One of the features that iOS 7 lacks is the ability to control the amount of time your child spends using your device. Parental Controls for iOS is a new jailbreak tweak that aims to bring this highly anticipated feature to jailbroken iOS 7 devices.

Developed by Ge0rges, the tweak allows you to limit the amount of time a person can use your iOS device. Once the time has ended, the user will be automatically be locked out of your device and a pop-up will be displayed with three buttons: ‘Emergency Call’, ‘Add One Hour’ where a person will be allowed to use the device for an extra hour once the parental passcode has been entered and an ‘Ok’ button. The only way your child can gain access to your device once the time limit has been reached is when you choose to add an extra hour. 

Once you install Parental Controls for iOS, you can configure it from its preference panel in the Settings app. There, you can enable or disable the tweak and set a parent password which will be required when you want to access the tweak’s settings or add an extra hour. You’ll also find two sliders that allow you to set the time limit in hours and the time limit during weekdays.

The tweak works flawlessly as advertised and is something you should consider trying if you’d like to limit the amount of time your child spends on your device. Parental Controls for iOS can be purchased from Cydia’s BigBoss repository for $0.99 and is compatible with iOS 7 devices.

  • Anthony Snyder


    • Tim Farris

      look at my latest post

  • Tim Farris

    sounds kinda cool but not many options would like to see access to the home screen and all the icons transparent (not usable ) except for the phone app for emergency use only that way you can see and install apps via iTunes and still see the screen adding a disable phone till you respond to parent call would be better or you must call a parent within a certain amount of time before you can use it agin i find those better than just disable after using it for a set time limit because thats just a way to control someones life people have the right to freedom

    • Agru

      Here, have some commas! ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

      • Tim Farris

        sorry if I’m bad at typing i just wanted to say something :/

      • Agru

        That was just a joke, there’s no need to be sorry 🙂

    • Georges kanaan

      Thanks for the advice I think you are right I hope to implement thios when i have time.

  • Rowan09

    Nice, but a parent should know regardless.

  • osm70

    What if the child uninstalls it?

    • Tim Farris

      not possible if installed by apple

      • Ninja Banana

        Lol but this is cydia, not Apple 🙂

    • Georges kanaan

      He can’t cydia is locked with the passcode too.

    • I mentioned it in the article. When the tweak is active, you can’t access Cydia.

  • Rares

    Luckily most of the parents are born in the stone age and don’t know how to use all these stuff.

  • Adam

    I don’t think a “emergency call” option for a kid is a good idea…

  • And here we were just a few months ago calling “kids mode” a gimmick…

    • Kurt


      • Kids mode was introduced with S5, but as usual, many iDBians bashed it as a gimmick…this “Parental Controls” is a sub-part of kids mode (bit ly/ZvVUUl).

      • Kurt

        You’re link didn’t work. It sent me to a page that used to have a rap song on it or something.

        Yeah, when Apple comes with something years late it’s somehow better. Look at the Apple watch. How many people said being ugly doesn’t matter because it’s about features. But when I point out the Gear S has more features (though it is horrendously too big) they someone defend having less features is better. It’s funny how iHyprocrites think.

      • You can never win with these idiots, I don’t try to give them an intellectual answers. Their brains are completely drained.

      • The link actually does work. I post it that way to avoid censorship by iDB. Just copy it to your URL bar, and add a . between t and l.

      • Kurt

        Yeah, I did that and always do that to your links. If I didn’t do that I wouldn’t have been taking to the wrong site that is for an mp3 but an error page. Maybe you left out a digit/number/symbol? That’s what I meant by your link didn’t work as it didn’t take me to the right webpage.

      • This is a jailbreak tweak… why defend Apple if its not even in iOS?

      • Kurt

        haha…it wasn’t you who left out a digit/letter/symbol…it was me! haha I’m an idiot.

      • Uhm this isn’t an iOS feature its a Jailbreak tweak. Don’t be so quick to point fingers or assume, I recommend you read the article a little slower next time.

