choose to go with VISA or Google to go with them too ? Because they want their business as members of the Merchant Customer eXchange (companies like CVS and RiteAid) want their business

      • Joey_Z

        They have the right to own their business anyway they want, I’m all for it. They could make one more app, not going to mention their app’s UI judging from past experience, but it probably won’t even be able to get into the App Store. Remember App Store is not a free market, it’s a private property. Apple has the final say of who can release and who cannot. This is where CVS and RiteAid’s system may fail since the vast amount of user base is not in their hands, unless they introduce something that can be generalized, like a card. Sure IOS’s user base is not all of the customers, they can focus on Android users, but see the financial performance of companies who ignored ios users :), not pretty. I don’t have the power to change the way they do business. Just trying to say that to implement their own system they might experience a greater cost than they thought, and probably need to revert back to using Apple Pay at the end. I’ve seen too many examples like this across industries…

      • Andrew Roth

        If they’re part of a new mobile payment system, then they are very much competitors.

      • Kr00

        But it isn’t even a product yet, but they turn off their NFC scanners anyway? Thats just moronic.

    • sosarozay300

      there is a difference between the two, bose signed contracts that banned apple products / beats with the NBL, apple responded to them by getting rid of all their products from their store

      • M_thoroughbred

        First of all I don’t know what the NBL is (I know what you meant just poking a little fun) The NFL fined the player for wearing a different brands of headphones according to the agreement with Bose. That goes for any brand of headphones not just Beats. The NFL also has a partnership with Nike let a player wear the same Jersey but made by reebok or Adidas and see what would happen. So you’re comment is wrong. I mean how official is Bose products if the NFL allows competing products to be advertised?

    • Quang

      Apple & Bose are direct competitors since Apple owns Beats.
      Apple Pay in fact may boost CVS sales, but CVS decided not to support Apple Pay

    • Blip dude

      Actually, I thought that was even F******* stupider than this, competition or not. And why the F*** did CVS (and it seems like Rite Aid too), have to disable NFC just because they are planning to launch their own platform?? They could’ve still left NFC enable while they prepare to launch their own platform.

      • Rowan09

        But they allow Google Wallet to work because it tracks your payments and doesn’t randomize your number like Apple pay right now. CVS and Rite Aid wants to track our happens and that’s why they are mad.

      • Nate McKelvie

        Yes, they just want to track their customers! It’s bullshit

      • George

        Nfc technology randomizes your number, it’s not an apple invention.

      • Rowan09

        Apple didn’t invent tokens but is one of the first to use it for NFC according to multiple articles I’ve read. NFC doesn’t randomize your number it’s actually the software paired with NFC that accomplishes this task. Google Wallet does not use tokens and they are planning to do so some.

    • Jonathan

      You have to ask why they are launching their own payment system? It’s most likely because they can track the customer, which they can’t do with Apple Pay. So if I lived in the US, I wouldn’t switch from these stores because they are refusing Apple Pay, but because of why they are refusing Apple Pay.

      • Nate McKelvie

        Exactly!!! to me it’s more about the fact that they are stopping apple pay because it prevents the store from tracking me, and although many stores track their customers, cvs and rite aid are pretty much saying “if we can’t track you, we don’t want your business!”

      • Kroffy

        Well yeah, we can ask ourselves what do they actually track ? I’m not american, but it’s a pharmacy, right ? Pharmacies keep histories of what you buy to help you having good treatments and avoid conflicts between drugs. Generally, it’s local histories and this platform can maybe (because we don’t know, we all speculate here) help merging all of them.

    • Anonymous

      That may be true, but from Apple perspective there gonna want you to get beats versus bose. Apple is also gonna make more from a beats purchase versus a bose purchase.

  • Quang

    Let see… If they will turn it back on in the future, that means there sales decline after this decision 🙂

  • Jason B

    Seems like a dumb decision on their part. I thought the negotiations were on the credit card side, nothing to do with retailers prices or profits. Why should I put my trust in someone else’s mobile wallet when Apple has tried so hard to explain the security measures taken to make Apple Pay secure. I’m not going to download yet another third party app to use as a wallet. I will shop elsewhere.

