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PBS has posted a new clip of Tim Cook’s interview with Charlie Rose to YouTube this evening. The two-part interview, of which the first half aired on Friday night and the second half airs tonight, covers a wide range of topics, including Steve Jobs, the Apple Watch and more.

The latest clip sees Cook talking with Rose about user privacy, and how Apple approaches the hot button issue. Cook explains that Apple isn’t in the business of collecting user data, and it purposefully designs its services—email, iMessage, etc.—to collect as little of it as possible.

Cook has had to face concerns over user privacy and security a number of times throughout his 3-year tenure as Apple’s CEO. Last summer, the company was named as a participant in the NSA’s backdoor ‘PRISM’ program, and then of course there was the recent iCloud debacle.

And these concerns will only continue to grow as Apple branches out into other services. Last week, the iPad maker announced a new mobile payment service called Apple Pay, and a health-tracking device called Apple Watch, the latter of which is already drawing privacy questions.

If you missed part one of the Charlie Rose-Tim Cook interview last Friday, it’s available for streaming in its entirety here.

  • Take a bow Tim Cook. If he continues to stand by this stance on privacy I can only see more and more people joining Apple for their hardware, software and services from other companies…

  • Adel Ali

    Thats why Apple is on top

    • Arsanny Lintang

      on top of leaking celebrities nude pictures? yes indeed….

      • Lol. Hackers leaked celebrity pictures not Apple. In addition to this (what should be obvious) thing Apple has also since increased security even more by notifying users when their account is accessed via the iCloud website…

  • Mr.Coolfreak

    That’s a pretty big range 0-250, which mostly means it near the 250

    • True although it could be anywhere between that range. If the US government won’t let them reveal the exact number because of blah…blah,security reasons, etc, etc and they must give a range then they should give a smaller range e.g 249-250…

  • J. Rockwell

    “If the government laid a subpoena on us to get your iMessages. We can’t provide it. It’s encrypted, and we don’t have the key.” – Tim Cook

    I really like that statement!!!

    • archer14

      Even more-so when you wholeheartedly believe in his statement. What snake oil do you use to spruce up that peanut brain of yours?

  • iNeedANameHere

    I reallyyyy hope he’s being honest and not just saying this for the sake of publicity.

  • Took a nice jab at Google

  • liam Denkers

    If they don’t have the key the NSA probably has it