The Internet giant Google has at last gotten around to updating the native Gmail application for iOS with native display support for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

As a result, owners of these new devices can finally enjoy crisp typography and user interface while taking full advantage of the bigger canvas to see more of their emails and inbox without scrolling.

Now available in the App Store free of charge, the new Gmail version 3.1415926 only lists native support for the new iPhone display sizes.

If you use Gmail on your desktop, you’ll be delighted to learn that Gmail a week ago gained the ability to view images within your message full-screen.

“Similar to attachments, you can now click on large images within a message to see them full-screen in Gmail on the web,” wrote the team in a post over at Google+.

Gmail (inline images, web screenshot 001)

You can also click the Google Drive button to save the images directly to Drive or the arrow button to download them to your computer. Speaking of Google Drive, Gmail for iOS gained support for Google’s cloud-based storage back in July.

As a reminder, Apple currently maintains a running list of major “Apps & Games for iPhone 6” so give it a quick look to see if your favorite software has gained support for the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus display sizes.

[App Store]

  • John


  • Fede777

    I need sharesheet

  • Rafael Damasceno

    Am I the only one who noticed the version number is actually Pi?

    • Andy

      I don’t know how this Christian guy didn’t notice the version number when posting this. Either he doesn’t re-read anything he writes about or he just copy and pastes the details without any care.

      • I know if I were the author of this post I wouldn’t care about something as insignificant as a version number. If anything my only observation would be how stupid it is of Google to number their apps how they are…

      • Andy

        Fair enough, but even when I update my apps I have a glance at the version number. The only reason I noticed Gmail’s in particular is the ridiculously long number this time (3.1415926) compared to other Google apps like Google Drive at 3.2.2.

      • If you’re updating your apps you’re doing it wrong

    • Since the July update the version changed from 3.14159 to 3.141592 and finally 3.1415926 and I’m sure idb noticed that before.

  • Matt Holbrook

    Great… Now we just need Mailbox.

  • Straw hat

    Same ol’ icon?

    • Sleaka J

      The icon was updated recently to get rid of that ghastly fake 3D look.

  • I stopped using Gmail a long, long time ago. Now it’s nothing but an email address for signing up for websites I don’t want email off…

    • I use Gmail as my regular address. What is your regular? If you don’t mind me asking. I am always thinking of switching to something else but haven’t really looked.

      • I use hotmail (now Outlook?) for signing up for websites (websites I want mail from like Twitter and Disqus) and my iCloud email address which is essentially a personal email address that I give out only to friends, family and certain businesses and educational establishments…

  • yoshif8tures

    Unrelated, but sometimes there’s a random app icon on my homescreen and this is ios 8.
    Is this a new feature that I wasn’t aware of?

    • Jonathan

      Apparently. Are you near a McDonalds shop or something? If you an app installed that supports (forget what it’s called but it sees where you are, such as in a Starbucks store, and if you are and you have the app installed, Starbucks will appear in the bottom left corner) and will allow you quick access to apps that are based on your location.

      • yoshif8tures

        Oh I didn’t know that.
        I tried locking and unlocking it and I did get the app store to come up as well. I was near a McDonald’s but that app hasn’t been updated since August…

      • Jonathan

        The app may not need to be updated. If your iPhone (not the app) detects you’re near a certain store, it will show the app for that store. 😉

      • yoshif8tures

        Cool. Thanks for clearing that up with me.

      • Jonathan

        Certainly. 🙂

  • G-HaB

    Google is ridiculous when it comes to updating there iOS apps no wonder I don’t like using any of there services besides YouTube and a THEY STILL HAVENT UPDATED YOUTUBE