Parental Controls For iOS restricts the amount of time your child spends on your device


One of the features that iOS 7 lacks is the ability to control the amount of time your child spends using your device. Parental Controls for iOS is a new jailbreak tweak that aims to bring this highly anticipated feature to jailbroken iOS 7 devices.

Developed by Ge0rges, the tweak allows you to limit the amount of time a person can use your iOS device. Once the time has ended, the user will be automatically be locked out of your device and a pop-up will be displayed with three buttons: ‘Emergency Call’, ‘Add One Hour’ where a person will be allowed to use the device for an extra hour once the parental passcode has been entered and an ‘Ok’ button. The only way your child can gain access to your device once the time limit has been reached is when you choose to add an extra hour. 

Once you install Parental Controls for iOS, you can configure it from its preference panel in the Settings app. There, you can enable or disable the tweak and set a parent password which will be required when you want to access the tweak’s settings or add an extra hour. You’ll also find two sliders that allow you to set the time limit in hours and the time limit during weekdays.

The tweak works flawlessly as advertised and is something you should consider trying if you’d like to limit the amount of time your child spends on your device. Parental Controls for iOS can be purchased from Cydia’s BigBoss repository for $0.99 and is compatible with iOS 7 devices.