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iOS 8 released today and with it came not only plenty new features, but also the usual assortment of teething issues which — as is the norm in the software industry — happen to plague other vendors’ software, too.

For example, a last-minute bug discovered in the HealthKit framework has prompted Apple to pull all HealthKit apps from the App Store this morning until the issue is fixed via a software update due by the end of this month.

Aside from this inconvenience, iOS 8 has also been found to slow down older devices such as the three-year-old iPhone 4s.

I’m sure readers will discover their favorite issues with iOS 8 just by scanning their RSS feed and keeping a close eye on conversations on Twitter, Facebook and other social media channels.

But here’s the thing: it’s all part of the Apple folklore. Early adopters certainly don’t mind being part of it, even if it means coping with unforeseen issues, unexpected crashes, broken apps and other problems.

The question is, are you an iOS 8 holdout or an early adopter?.

So, did you update to iOS 8?

If you haven’t yet deployed it due to server load or because of other unforeseen circumstances, you’re welcome to tell us whether you’re planning on updating to the first public release of iOS 8 in the coming days and weeks.

Obviously the results are going to be skewed a bit as jailbreakers will want to steer away from iOS 8 until the working iOS 8 jailbreak is ready. If it’s any consolation, PanguTeam has just confirmed working on one.

Cast your vote below.

If I had to give non-techies a word of advice, I’d recommend against upgrading to iOS 8 until the first major bug-fix update releases in the form of the iOS 8.1 Software Update.

Are you an iOS 8 holdout, and if so — why?

  • bajing loncat

    iOS 8 hahahaa LOL
    absoutely NO…!!!
    no Thanks
    iOS 7 is enaugh to make 4s very slow like this shit

    • Abdullah Safdar


    • Abdullah Safdar

      Where did you get those stats?

      • The Shoonchy 

        ArsTechnica article

    • Veronica Gibson

      Well you are on a 4s, which has a much smaller processor. I had a 4s and even with ios 7 it was slow.

  • ɑղժɾҽա

    Been on iOS 8 since beta 1

  • Tommmy

    Has anyone updated iPhone 5 (NOT S/C)? Does it lag? Any bugs?

  • Dan

    iPhone 5 jailbroken on iOS 6.1.4 here.
    Loving every detail of the graphics UI. I would miss it too much if I leave it.

  • Derrick Goh

    I can’t leave my jailbroken iOS 7…

  • Yosemite beta and ios 8 installed

  • KB

    I donwloaded IOS8 and is a shit! Deleted all my apps and my chat hystrory from whatss app Im not happy at all

  • thomas

    I updated by accident but I’m not complaining so far

  • fasih

    How about “I can’t” coz I’m still on i4..

  • Jose Figueredo

    I updated my 4S to iOS8 and turned my phone into crap, at tales at least five seconds for the FB app to work, connecting to WiFi is hell and many apps run very slowly, I am keeping the phone, but my next smartphone will not be a iPhone

  • ousmanesokona

    I will when Pangu “8” is released.

  • Guest

    Nope my iPhone 5 is running as well as it was with iOS 7. Love it.

  • Ray Tekosky

    when attempting download from both time warner and Fios I get estimated downlod time of over 30 hours and after 5 minutes it crashes. as of 11PM on 9/22