Camera+ 6.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 001)

As promised, developer Taptaptap on Thursday pushed a major refresh of its award-winning camera and photo-editing software for iOS devices, Camera+.

Now available in the App Store as a free update for existing users, Camera+ 6 for the iPhone and iPod touch takes advantage of a whole bunch of mobile photography enhancements in iOS 8, such as manual focus and exposure control, a cool extensions allowing you to edit your snaps right inside iOS 8’s stock Photos app, using native Camera+ controls and the app’s photo-editing features, to name but a few.

They’ve updated the app icon (left is old, right is new):

Camera 5 for iOS (app icon, small)Camera+ 6.0 for iOS (app icon, small)

The biggest news, as mentioned above, is the addition of the full range of manual shooting modes and controls that give you much greater control over your iPhone photography. “For us, being first to market with manual shooting control was far less important than being the best at it,” said developers.

For starters, you can manually adjust focus and exposure as you’re snapping your photos rather than after the fact. Manual focus is pretty cool in that it allows you to go from the closest of closeup to the widest of wide angle with a flick of your finger.

I particularly love a new Macro shooting mode with ultra-sharp focus.

Camera+ 6.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 002)

Manual exposure and the Exposure Compensation wheel make it easy to lighten or darken your shot. The full range of adjustable shutter speed and ISO controls is also available, including a “Shutter Priority” mode where you pick the shutter speed and ISO is automatically set for you to get the perfect exposure.

A bunch of white balance presets and the adjustable white balance control will be indispensable to set the right tones for your shooting conditions.

Taking advantage of the new App Extensions in iOS 8, Camera+ 6 can now advertise its editing controls to the operating system which makes them available in the stock Photos app.

Just tap on a photo in the Photos app, hit the Edit button and then tap the “…” icon to enable the Camera+ extension.

And last but not least, you’ll love a new and intuitive wheel control that can be rolled, flicked and swiped to let you apply various effects and filters with a much higher degree of precision than before.

Camera+ developers recently launched a new website dedicated to all things related to mobile photography, called “snap snap snap”, which you can find right here.

If you don’t own Camera+ yet, it’s a $1.99 download for the iPhone and iPo touch. The i$4.99 iPad edition of Camera+ has not received these updates (last updated: January 21).

[App Store via Snapsnapsnap blog]

  • Anmol Malhotra

    I hope it runs smoothly on my sweet iPhone 4s 😀 😉

  • Anmol Malhotra

    Clicking App Store isnt showing the 6.0 version … Its showing 5.2
    Isnt it live yet on App Store?

    • have_gun_will_travel

      Yes, it’s live. I downloaded version 6 about 5 minutes ago on my 5S running 8.0.1.

      • Max Rojas


      • have_gun_will_travel

        Yes, I was one of the few who was able to get 8.0.1 while it was up for a little over an hour before they pulled it. As of this morning, 8.0.2 is up.

    • Ara Rezaee

      App Store is partially down right now, specially if you’re on Yosemite

    • al7oot

      this update only for iOS 8

  • halacoglu

    Camera+ has always been my daily driver for taking photos, yet I have been disappointed by the new icon, again.

  • Ahmed Karoui

    Could Jeff make a video walkthrough ? i would really appreciate that 🙂

  • Dan

    aside from the filters, I never really saw the point of using apps like these (I have tried though). I always end up going back to the stock photo app. Imo is the iOS stock photo app is very well done.

    • Tony Trenkle Jr.

      Well now you can in a way with the extension. Use the stock photo app and then edit it via the Camera + extension.

    • T_Will

      I’m kind of with you. The main reason I like third-party camera apps like Camera+, is because you can set it to save photos to the “Lightbox” instead of the camera roll, which helps keep my tidy. 🙂

  • Luke Mulholland

    No iPhone 6+ support 🙁

    • Brandon

      it doesnt look terrible on a 6 but im sure a 6+ just makes it even worse lol

  • eKoknight

    Camera+ 6 for iPhone only. No iPod touch or iPad support I take it.

  • Capirexz

    Oh my daily camera! Thanks for the post.

    • Capirexz

      Oops, It required iOS 8 . Sorry Camera+..

      • Diego Milano

        Haha, same here! Thanks, but no thanks.
        Jailbreak > Camera+

      • Capirexz

        I’ll wait for that.

      • z3ab3ab

        No need to Jailbreak u can use Tongbu, That’s what I’m using right now even on iOS 8

  • justme

    I can’t buy it. its show me that is only for iPhone and I HAD AN IPHONE 5


    • al7oot

      which iOS do you have on your iPhone 5

      • justme

        I have iOS 8.0.1 it was a bug of a local App Store in my country. they solved now it works.

        thanks for asking 😉

    • Diego Milano

      It’s only available for users running iOS8 or above. If you are on iOS7, it’s no longer an option.

      • Kevin King

        I’ve got iOS7 and it available.

      • Diego Milano

        The update is for users running the latest iOS.

  • Adey

    Can’t find it in the App store. 🙁

    • Diego Milano

      Are you running iOS7 still? If so, then probably that’s the reason. While the app is still showing up in the AppStore, apparently users running iOS7 can no longer get it unless they upgrade to iOS8. I’ve noticed this with other apps, not good.

      • Kevin King

        I just checked again and now it’s available. And I am running iOS7 but waiting for my iPhone 6+

      • Diego Milano

        The app update is only for users running iOS 8 because it uses new APIs that are not available in previous iOS versions.

  • Martynet

    My dream come true. Thank you Apple and tap tap tap

  • Kevin King

    Why isn’t Camera+ 6 available in Australia? Was disappointed I couldn’t get the app.

  • So I might as well install the iPhone app on my iPad then since I own both and the iPad app has not received updates since January.

  • WolfgangHoltz

    Don’t support the iOS that is most used anymore.

    • T_Will

      The reason it’s not supported on iOS 7 is because the API’s aren’t available that allow the manual camera controls.

  • VictorMartino

    I just wish it could record video so that I wouldn’t need to use the default camera app anymore.

  • stormy_skye

    I have an iPod Touch 5th gen iOS v 7.1.2
    I was able to download Camera+ v 6.1.1 from the Canadian App Store taking advantage of their FREE download.
    Seems to be working fine for me.