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Following all of its major product announcements this morning, Apple launched a redesigned version of its website. now features flatter UI elements and large crisp images, bringing its design language more in line with that of iOS and the upcoming OS X Yosemite.

You might be happy to know that the update also brings about an all-new mobile interface. Previously, Apple’s website showed a full desktop view on mobile devices, making it a bit difficult to navigate for some, but it is now formatted to look great on your iPhone and iPad.


Another change worth noting on Apple’s website is the absence of the iPod Classic. It appears that, after several years, the company has finally decided to kill the line of MP3 players—a move that should surprise no one, as the iPod has been a declining business for Apple since 2008.

It’s kind of the end of an era, though. Along with the iMac, the iPod was essential in Apple’s historic turnaround from the brink of bankruptcy. Additionally, its popularity helped it serve as a sort of ‘gateway’ product, introducing many new users into the iTunes and Mac ecosystem.

  • Andrew Breyen

    YAY! MOBILE!! Now I just need an Apple Watch!!

  • Spencer B

    It looks nice but when I click on view the keynote on both my 5S and iPad mini it crashes safari…. Go figure??

    • Melvco


    • Jonathan


    • Eni

      Same, i thought it was just me

    • Brian 

      & same.

      • Hussain Alsanona


    • On my Surface Pro 2, it just loads the keynote images with their comments in IE 11 and Firefox. The QuickTime video doesn’t load

  • Linton Findlay

    Damm, I wanted to get 160gb one to store all my music on. Guess we will see the phase out of the nano and eventually the touch

    • R4

      O.o thats a lot of music, They did announce the 128gb iPhones though.

    • James Gunaca

      iTunes Match.

  • Jucosky

    Well, the end of the iPod Classic means that there’s no other product available to purchase that was really created by Steve Jobs… 🙁

    • R4

      Well, it doesn’t work that way lol, he probably didn’t come up with an MP3 player and an online music store to go with it. He created and revived Apple, he took them in the right direction and created the brand and all its values. All the apple products have a bit of what Steve Jobs envisioned what an apple product should be, like making something where hardware and software were created to work perfectly with each other ect.

    • Gerardo Castro

      The 6+ was one of the plans Steve left behind. You still have that 🙂

  • Maxim∑

    I like to measure Apple in hate comments, looks like they will have a record breaking quarter!

    • It’s not “hating” we as consumers including myself knows what we want. Especially for some of us that has been loyal to their brand for quite some time. If the company that we have been following is not giving us a product that pleases us, we as consumers has the right to screech out our disappointments.
      I have never been disappointed like I have today by Apple, this keynote did not make anxious to get my hands on their products. Look the the iphone 4 design at it’s finest. Probably the best seeking iphone at the time of it’s unveiling, this phone All I hear it’s better camera, thinner body, etc. compare to 4, 4s, 5, and 5s where there was something new introduced.
      I feel like they have spent to much time trying to get the supposedly the iwatch right where they completely forgot about the iPhone six. Look at the name iphone 6 plus. What!?
      They will sell I’m not going to argue with that, but they will only be sell to trend followers.

  • AppleFanboy

    Does anyone have a link to a replay of the keynote? Thanks in advance.

  • Have there been any rumours or do we expect there to be any updates in the MacBook Air, looking to purchase one for uni in lecture etc, then use my iMac at home. But want to avoid purchasing one then a retina Air with better internals comes out.

  • JustMeJip2

    i still have my ipod classic 160gb 😉 i have 58gb of music and 35gb of videos, i could never carry that on an iphone 😉

    • James Gunaca

      You can now with an iPhone 6 with 128GB of storage!

      • svartkuken

        Still to little… I want 256! Then I can kill off my classic.

      • James Gunaca

        iTunes Match…no need to have it all available in offline mode. You’d never listen to enough of it to warrant that storage necessity without a data connection. Don’t you think?

      • svartkuken

        Well, half my collection is ALAC, does Match stream lossless? And I need like a 40k limit, will never be able to weed out 15k of songs. Yes, I’m needy and I want it my way when it comes to music.

      • James Gunaca

        Then iTunes Match is not for you I guess. Sorry! Google Music perhaps?

  • MacGuru17

    That mobile website update was seriously overdue, but I’m glad it’s FINALLY here.

  • Well, that’s stupid innovation. Worked seamlessly last year…