    • Rowan09

      I agree why would I need to use a CVS app for NFC and then a Rite Aid app for NFC?

  • Ron Hoppner

    Headline should read “CVS follows Rite Aid’s lead in shutting down Apple Pay. Thousands of customers walk across street to Walgreen’s.”

    • Haha!

    • Andrew Roth

      Seriously every single corner that there’s a Rite Aid there’s a Walgreen’s right across the street. Around here there is, anyways.

  • Mr.Coolfreak

    This will definitely not influence normal people on which stores they shop at

    • I wouldn’t be so sure. More and more what is “normal” is changing. If you would have said this about Google Wallet, I would have agreed. But Apple Pay is mainstream. I know a 90 year old couple that even asked me about it.

      • Mr.Coolfreak

        Idk, I just can’t see people changing stores just because they don’t use Apple Pay, at the end of the day it’s business. Rite Aid and CVS had to know that it would not hurt their business.

      • CtKiDd78

        I agree not everyone has an iPhone let alone the iPhone 6 or the plus. Apple pay is restricted to these handsets and there are still many people out there with last generation iphones which are not going to drive an extra mile just because a certain store doesn’t use a technology that they can even enjoy in the first place.

    • stulaw01

      I wouldn’t be so sure either. People value security of their data now more so than ever with all of the retailer breaches. Apple Pay ensures a secure transaction using a token where no retailer gets any piece of your card number, expiration, CCV, address, etc.

      There are dozens and dozens of comments already in mere hours of people refusing to go to these stores now.

  • Blip dude

    What sucks in my shoes about this is: Rite Aid is the closest drug store to me, and a CVS is conveniently located next to a train station as alternative to that piece of s*** Rite Aid. Oh well, I guess I can backtrack a mile to the Walgreens off campus whenever I need to before returning home when necessary. Seems like healthier alternative too.

  • SukmaHole

    Screw the bastards. They want to die a slow an agonizing death – they’re well on their way now…

  • Zzyzxd

    For now I cannot say ApplePay is the future of mobile wallet. But I am definitely not going to trust CurrentC and won’t give them my checking account. And seriously, scan QR code to pay?

    • Joey_Z

      exactly. QR code is only secure because we think its secure since human eyes cannot process them. But in front of cameras, they are plain text to computers as normal alphabets to humans. I’ve seen Ads posted on the street with QR code, and if you look closely, there’s a sticker printed with a QR code place on top of the QR code of the original ad… try scanning that…

  • Gucciipad

    It’s ok my pharmacy is neither at rite aid

  • Bugs Bunnay

    smart move cvs. they just lost a customer. go walgreens. I don’t mind driving an extra mile when cvs is just one block away from my house

  • Their loss.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been going to Walgreen since Passbook was release in the 4s, but now I’ll have no other option, due to dropping the wallet in favor for Apple pay

  • n0ahcruz3

    Just because a store wont support apple pay u wont go there? Lmfao

    • toni pepperoni

      they want to track your info which is why they wont support apple pay

      • n0ahcruz3

        Uhm i got my cash..

  • WaterTrooper

    Apple should put the pressure on companies that do this bull.

    • gittlopctbi

      I disagree with that. No company should pressure any company for anything. Consumer demand is what should pressure a company.

      • WaterTrooper

        Companies bully each other all the time. These companies are hurting consumers…

  • Blake

    Who cares…screw them. I’d rather go to walgreens anyway so no sweat off my back!

  • John Wickham

    Wow, this really surprises me. I was just at RiteAid last night and used Apple Pay… It seems like standalone pharmacies shouldn’t even be a thing anymore

  • JulianZH

    thank god walgreens support it haha

  • Enrrique510

    So they should just put no Apple products in store. They should stop selling Apple knockoff and apple products from their store too. Maybe they can come up with a better phone ? No? Then Walgreens it is. And that goes for any other company that doesn’t allow it, if they purposely remove it then I guess I must go with my wallet, Apple wallet.

