iOS 8 logo (mockup 001)

Apple at today’s media event at its Town Hall campus in Cupertino, California announced that iOS 8.1 will be available this Monday, October 20, with Apple Pay and a number of improvements based on user feedback.

As per usual, the firmware upgrade will be available as a free download for compatible iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices.

These include bringing back the Camera Roll album that went missing in iOS 8 and other enhancements that Apple executives did not have the time to list during the presentation.

As many people have complained, iOS 8 has removed the system-wide Camera Roll album which contains only the photos taken directly on your device, causing problems with third-party applications that expect it.

Of course, iOS 8 did not delete your photos due to the lack of the Camera Roll. All your on-device photos are still safe and sound and didn’t go anywhere after upgrading to iOS 8 — they’re simply spread out in different locations, such as Collections and Moments, the Recently Added and Recently Deleted albums.

iOS 8 Photos App

Apple also did not specify whether or not iOS 8.1 removes the ability to track blood sugar levels in the Health app after people in the United Kingdom and Australia started reporting that they couldn’t use measurements that are standard in their countries.

But don’t you worry, iDownloadBlog will publish the full iOS 8.1 changelog as soon as the software update hits Apple’s servers.

  • Merman123

    I guess I can wait…

  • Ваше Онтатиле Масвибилили

    COOL!!! the only downgrade apple will give you

  • Matheus Lisboa

    Monday is too far away

  • Chocolope Jailbreakush

    soo..where is that iOS 8.1 GM? still running beta 2.

    • andy

      They don’t release GM. GM whens a new software is coming out for say example iphone 7, 8 and etc. Whereas ios 8.1 beta 2 isnt big, its just bug fixes and all.

      • Chocolope Jailbreakush

        Ah ic. Thanks for the info.

  • nonchalont

    Does that mean a JB will be coming soon?! 😀 ….No? :-/ ….okay, just thought I’d ask. 🙁

    • jack

      jb is dead

      • Dani Hayes

        No it’s not.

      • rain111

        you’re an idiot for thinking that.

      • Utrarunner5

        Ad Homonym fallacy

      • Paymon John Vafa

        Ad homonym is attacking the idea b/c you’re attacking the person.

        thus its not ad homonym 😉

      • cody2224

        Ad hominem.

      • archer14

        You’re jus a homo yo

      • Tommmy

        There are at least 10 more idiots that think that way.

      • rockdude094

        You’re dead ! The jb is always alive in our hearts

      • chris

        When JB will be dead so will be Apple.

        Stock IOS is boring!!! JB is so much fun. Some themes are real artwork

  • Blaqheart

    Hope it cures the LTE down to 4G down to E network issues I’ve been experiencing with T-Mo on my 6 Plus for Christ’s sake…..

    • Alberto Espinal

      I have never experience that and I’m on T-Mobile as well

    • John Wolf

      Christ didn’t develop the software BTW

    • Byron C Mayes

      I have this on my T-Mo BYOD iPad 2. I’ve been assuming it was just T-Mobile’s lousy service.

  • nyangejr

    But I hate Monday’s

  • iTzFate – iOS

    IM not going to update any time soon because of my favorite emulators are all using the date trick method and ios 8.1 kills that.

    • iBright

      What emulators do you use? Need some nice emulators and interesting games

  • Alberto Espinal

    I wish they would have said “And now you can theme the icons on 8.1”

    • Mons Helander

      I love flat design …When other developers make it. But sadly Apple’s (or Ive’s) flat system icon makes me sooo sad.

      What is that?

      The icons reminds me of of a cold and rainy day in East Germany years before the fall of the Iron Curtain. Years before windows 1.0 was released.

      Please Apple improve the system icons or return to the old iOS 6 icons. There are so many cool flat alternatives on Dribbble an Behance go there for inspiration.

      The icons are the no 1 reason why I’m not as in Love with My iPhone any more. Cos They are the first thing I see when I start using my phone in the morning and the last thing I see in the night.

      And they are painful to watch…

      • Ben Gareffa

        Wow, that was dramatic.

  • Alberto Espinal

    Men with this Swype keyboard I feel like typing more and more compare to the traditional way to type, just felt like saying this and I know I’m off topic!

  • justme

    iOS8.1 Beta 2 run like a charm! and the battery life is awesome!

    • ali_plus

      Which phone. I know I am not upgrading my 4s unless it runs very smooth.

      • justme

        iPhone 5

      • Guest

        and today… 😉 just awesome

      • justme

        and today…. just awesome!

    • Tommmy

      Battery life improvement is great! I got iPhone 5 too, so thanks for the great news.

  • Sandro Michailidis

    Let the jailbreak making process begin !

    • Diego Milano

      Even with a jailbreak, it takes developers months to update their tweaks, especially A3tweaks which takes a year or more (yes, even for paid tweaks- well, theirs mostly are anyway…).
      So yeah, don’t hold your breath on it. Stay on iOS7 if you want to keep your jailbreak for a very long time.

      • ParkInReverse

        It took months to update their tweaks to iOS 7 cause of the huge change and complete design revamp.

      • Diego Milano

        We know that’s a valid point but some developers are known to take forever to update their tweaks. I’m staying on iOS 7 for the time being as I waited a while to get some of the ones I love most -such as Apex- and unless forced to upgrade due to an imminent jailbreak exploit fix coming from Apple, I truly don’t see much reason for an upgrade yet. 🙂

  • rockdude094

    Still waiting for a jailbreak 😀

    • Ian Leon

      don’t hold your breath

      • rockdude094

        No need I’m jailbroken

      • Ian Leon

        i meant for 8.1

  • Nathan

    I heard this also enables continuity.

  • Faris

    is there any deferent between this iOS 8.1 and the iOS 8.1 for developer ?

    • Chocolope Jailbreakush

      I’m pretty sure the developers isn’t fully running yet I’m on iOS 8.1 beta 2 and the only thing that seems to be not working is the ApplePay.

  • chris

    Apple is dead like steve Jobs.

    I am very dissapointed with Apple

  • I was able to install hue lights widget, and Airmusic to listen to Apple TVv via headphones…..almost wondering if I still need a jailbreak

  • hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Sandeep Roy

    meanwhile, in emerging markets we hope, re-introduction of 2G/3G/LTE switches is adopted universally by Carriers – i.e. users get options to toggle 🙂

  • Razick Rilshad

    Waiting for Monday 8.0.2 is socks I hope 8.1 fix all issues

  • Jonathan Singpradith

    8.1 also removes the date and time trick to try to run emulators on iOS. Once update to iOS 8.1 the ability to play emulators are gone. Don’t believe me, look it up.

    • andy

      Indeed right, listen to him, im a witness here!!!.

  • frank

    I wish that i never updated from ios 7 to ios 8. lag and battery problems

  • Exstinction

    pray they fix the sluggish wifi…..Im getting frustrated

  • I guess I can wait.

  • come on