Retina HD @3x iPad Assets

The possibility that the iPad Air 2 could get a higher resolution Retina HD screen just got a little more likely. Developer Hamza Sood, who’s no stranger to unearthing hidden goodies within Apple’s code, revealed some new iPad @3x assets after doing some digging around iOS 8.1. This means that Apple is at least considering a higher resolution “Retina HD” screen for the new iPads.

The assets that Sood uncovered have to do with the Clock app’s interface, including the clock’s face, hands, and center. As you can see from the screen capture above, there are normal “1x” assets along with the @2x assets necessary for Retina Displays. However, what you should focus your attention on are the new @3x assets, which are indicative of a higher resolution screen somewhere in the pipeline.

Apple’s recently released iPhone 6 Plus features a higher resolution Retina HD screen, and as such, requires @3x assets to take advantage of the extra resolution. While it’s no guarantee that the new iPads will feature higher resolution screens (Apple has included higher resolution assets in its code without releasing the hardware to take advantage of them in the past), it definitely puts a Retina HD iPad Air 2 on the list of possibilities.

Display Resolution @3x iPad HD

Considering that the iPhone 6 Plus features a higher resolution screen (the iPhone 6 has a “Retina HD” screen as well, but it doesn’t use @3x assets), it only seems logical that Apple would bump up the resolution in its flagship tablet offering, making for a more compelling upgrade reason.

What do you think? Do you think 2014 is the year that we see an iPad with a Retina HD screen? Sound off in the comments below.

  • iBanks

    Whatever it has, I’ll own one.

    • Fanboy 

      What if it’s just a potato with an Apple logo on the back, will you still buy it? 🙂 i know i would.

      • iBanks


      • Brian May

        Flashbacks of Will Ferrell as Harry Caray!!

  • XZavier

    Hey iDownloadBlog did you guys notice that the zoom is now different? I don’t know if it was changed in iOS 8 or not, but it now has a ton of features, and a has a new ui thing, and can even zoom in on one area only while rest of screen is normal, and even filter it!

  • Matt

    Higher res iPad?!
    I think I might get over the “no mute switch”

  • GuyWithTheThings

    My iPad wish list:

    2-3 GB RAM
    Touch ID
    Thinner and Lighter
    Retina HD or whatever

    That’s about it

    • I’d say there’s an 85% chance of you getting all of your wishes.

      • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

        Everything but the ram upgrade. You don’t need 3 gigs of ram, but what iPads could use (especially for higher resolution) is a bigger battery.

    • Matt Taylor

      Same as mine :-p

    • jack

      I want innovation not just a number bump

    • ClaudieX X

      And the new ipad mini having the same specs… like today generation.

  • ins0mniac1

    Unless I’m a mistaken a 3x iPad Retina HD screen would be a whopping 3072×2304 resolution!

    Put 4GB of ram in it, to really utilise that A8X 64 bit processor, and then we can multi-task our hearts out (and stop complaining about ram for a few years 🙂 )

    • Andrew

      Lol what. iOS sure doesn’t need more than 2GBs of RAM. High spec phones are overrated.

      • ins0mniac1

        I was deliberately exaggerating that’s why I said we’ll stop complaining about ram for a few years :).

        However the new Air does need at least 2GB of ram (unless you like your Safari tabs being refreshed every time you multi-task or change tabs). Not to mention if it has a 3072×2304 screen it will definitely need more RAM to push all those pixels. Finally its rumoured that split-screen multitasking is coming to iOS. If true it will need at least 2GB of ram to run two apps simultaneously.

        I would actually prefer 3GB of ram, but I’d say 2GB is a given.

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    The only way I’ll buy a new iPad is….

    Ram 2-3
    True multi tasking – using two or more apps at once.
    Make more use of the big screen – So much screen and most apps have things tucked in corners and the home screen is wasted.

    Bottom is I have an iPhone most of us do. For the iPad, enhance iOS experience make it more than just a bigger iPhone.

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    I feel Apple keeps the iPhones and iPads limited to 1gb of ram. Simply because, these devices are truly mobile computers. If the iPad for example has 3gb of ram, what will the reason to buy any Mac Book or even iMac in the future.

    • GuyWithTheThings

      I never thought of it that way. I like the way you think. But then again, they didn’t see the reason for a bigger screen on a phone. People complained enough, so they did it. It’s still possible, though you really don’t see people complain about the 1GB of RAM in the current models.

      • GuyBey0ndC00L

        Apple does listen to the demand of the market shifts. At the same time there very careful about hurting there other products. iPhone 6 Plus more or less makes the iPad Mini useless. If the new iPads gets some great (2-3ram) hardware and more important software enhancements making it more than a bigger iPhone it will still sale millions. Most people don’t update there iPads every year, not even 2 years.

  • Warmachine69

    I thought the iPad Air had more than 264 ppi :-/

  • n0ahcruz3

    I so dislike iPads.. And i dont know why? Lol

  • ClaudieX X

    Why iPhone 6 is retina HD? It has the same ppi than the iPhone 4.. So it’s retina… Not retina hd…

    • Daniel Beecham

      just the 6 PLUS IS HD RETINA!!!

      • ClaudieX X

        I know!! but look at the list… its says iPhone 6 – Retina HD

  • thomas

    a retina HD iPad mini with touch id sounds fantastic

  • Logan Deiner

    IOS 8.1 is just the gift that keeps on giving isn’t it.

  • Jason

    Just perfect. Btw this is slightly tongue in cheek but there is a valid point somewhere.

    Unless they up the clock speed or make it an A8X with a beefed up GPU we’re gonna end up with another graphically underpowered machine, waiting for an A9 and ‘double the gpu power’.

    What is it with this rush to incorprate ever hires displays without allowing GPU power PER WATT to catch up first?

    I have an iPad Air and an iPhone six plus, and yes the six plus is marginally sharper and also marginally sharper than the six, but not worth any loss in gpu power.

    And I still use my non-retina MacBook Pro and my non retina 1080p monitor and my eyesight is still intact LOL!

  • Seen as the ‘Surface Pro 3’ is pretty powerful, Apple has to bring out a tablet that runs OS X Yosemite. The iPad is not a true tablet PC until it gets rid of iOS (A mobile Operating System)