        It should be in the final OS though and I would never call this a gimmick.. its pure genius.

      • So what if it’s a jailbreak feature? The reaction is no different. Most iDBians find it useless/gimmicky when Samsung Presents it, then it comes to an iDevice officially or unofficially and gets a positive feedback.

      • No your just finding things to be upset about. This is a Jailbreak tweak and not a feature Apple borrowed from Android/Samsung. If anyone called this feature a gimmick then something is wrong with them.

      • No, you’re just finding some way to play the stupid bate switch game and start a pointless argument. If you haven’t noticed, I’m talking about the reaction of iHypocrites when it comes to an iDevice officially or unofficially…

      • What reaction, no-one here has anything wrong with this jailbreak tweak except you because you thought Apple stole it from Samsung. And no-one in their right mind would call that a gimmick.

      • I forgot who I’m talking to…peace out.

      • I see you get the point.

      • Kurt

        Stealing is a good thing. Apple should steal this feature. They copied so many other things. This would be a great feature to copy. Samsung made their phones better by copying Apple and vice versa.

        His problem deals with iFan Dorks, saying its terrible when its on a Samsung/Samesung/Shamesung/Samesh*t phone. But when it’s brought over to iOS its useful and great. Remember all the gimmick talk about floating videos, and waving your hand over the phone and other features in Samsung’s/Samesung’s/Shamesung’s/Samesh*t’s phones, once the tweak was made by Ryan P. then there was virtually no one saying negative things, only positive comments.

        @MrElectrifyer:disqus and I are not biased. Just wish people on this site didn’t idolize an inanimate company like Apple.

      • But he came out of nowhere as if Apple has done it already. Im not saying anything is wrong with borrowing ideas either. You both hate that apple gets all the credit but this is just a Jailbreak tweak and you both still want to come and talk bad about their fans… It would be great if they added it but lets not jump to conclusions that Apple fans originally called this Samsung feature a gimmick in the first place.

      • Kurt

        Why are you trolling so hard? You are not that dense. This doesn’t have to do with Apple but with iFan Dorks. You are trolling right? Clearly you are not that dumb. Stop trolling please. Thanks.

      • No one is trolling but you, as you don’t have anything constructive to say.

  • They should have added a feature to TouchID protect any app you’d like 🙁 sigh.. Apple has so many “geniuses” but yet such a logical and super handy app isnt around. Thankfuly we have JB Tweaking!

  • deepdvd

    I really dislike these short, one screenshot reviews of Cydia tweaks. It makes me want to stop following iDB. What happened to the video reviews? Is Jeff really the only person that can do them? Come on, Alihassan. As Sebastien would know, we can handle an accent if you have one. Do a video. Even a crappy video is better than this.

    • Kurt

      I agree that videos are better. There’s an entertainment value that a post doesn’t give. But I do know you won’t go elsewhere for your iOS related news. Where will you go? iFans? No they are terrible. iMore? No the writers are rude and arrogant to their readers. Their posts are less informative than you’ll find on here. Zibreg is my favorite writer for information. His posts are longgggg and full of good info.

    • Georges kanaan

      I’ll be publishing a video shortly

  • Tim smith

    What happens if the child is smart enough to put the idevice into safe mode?

    • Georges kanaan

      then its useless

    • deepdvd

      What happens if someone asks a silly question on this post?

  • Kurt

    Didn’t know of this tweak. I’m not a parent yet but this is pretty awesome!

  • deepdvd

    As someone previously mentioned, I think adding an option to remove or configure the emergency call is a good idea. What about allowing only a specific phone number.

    Also, being able to adjust the “Add One Hour” to a custom amount would be a lot better.

    See “Timer Options” for iOS 6 for some more ideas. Sadly, the developer never updated it for iOS7

  • Doofus in Bey

    This is the best tweak ever. I use it to control my kids iPhone usage. Thanks, they were failing school and now they’re passing.