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Episode 45: We recap the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch event.

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  • Lance Baker

    Awesome. I should go to sleep but I’m going to listen to this instead!

  • Rupinder S

    To the entire staff of iDownloadBlog: thank you so much for all of your hard work! Today was a really good day for me and it couldn’t have been possible without you guys. Thanks for all the work you guys do in general.

  • Lance Baker

    I think things will change when the watch comes out. Circular doesn’t make sense for apps and photos. Also, I think the lightness will balance out the thickness.

  • BoardDWorld

    In regards to the Apple Watch I think Touch ID will be via the display. They have a patent for the tech and they have already announced the special display, it could be sensitive enough to perform as per their patent sensing the dips in your print.

    In regards to being water resistant they mentioned how the entire circuit board was sealed. How anyone could consider the Edition watch with that massive buckle I don’t know?

    Passing on the watch this year but will go with the 128GB Space Grey iPhone 6 “Plus”. I have been waiting for this since my iPhone 4.

  • coLin

    How do you invoke Notification Center with this One-Hand mode on the iPhone 6?

  • Jon20

    Anyone notice the Apple Watch home screen UI looks just like the UI in Beats music with the round icons and bubbles effect…

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    In regards to U2, Apple and them teamed up for an iPod awhile ago so they have a good relationship. Thats the only thing I can think of.