Reddit has acquired Alien Blue, the once unofficial Reddit app for iOS that is well, now official. If you’re a Reddit user, you’ve more than likely used Alien Blue on your iPhone or iPad to navigate the community website. It’s fantastic and this acquisition totally makes sense. 

Specific details of the acquisition haven’t been shared, however TechCrunch reports Alien Blue’s assets and sole developer will be joining the Reddit team. The Alien Blue app was updated on the App Store on Wednesday, with an updated icon and word that it’s the “reddit official client”.

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 8.02.17 PM

Alien Blue has been the go-to app for many Reddit users. It allows users to browse all of Reddit, including pictures, original stories, and news, view images and video seamlessly with touch-to-preview, upvote the best content to help it rise to the top, subscribe and participate in subreddit communities, and more. Along with news of the acquisition, the Alien Blue app was updated with a slew of bug fixes on Wednesday.

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  • Don’t throw any rocks at me but, in my opinion, there are zero worthy Reddit apps out there. Including this one.

    • RarestName

      ReddET and narwhal for me.

      • Jeroen Claassens

        I can resist to say..

    • sosarozay300

      this app is pretty awesome, what are your reasons for not liking it

      • I can’t pinpoint it. It just doesn’t keep me glued into Reddit like the web version does. It’s a little clunky and hard to navigate.

      • Chris Tangler

        id be willing to bet you are in the minority…reddit is terrible in the web version…IMO

      • Kamran Mackey

        Eww, the web version of Reddit is absolutely disgusting. Would be nice if the reddit team actually updated the design once in a while.

    • Chris Zhu

      I agree. I’ve been using Aliens, Alien Blue, and right now I’ve settled on bacon reader :3

    • George Ohnemus

      *throws boulders at Justin Marshall*

    • anon

      narwhal is the best

    • onesimpleclik

      BaconReader for Android is an amazing Reddit app. Probably the best.

      • Berry__Suuuuuuucks

        Agreed. Bacon Reader IS the best.

    • Damian

      iAlien is amazing. For this one I can throw rocks at very easily.

  • jack

    this app cant even save an imgur album or individual photos from an album

  • Andy

    If you download the iPhone version, you can upgrade to Pro for free for a limited time.

  • Eikast

    Shows not avaliable in the US.

    • Christopher Robin Hernandez

      Same for me here

  • Marcus

    I love Alien Blue. It’s by far the best Reddit client for iOS. However, nothing can ever beat the web version. It might be nice if it gets a small makeover that sort of fixes the gap between the web version and iOS version.

  • amrc is the best reddit app!

  • leart

    It’s nice to see that itunes tells me that i should update my ipod 4g to ios 7 to be able to download the app i payed for, when my ipod was on the latest ios just one year ago.
    Wtf this is stealing

    • SebestyenSzabo

      It’s not the same app. The one that existed on the store for years has been replaced with a new one, with a new icon. Same app, just re-submitted. So you don’t technically own that one.

      • leart

        not true since i CAN install the new one in my ios 7 device without paying twice

        but thats fine, just let me to download the one i paid for in my old device and the beauty is that itunes automatically delete the old app when a new one is present so i even dont have anymore the old ipa

      • Chris Tangler

        check your trash on your computer… IPA should be there, unless you already emptied your trash

      • leart

        yeah your right in the very first time usually the app is there, i was able to get the old ipa through another device in home.
        something is going bad with older devices, now i cant install all the old ipa i have stored in my pc

      • leart

        Just updated normally in my ios 7 device but itune deleted the old ipa, and when I restored my old ipod this app was missing.
        hehe this is so unfair , i rreally hate apple for this

      • RarestName

        You can redownload the old app from the Purchased section of the App Store app.

      • leart

        ops i dont have with me that device since is without apps, i try it at home, but i guess appstore app is ios 7 only or not, dont remember this?

      • leart

        most probably i will get the ipa from my brothers ipod, he never bother to restore it and the app is purchased from my apple id so im able to use that ipa

      • leart

        thank you buddy, yes it worked from purchased history 🙂

  • Noah

    “If you can’t beat them, join them.” – Reddit said they were working on an actual official application. It looks like they were too scared that their app was going to be second-favourite.

    • SebestyenSzabo

      Their official app was made years ago, but was abandoned, also years ago. They just realized its easier to see which app is best and hire the dev.

  • Matt

    About time. Alien Blue is the best Reddit app on the App Store. I use it every day.