Addicts rejoice: Reddit has acquired iOS app Alien Blue


Reddit has acquired Alien Blue, the once unofficial Reddit app for iOS that is well, now official. If you’re a Reddit user, you’ve more than likely used Alien Blue on your iPhone or iPad to navigate the community website. It’s fantastic and this acquisition totally makes sense. 

Specific details of the acquisition haven’t been shared, however TechCrunch reports Alien Blue’s assets and sole developer will be joining the Reddit team. The Alien Blue app was updated on the App Store on Wednesday, with an updated icon and word that it’s the “reddit official client”.

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 8.02.17 PM

Alien Blue has been the go-to app for many Reddit users. It allows users to browse all of Reddit, including pictures, original stories, and news, view images and video seamlessly with touch-to-preview, upvote the best content to help it rise to the top, subscribe and participate in subreddit communities, and more. Along with news of the acquisition, the Alien Blue app was updated with a slew of bug fixes on Wednesday.

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