Cydia iOS 8

Good news, fellow jailbreakers. Saurik has just pushed an update to Cydia Substrate to lend it iOS 8 compatibility. This means that tweaks that rely on Cydia Substrate to run (most of them should) can now be updated to work with iOS 8 as well.

Cydia Substrate has always been a big part of the puzzle that needed to be there for this iOS 8 jailbreak to really gain steam as far as jailbreak apps and tweaks are concerned. If you’re already jailbroken and have Cydia installed, then Cydia Substrate 0.9.5013 should appear as an update in Cydia.

If you’ve yet to jailbreak, be sure to follow our two jailbreak tutorials. The first tutorial shows you how to jailbreak iOS 8.1 with Pangu 1.0.1:

The second tutorial shows you how to install Cydia on iOS 8.1, since Cydia is not yet prepackaged with the Pangu jailbreak:

Once you do those things, launch Cydia, and you can search for Cydia Substrate and install it. Of course, a lot of cleanup still needs to be done, but the ball is now in the hands of tweak and app developers to get started on updating their products.

This jailbreak is progressing fairly fast, don’t you think? What are your thoughts on the entire status of the iOS 8 jailbreak thus far?

  • iceblitz4

    Cydia just keeps on refreshing not loading anything

  • Manuel Molina

    While this is great news, I think I’ll still wait for a jailbreak that has Cydia as a direct install. Messing around with Cyberduck and SSH seems a bit much, but I appreciate the fact that we can jailbreak again (so soon I may add).

  • Guest

    Is there a google doc on ios 8(.1) compatible tweaks yet?

  • Alex

    There is an issue I think is worth pointing out after jailbreaking… Im not able to send picture messages over SMS or iMessage. I was able to replicate this issue on iPhone 6, 5, and 5c

    • Yep that’s one of the issues currently with this break. Another one is don’t enable simply passcode and find my phone, you’ll be stuck in a bootloop.

      • wait so when do you need to respring manually bro?

    • Tgod1991

      You can’t send pictures from recents, click photo library and select from there, that’s what I have to do

  • Sandro Michailidis

    How did you manage to get Winterboard working with Ayeris buddy ? ( In the video from cydia substrate mode )

  • Eli Montoya

    He was bound to update it soon. It’s where 50% of his ad revenue come from.

  • Jay Jay

    I installed the substrate now my Iphone is stuck at apple logo and I tried holdin the upper volume button but it’s not booting lol (I forgot to respring o_0)

  • @kamelyo

    plz.. Will not let me open the “Send Command” ??

  • Alberto Espinal

    Is Pangu gonna release a one push of a button jailbreak with Cydia bundled up? Or should I go for this one?

    • Tgod1991

      This was a developer release not public. Continue to wait if you’re not comfortable doing this manually. It works great so far but does need work. And nearly every tweak needs updating but still nice to know my phone is jailbroken a month after iOS 8 and iPhone 6 release 🙂

      • Alberto Espinal

        Ok, thanks:)

  • Chadwick

    Hey guys, when I download open SSH on my ipod tough 5g, it fails. I have tried multiple times, but nothing seems to work :/

  • Deepak Panta

    Hi, does anyone know there is boot loop while rebooting device if passcode / Touchid enabled??? iphone 6 ios 8.1
    Is there a fix for this??

    • babelhoo

      Can someone confirm if touchID works (after installing both the JB and Cydia).

  • Richard

    Can someone tell me it’s safe to
    Update Cydia Substrate even tho I’m on 7.0.6? I’m always cautious with updating anything on cydia…

  • Jonathan Goldminz

    where do I download the Cydia Substrate?

  • bigbird

    will pangu release a full version that includes cydia in it. cuz I’ve tried this method many times and don’t seem to get cydia on my iPhone 6. or will this be the only way to be jailbroken ?

  • Blip dude

    Was definitely excited at first but will wait instead. A bit too busy to be dealing with bugs and incompatable tweaks, essentially seeing no convenient reason to Jailbreak at the time. Plus I did an OTA instead of a full restore on both my devices and that is (at this time), much more convenient than a Jailbreak that is targeted to developers than the general public.

    That being said, I am finally glad a Jailbreak is out and am extremely glad that by the time I am ready to jailbreak there will be some tweaks I use already comparable and that by the time I get my iPad Air 2 in time for X-mas, will also be jailbreakable out of the box.

  • @joshbauer303

    Pangu installed, Cyberduck installed, Cydia packages transfered over, but I can’t send a command in Cyberduck to install/run them? Any ideas or settings that I’m missing?

  • mohamad

    Hey guys for those that the command button won’t send until this step do all what Jeff says. But now install putty and again will ask about ip put ur IP address then type root then alpine and now just copy the command from Jeff’s wall and enter wait the command and then reboot and enter. Voila cydia now ready to use. Keep in mind before putty Coppy the 2 files as Jeff says after that go to putty Ty. Did work perfect for me

  • Shaban Zenelaj

    Anyone know how to respring, is there any tweak, cause when i need to reboot after booting respring is needed 🙁

  • P. Smove

    So I just learned that putting a passcode puts you in a boot loop now I’m stuck anyone know how to fix it. ITunes isn’t reading my phone in recovery or dfu

    • P. Smove

      Nevermind the mobile device service wasn’t running

  • did not show me update on cydia.. Any reason

  • Steve Collins


    Go back to winscp, putty, cyberduck or what have you and head over to the command terminal.

    enter this command exactly as follows WITHOUT the qoutes.

    “su mobile -c uicache”

    run the command and it should say “/private/var/root$ su mobile -c
    uicache cannot open cache file, incorrect user?” but FEAR NOT! Type
    reboot into the terminal, hit enter and once your phone boots you will
    have cydia! vote up for success!

  • Jahangir

    ios 8 সতি এটা কাজ করছে

  • Valle641

    After updating the “Pangu ios8-8-1 jailbreak” in cydia and restarting, my iPhone 6 Plus seems like it’s failing to boot. can I fix this without restoring? quick responds thank you.

    • Ryan Rebar

      Hold the volume up button while rebooting

  • Chris McDonnell

    Where do i find the link for the cydia download and the command to paste

  • Alex Spady

    I was stupid enough to leave my password on when updating substrate. Does anyone have any idea of what to do?

  • lavecchiasignora

    whats the command? cant find the command????