iPhone 6 Plus said to be accounting for 60% of iPhone 6 shipments

iPhone 6 Plus Home landscape

Sales of the iPhone 6 Plus are exceeding initial expectations, according to a new report from Digitimes. Citing sources with knowledge of part shipments to Apple manufacturers, the outlet says the 6 Plus is expected to account for 60% of total iPhone 6 shipments.

Apparently, Foxconn has been tasked with handling the bulk of production for the iPhone 6 Plus, and Pegatron has the iPhone 6. Digitimes says that part shipments to both suppliers were similar in early September, but have tipped in Foxconn’s favor as of late.

Admittedly Digitimes doesn’t have the most reliable track record in Apple intel, but the data does seem to line up with current demand. For example, shipping times for most iPhone 6 models on Apple’s website are 7-10 days out, while 6 Plus models say 3-4 weeks.

This being said, the shipping delay for the iPhone 6 Plus could be due to a shortage of inventory, which at one point was expected to delay the launch of the device altogether. Here in the US, many carriers reported that the Plus only made up 20% of their initial stock.

On September 22, Apple announced 10+ million iPhone 6 sales during its opening weekend, and it should offer up more details later this month on its earnings call. However, it typically doesn’t break down its smartphone mix, so we may never know the real numbers.