iPhone 6 (retail box, Martin Hajek 004)

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities is on a roll today. After detailing his expectations for an iWatch, the analyst in a note issued to clients today also summarized his thoughts concerning the upcoming iPhone 6 devices which are expected to be unveiled next Tuesday at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts in Cupertino, California.

As per AppleInsider, which has obtained a copy of Kuo’s report to clients, rumored sapphire protection won’t be an option for this year’s iPhone refresh. Moreover, both 4.7 and 5.5-inch models should be available in a 128-gigabyte storage flavor and will include a new barometric pressure sensor to support indoor navigation applications, as well as new health-related functions related to spirometry.

Wrapping up his report, Kuo wrote that the iPhone 6 device should also feature a programmable power button for integration “with specific applications”.

We heard before that the flagship iPhone 6 models should offer 128 gigabytes of storage like the iPad Air, basically doubling the current maximum capacity of 64 gigabytes found in the iPhone 5s, but Kuo is now saying the option won’t be exclusive to the bigger model as previously suspected.

For the sake of completeness, technical drawings that were recently leaked by GeekBar have indicated that Apple may continue to offer the 16-gigabyte version as an entry-level option, but strangely enough skip the 32GB tier altogether.

iWatch and iPhone 6 mockup (Martin Hajek 002)

The analyst is adamant that both 4.7 and 5.5-inch models will get announced next Tuesday, but cautioned that the 5.5-incher shouldn’t be expected until later this year (the 4.7-inch model will arrive in mid-September, he said).

As for the “programmable power button” (now relocated to the right side of the device for one-handed operation), I’m liking the idea of being able to assign the button to specific applications, though I have no idea how this feature might work.

“We now further predict that the power key could be programmable to be integrated with specific applications, giving more input options in addition to being a power switch,” wrote the analyst.

iPhone 6 concept (Packaging, Martin Hajek 001)

As for the sapphire-strengthened screen, I’ve always doubted that 2014 iPhones will use the precious gemstone to protect the screen simply because Apple’s partner GT Advanced only recently began ramping up production of thin sapphire sheets.

Speaking of which, PatentlyApple discovered a European Apple filing weeks ago which details a multi-step ion implantation process to strengthen the sapphire glass after mechanical shaping.

iWatch and iPhone 6 mockup (Martin Hajek 007)

Curiously enough, Kuo’s report makes no mention of a rumored mobile payment feature that Re/code and other major publications insisted are in tow via an NXP-made NFC chip discovered on a leaked iPhone 6 circuit board.

And as MacRumors points out, Kuo is claiming that Apple may actually abandon sapphire protection for the iPhone 6’s rear camera lens protection, citing drop test issues. Sapphire’s hardness is only second to diamond and even though it’s more scratch-resistant than glass, the material shatters more easily on impact versus the traditional cover glass manufactured by Corning.

Drone view (Flint Center 003)

Last week, Apple issued invites for a media event set to take place next Tuesday, September 9, at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts in Apple’s hometown of Cupertino, strongly hinting at the importance of the upcoming announcements.

The firm has also constructed a mysterious building on the Flint Center grounds, pictured above. As drone images released this morning hinted, the structure is taller than the Flint Center itself.

What do you make of this report?

And, what are your expectations regarding iPhone 6 tech specs.

Reports Kuo released today:

[AppleInsider, MacRumors]

Mockups via Martin Hajek.

  • Star Lord

    128 GB iPhone. I have only one thing to say.

    • jack

      if you had any idea how gay that sounds

      • R4

        I totally wanna shag him because of that comment.

    • AppleFanboy

      I wonder if the 64GB iPhone will have the same price as the previous 32GB one…

      • Rowan09

        That would be great. I hope this will be true.

  • Juan Genao


    • iBanks

      Keynote is on 9.9.2014 but I’m sure you knew that.

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    The only thing we havent gotten yet as a certainty is the camera. We’ve heard its gonna stay at 8 megapixels and that they are going to adopt Sony’s 13 megapixel camera. Does either one of these have more pull yet? Or are we still up in the air? And no word on 4K recording either.

    • That’s one of the big ones for me. I’m really hoping they up the pixel rate. And if the 5.5 is delayed till later in the year then I’ll be waiting anyway, would rather get a bigger screen.

    • AppleFanboy

      I guess the camera won’t change since we haven’t seen anything about it other than it being protruding.

  • Brian 

    Will someone please explain why iDB reports all the claims from this person? There is never any sort of evidence, it specifically quotes they further PREDICT. Can I also make predictions and be featured on iDB? Makes no sense, I have never seen any evidence from this guy for anything he says.

  • Tom


  • Big deal it won’t have a sapphire screen, As long as it has that super flexible glass that was shown in that video I’ll be happy.

    No one dare say that it was or wasn’t sapphire because you have no proof.

  • Kenny NL

    Before; “No i’m definitely taking a Samsung now, the new iPhone is horrible. I totally dislike the round edges, and look at the ugly protruding camera, EWWWW” After Apple announced it: “OMG THIS NEW IPHONEY IS AMAZING, WOOOHOOO, GIMME GIMME GIMME, IT’S GORGEOUSSS”

  • highNiggaPie

    All I want is 128gb And a non protruding camera all the other shit I couldn’t care less about

  • Chun-Li aka ThunderThighs

    “As for the sapphire-strengthened screen, I’ve always doubted that 2014 iPhones will use the precious gemstone to protect the screen simply because Apple’s partner GT Advanced only recently began ramping up production of thin sapphire sheets.” Mhm right

  • Tom C

    Android is still more open

  • Matt

    I was scared that the title read “no barometer…” Happy to see the new iPhone might still have it

  • I have a theory on the back button programmability. Maybe this one-handed use function will somehow switch how the sleep/wake button works. Perhaps it’ll function as a back button or something of that sort so you don’t have to swipe all the way from the left side of the screen if you can’t reach far enough over. Could be a quick push of it to use as back button and hold down to use it as the normal sleep function.

  • Gary LE

    Kuo said no sapphire on the back camera means NO PROTRUDING/BULGING camera? So it will be flush with the body? The gorilla glass is easier to scratch so it wont bulge?