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Folks looking to kill some downtime this weekend should head on over to the Apple Store app. Apple is always offering up free iOS content in its digital storefront, and its latest benefaction is the popular beat-making app ‘iMaschine.’

iMaschine promises to put “professional groove production in the palm of your hand.” It features 16 pads with over 400 samples, a melody keyboard, and a voice recorder for vocals. You can even sample sounds directly from iTunes.

Here’s a list of some of the app’s other features:

  • Included library features 100 MB of content: 10 projects, 25 kits, and over 400 samples
  • Record your own one-shot samples through the integrated microphone on your iOS device
  • Keyboard mode for playing chords, bass, and melodies
  • Note repeat with 1/4 note to 1/32 note range for keyboard and drum pad mode
  • Audio recorder lets you record vocals, field recordings or any audio from your iOS device’s microphone
  • Live-mode sequencer automatically detects recorded loop length
  • Import your own 44.1 kHz 16-bit .WAV samples via iTunes
  • Export your mix as an audio file or directly upload it to SoundCloud

And here’s a video showing what iMaschine is capable of:

The app is made by Native Instruments, which is well known for its pro-music hardware and software, so you know that it’s powerful. The developers even offer tutorials on their YouTube channel on how to begin making in-app music.

To grab the app for free, simply launch the Apple Store app, and navigate to the bottom of the ‘Stores’ page to pick up your redeem code. Unfortunately, it looks like it’s for US users only via the iPhone app, as I haven’t found it on iPad yet.


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Thanks Kumar!

  • Benjamin

    I just checked. 4,49€

    • Melvco

      So you’re seeing that price after you get your redeem code?

      • Benjamin

        Oh, ‘Unfortunately, it looks like it’s for US users only via the iPhone app’. That’s the problem.

      • Warmachine69

        You have to go under stores in the actual “Apple store” app then at the bottom it will show the app

      • Mohammed Sahib


    • Sokkosal Mam

      It’s $4.99 in the US too! :/

      • workin

        Free with AppStore APP.

  • Neil Sardesai

    Correction: It’s “Native Instruments”, not “Normal Instruments”.

    • Melvco

      Thanks! Not sure how that happened, I was looking right at it when I wrote Normal!

  • Naegi

    its for 4,49 euros…

    • workin

      Screenshot. Thanks

      • workin


  • NaSty

    Cant find anything about a free app on iPad…is it different to iPhones?

    • Olly

      Same here 🙁

      • NaSty

        Yup just checked….think its only available (or easily available) through the iPhone version of the app. Just downloaded to my iPhone and i’ll re-download on my iPad later. Nice one iDB!

  • Jalil

    I can’t find the redeem code and if I search for the app, it lists the price at $4.99.

    • Okhoo

      You need the APPLE App Store

  • TeddyBearStand

    Brilliant app

  • Adam Bowman

    After all these years I have yet to find a music synth app that comes close to my little robot friend named Bebot.

    He has never left my iPhone, and he never will.

  • Jason Cornelius

    Thanks for the deal!

  • “simply launch the Apple Store app, and navigate to the bottom of the ‘Stores’ page”..i cannot locate the “stores” page in the store app..

    • Okhoo

      You need the APPLE Store App — not the App Store

  • jmakris

    Works in Canada

  • onesimpleclik

    $6.49 in Australia still 🙁

  • Noah

    I’m able to redeem a free code on AUS iTunes Store

  • Matt

    I already bought it last year :/

  • Christophe

    For those who can’t see the redeem code in the stores section, just disable location service and it should work

    • kabelux

      Thank you!

  • Christopher Williamson

    Worked just fine in the UK for me – great stuff, thanks! 🙂

    As others are saying – you have to go to the ‘App Store’ and download the ‘Apple Store’ app from there, then launch it and go to the ‘Store’ tab and you should see it. It’s a little confusing but hopefully this clears things up!

  • Oleg Bilovus

    How do I get the code in version 3.0 of the Apple store

  • Firedomain

    I can confirm that this works for Australian users. The link was near the top of the store tab.

  • Ángel Javier Esquivel

    Is there a way to run the App on iPad as iPhone? I really want that app