iPhone 6 Plus Home landscape

Sales of the iPhone 6 Plus are exceeding initial expectations, according to a new report from Digitimes. Citing sources with knowledge of part shipments to Apple manufacturers, the outlet says the 6 Plus is expected to account for 60% of total iPhone 6 shipments.

Apparently, Foxconn has been tasked with handling the bulk of production for the iPhone 6 Plus, and Pegatron has the iPhone 6. Digitimes says that part shipments to both suppliers were similar in early September, but have tipped in Foxconn’s favor as of late.

Admittedly Digitimes doesn’t have the most reliable track record in Apple intel, but the data does seem to line up with current demand. For example, shipping times for most iPhone 6 models on Apple’s website are 7-10 days out, while 6 Plus models say 3-4 weeks.

This being said, the shipping delay for the iPhone 6 Plus could be due to a shortage of inventory, which at one point was expected to delay the launch of the device altogether. Here in the US, many carriers reported that the Plus only made up 20% of their initial stock.

On September 22, Apple announced 10+ million iPhone 6 sales during its opening weekend, and it should offer up more details later this month on its earnings call. However, it typically doesn’t break down its smartphone mix, so we may never know the real numbers.


  • All These iPhone 6 Plus and theres still no cases..

    • Manuel Molina

      Incipio has cases for the iPhone 6 Plus. I’m using one right now. Try FALL14 has a promo for 15 percent off. I’m not sure if it still works but I used it around September 28 or so.

    • Antzboogie

      Spigen has excellent cases.

    • Kurt

      Yes there is and it’s already pre bent.

      • Alberto Espinal

        There’s ones with card holders too #gapgate

      • Kurt

        “Haters gonna hate”

      • klepp0906

        If this ain’t the pot callin the kettle black…

      • Kurt


      • klepp0906

        What an idiot. Iphone envy eh?

      • Shadowelite123

        Bro im sorry but nearly every time you comment on this APPLE RELATED website, you seem to always carry a great sense of android fanboy. Please get out because it was already proven that the iPhone 6 does not bend as easily and that the media blew it out of proportion. So get your act together, accept the truth that that story was a fake and blown way out of proportion, stop hating on iPhones and on APPLE RELATED websites, and go back to your own android websites. Have a good day, android fanboy number 4,867,359

      • Kurt


      • Why is it pre bent in the wrong direction?

    • Yujin

      I got a case from xdoria before the launch and it is great. So far the best I can possible find for the iPhone 6+

    • Alberto Espinal

      Look on EBay that’s where I got mine, there are a lot of cases there, Amazon too!

    • Steven Code

      What!? There’s so many!! Amazon brah

    • InfinitePlusOne

      I am using these two cases. They are amazing, although spigen started to get scratches on it

  • Thanh

    Can’t wait to get mine.

  • Preben Faarkrog Hansen

    ITS TO BIG!!!!

    • now

      • lemonhead

        … I would call you a liar.
        Because she couldn’t handle it one handed.

      • Adam

        People that talk about their male genitals on the internet and state that it is “super big” are the ones that indeed have the smallest one.
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      • lemonhead

        pahahaha having rough day huh?
        i was obviously joking and taking the joke from above one step further :p

        btw. you can never win against a troll 😉
        & as far as social security number wise, not all people are from the states you know…

      • But I was only talking about the iPhone 6 Plus… My Girl said it wasn’t too big and thats why she has it… My 6 just wasn’t big enough for her.. My iPhone 6 that is 🙂

      • Xavier du Coudray

        Bestest meme-use ever. Well played

    • Antzboogie

      I Love my iPhone 6 Plus and I do believe the report. Everyone I know wants the Plus version and some were settling for the regular one because of wait times. now they are back on the Plus. Also typing is so mich more easier now on the bigger screen.

    • Jonathan


  • Robert Stukenbroeker

    Unlikely. Digitimes doesn’t have the best track record

  • I believe this is true because a lot of the people I know that own iPhone’s like to have the best thing and in turn they would think the bigger phone is better. Just a guess though so no flaming please.

    • Manuel Molina

      Have the plus and love it. While the size is a bit bigger than what I expected, the work that I can get down and the battery life beats the iPhone 6 hands down.

      • Allen B.

        Love my six plus as well

  • Adam

    At this rate the 6+ will always say “Ships in 3-4 weeks”

  • I’ve still l got the thick end of two more weeks to go. >.<

    • Xavier du Coudray

      My 6 Plus status looks just like yours… been like that since Monday, sad, isn’t it?

      • InfinitePlusOne

        Why don’t you guys go to Apple Store and buy it? I got it the day I wanted tbh.

      • Xavier du Coudray

        Well both stores in London don’t do walk in purchases anymore – instead, you would have to reserve one from the Apple site at midnight and pick it up later.

        I was about the do that but the day I got paid and was going to, Apple Pre-Order actually charged me from my pre-order, leaving me 700 pounds short of reserving it and not allowing me to cancel my order unless I called, having to wait for the refund and then reserve it again…

        Bad timing overall – but it’s been dispatched now and I’m expecting it Thursday.

  • Kurt

    This proves Samsung was right. People want a phone in the 5.5” range not 4 inch. And to make everyone happy on this site I leave you with this…Good for Apple for inventing the phablet.

    • Jason Jones

      Good for Apple for inventing the gapless phablet.

      Fixed that for ya.

      • Kurt

        My iPad air can do the same trick.

      • Alberto Espinal

        Haters gonna hate!!

    • N&LH

      “This proves Samsung was right”….Dell was the first to bring large screen to the market…Without iPhone you would not have Galaxy or Note devices…

      “Good for Apple for inventing the phablet.”…..Large screen is not innovation…..

      • Kurt

        5.0 is not a phablet. go away troll

      • N&LH

        You even don’t understand english….Dell was the first to bring LARGE Screen to the market..I hope you understand….GapGate user

        “go away troll”…People are free to write any comment they want…This is not your business to say to people go a way..You don’t own IDownloadblog

  • Xavier du Coudray

    I just want my iPhone 6 Plus to go from “Preparing for Shipment” to “Dispatched”

  • George

    The fact that it’s bigger than the note is a turn off. I’m still on my 5s because I see no point in upgrading this year.

  • Necter

    60% of iphone returns/exchanges for “other” can potentially be on iphone 6 plus.

  • n0ahcruz3

    Final nail in the coffin for the ipad. ;P

  • redjazon

    i got my iPhone 6 Gold 64gb yesterday and I’m regretting……

    the color choice. I wish I’ve gotten space gray 🙁
    anyway, I like the phone itself.
    Am keeping my 5s coz of jailbreak until it’s available for iOS8 😀