ios 8 1

Apple has seeded the first beta of iOS 8.1 to developers this afternoon, with build number 12B401. The release comes just a few days after the company posted iOS 8.0.2, and just a few hours after reports surfaced claiming that multiple iOS 8 updates were in the works.

We’re currently installing the beta and will be updating this post with any changes we find. If you find any changes from previous versions, be sure to email us at or leave a comment below, preferably with a screenshot of the change or addition.

New in iOS 8.1 beta 1:

Larger app icons in Widget Edit mode

app edit icon

New iBooks icon

ibooks icon

Privacy settings have been reorganized within each app pane in Settings

use cellular data

New ‘Enable Dictation toggle’ in Settings > General > Keyboards

enable dictation

New ‘All Photos’ album, ‘Recently Added’ album is gone. It appears you get an “All Photos” if you activated iCloud Photo Library at some point, although we’re not 100% sure about that.

all photos

Strangely, installing iOS 8.1 beta on another device brought Camera Roll and Photo Stream back. Apparently, you get Camera Roll back if you never activated iCloud Photo Library, although we can’t confirm that at 100%.

iOS 8.1 beta Camera Roll

  • Richard King

    Can you not download 8.1 for the iPhone 6? I don’t see it?

    • VITICO

      It’s for devs only

      • Richard King

        Yea I know thanks! I’m on the developer website. But they only have up to iPhone 5s listed as the avail. Ipsw’s. Was just wondering where is iPhone 6.

  • Hendo27

    Who can register my udid? I had my 5s registerd but I want to register my 6!!

    • Dri

      go to atfdl

  • Blip dude

    I’m expecting 3-5 betas before GM and release. So I am assuming 5-12 weeks depending on each betas scheduled release.

    BTW these are clearly assumptions so no please, no flaming.

    P.S. – I really wanted a Jailbreak soon, but now I’m definitely all for waiting. Especially if iOS 8.1 is the Apple Pay release, because that was one of the 2 real reasons why I upgraded.

  • sosarozay300

    how do non developers who have had their apple id registered to a developer download this?

  • Kingmoe738

    A lot of apps freeze up on my iPhone 6+ hope they fix them soon

    Even my safari app freezes.

    Pisses me off, my 5 was perfect.

  • Exstinction

    so did it fixed the sluggish wifi issue?

  • ItzEddie

    If I recall correctly the .1 versions in the last few years have been the ones that went with the iPad announcements towards the end of the year, so it makes sense.

  • that’s super fast….

    • andy

      Is ios 8.1 beta 1 super fast than ios 8.0.2?
      Should i update to this beta version on my ipod touch 5th generation, im running ios 8.0.2 atm, thanks 🙂

      • VITICO

        i think he meant the beta was released super fast..

  • abdullah575

    Apple is messed up !!!

  • Filipe Martins

    lol, can’t use AirDrop using my iPod Touch 5th running iOS 8.0.2 (y)

  • Kenny NL

    For everyone having their battery drain faster then ios 7. Try disabling wifi in Privacy -> Location Settings -> System -> WiFi … it helped me anyway.

  • Will Parry

    Has this update fixed the choppy scrolling in the music app?

  • Chocolope Jailbreakush

    Finally got my hands on this beta. And I’m not a Dev. not sure why people aren’t willing to help others? get at me if you want the link I feel it may be taken down if I post it. Everyone acting like this beta is top secret haha..

    • Carlos Ramirez

      can you give me the link for iphone 5 a1428 please?

      • Chocolope Jailbreakush

        yeah I got you sorry

    • Chase Mostat

      It’s against developers terms. I can’t really give you the link in the portal either because it will require you to sign in.

  • Nabil El Hajjouti

    I came here to see “Camera Roll is back”. Was not disappointed.

  • Abdullah Safdar

    When will the official ios 8.1 come bcz its just a mess updating every week for newer version….? Although, I’m still on ios 7.1.2 :p and will update once apple fixes all issues…

  • wow~~~~

  • tim cook

  • I’m so freaking chuffed they finally added the option to disable dictation. That PoS key is forever getting in the way

  • NeftyCorrea

    so i just upgraded my old 4s 8.1 to test it out and it appears that its faster in app opening and more then iOS 8 was . Thats a plus & good sign for the 4s owners

  • Zafar

    ios 8 phone low singnl am upset please solwe the problem pleaseeeee bettry issue ios8

  • NeftyCorrea

    YouTube app buggy need a quick fix on beta 8.1 you can see the back ground when sliding to the right and status bar yet again overlays on top found like ios 8.0.2 fix fast gets annoying youtube need to get on that asap it isn’t going to fix itself

  • arvindb02

    That new iBooks icon is ugly

  • ɑղժɾҽա

    image send bug