  • I for one am not going to download 100 different payment apps so every store can have their own. I will just shop at the store in each market segment that accepts the native, secure, non tracking payment app of the platform I’m using. If they want to have a rewards card or something that gives better pricing or coupons based on purchase tracking, I will decide if I want to use that or not.

  • Yujin

    Duane reade also works and they don’t mark up goods 30% like cvs or rite aid

  • Bump Morehouse

    Makes it an easy decision for me. I wont go to any store that makes things inconvenient for me. Walgreen’s wins! F CVS and Rite Aid!

  • Alejandro Maximo Marez

    CVS is gonna bite off more than they bargained for. CVS mobile wallet app? Smh ಠ_ಠ

  • trumpet444

    Verizon tried similar crap years ago by trying to shut down Google Wallet functionality in android phones they carried because they were working on/with a competing NFC payment system called ISIS Wallet (now called Softcard… for obvious reasons)

  • Steven Honey

    Are credit cards not anonymous. Cash is definitely anonymous. So, what all if anything does the store get from the customer? Information wise. Addresses? Email? Phone number?

  • Dante Arellano

    they are bizarre and they are stupid cux i won’t change to androide for pay but that i can do its just and only buy in walgreens i guess samesung and androide are the devil in this game i hop they died like beta max.hdvd,ect.ect

  • Well if their motive is to lose customers; they just lost one

  • Milad

    I won’t shop at neither stores and choose Walgreen…..

  • Chris Gaunt

    In other news “Apple denies CurrentC app to App Store”. I can see it now.

    Plus, I thought i read somewhere that the NFC chip in the iPhone’s were only for Apple Pay? If so places like CVS are limited to the take or leave approach right since their app wouldn’t be allowed access to use the NFC chip? Or am I wrong?

  • George

    I don’t really care, Apple doesn’t rule the world.

  • Marlena Millare

    I will always support Apple pay. I did not spend $700 on n iphone 6 plus with NFC to be told i need to give up my privacy and my checking account info to stupid retailers like rite aid and cvs. WALGREENS HERE I COME!

  • gittlopctbi

    Oh, come on, Jeff, calling this “dumb” is just dumb. It is a business decision. Maybe they will change their minds later and implement Apple Pay. Why don’t you do some research and give more of the background story? Like other corps are also not going with Apple Pay like Walmart, Best Buy, Target, Sears, etc.? They have been investing with CurrentC (MCX) since 2011. So what’s this all about? It isn’t about thumbing their noses at Apple, it is about thumbing their noses at Visa, who all merchants absolutely hate their charges per transaction.

    “Former Walmart CEO Lee Scott is reported to have said, ‘I don’t know that MCX will succeed, and I don’t care. As long as Visa suffers.'” tinyurl(dot)com/nlspmbo

    CurrentC will work on any smartphone platform and that’s another appeal to them. Who knows, perhaps down the road they will see Apple Pay’s security superiority over QR codes. And then maybe the demand for NFC systems will increase. Right now I don’t believe that many use NFC for transactions. And MCX from their point of view doesn’t require investment of new equipment as MCX uses existing equipment.

    Yeah, you and I and most everyone here are happy iPhone users and would wish that CVS and Rite Aid would have gone Apple Pay, but from a business stand point for them, it is not dumb.


    But didn’t cvs stop selling tobacco products.

  • JS3

    i shop with cash anyways…

  • newpath1

    Hey Jeff you will never guess that Best Buy is doing this exact same thing. I went in to buy a Smart Cover for my Air 2 and after successfully completing my fingerprint scan on my iPhone 6, the card station states that it’s not accepting contactless payments and informs me to present my card to the cashier. Even the cashier was astounded to see this message. It appears as though Best Buy is not even notifying it’s employees of this change, for he was actually excited to see Apple Pay work for the first time, he stated I was the first customer he’d seen attempting to pay with it.