Turn off find my iPhone situation

Chronic Unlocks has recently started offering a new service which claims to bypass Activation Lock on iOS devices that have been locked. Although the method used to get around the security measure has yet to be detailed, the service can be helpful for people who bought an iOS device that is still tied to its previous owner’s Apple ID. But don’t expect the company to help you bypass Activation Lock on a stolen device!

If you bought a device that is locked and can’t contact the previous owner, then you might find this new service from Chronic Unlocks valuable as it offers to bypass Activation Lock so you can regain control of the device.

The claim of being able to bypass iCloud Activation Lock can sound shady at first, and for good reasons. Activation Lock was made to prevent people from using stolen or lost devices, but after having a closer look at it, Chronic Unlocks’ services appear to be genuine and undisguised.

The website claims that this service will not be used to bypass Activation Lock for devices that have been put in Lost Mode, a state where the device clearly shows that it’s been lost or stolen by displaying a custom message on the Lock screen, and making it impossible to get into the phone, or restore the device without the password.

According to Chronic Unlocks, the company will report potential customers that submit devices put in Lost Mode for permanent iCloud Activation Lock removal. The website actually goes out of its way to stress out the seriousness and legitimacy of the service offered.

Although hackers apparently found a way to bypass Apple’s Activation Lock security feature, the method has yet to be proven effective. To our knowledge, Chronic Unlocks is the only service to offer the ability to remove the Activation Lock put in place by iOS. Of course, a better way to go at it would be to contact the previous owner of the device, but that’s not always an option, hence this service.

Introduced along iOS 7, Activation Lock is a new feature that works hand in hand with iCloud and Find My iPhone to prevent anyone from using your iOS device in case it is lost or stolen. After enabling Find my iPhone on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, your Apple ID is linked to your device and this information is stored on Apple’s servers. At that point, entering your Apple ID is necessary to turn off Find My iPhone, sign out of iCloud, and erase/reactivate your device. With that in mind, Activation Lock makes it incredibly harder for anyone to use or sell your iPhone if it was stolen or lost.

You can find more information about permanent iCloud Activation Lock removal on ChronicUnlocks.com.

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  • David Gitman


    • Laura Adam

      Is legit, is expensive, and the conditions make no sense for me.

  • Dor Pinhas

    Why you guys publish a service that clearly is illegal and involves hacking?
    It’s not legit and probably a scam

    • Mr.Coolfreak

      No it’s legit since it’s from chronic,

      • Dor Pinhas

        If it’s not from apple its not legit.
        and please don’t call it permanent if it’s an exploit, apple will close this fast

      • Antzboogie


    • Antzboogie

      Stop crying damn your a baby. Appreciate all the good this is doing.

      • William Melendez

        Seriously, sounds like my girlfriend when she’s on her period.

      • Dani Hayes

        It’s a double-edged sword. Think of all the bad it can do as well.

      • im2slick4u

        All I see is it can save money and report potential criminals.

    • Rares

      It’s not scam, they just delete the data of the device from the apple servers.

      • Dor Pinhas

        yeah right..
        they’re hacking into Apple servers and deleting data
        common sense, do you have it?

  • If I’m not mistaken the Apple ID is tied to the device on Apples servers until they can actually bypass that nothing like this will ever be permanent. Things like this shouldn’t even be posted in the first place its basically promoting that behavior..

    • Mr.Coolfreak

      They must have access somehow since chronic is legit

      • Dor Pinhas

        Do you really think apple gave to some 3rd party company full access to their servers to provide such service even though it’s against their policy?
        If apple wanted to unlock activation lock they were do it themselves.

      • Mr.Coolfreak

        We’ll it obviously works so they do it somehow

      • Torrey Shelton

        You’re an idiot. I have actually used the service before. I bought an iPad from a pwn shop and it was locked. The service worked fast and flawless. They hacked/bypassed apples locking process. Things get hacked that’s it. Just like when Sony PS3 online got hacked completely and all debit cards were hacked and needed to be changed.

      • Dor Pinhas

        If you’re willing to pay to a hacker to unlock your iphone, you’re the idiot and you probably stole the device yourself.
        because no one just forget his password on a sunny day.
        And if not and you just bought a locked iphone you’re
        absolutely an idiot.
        You just made my point.

      • Dan

        The iPad was most likely stolen, sold to the pawn shop

  • Mr.Coolfreak

    Doulci will soon release a tool that will be free swip bypass activation lock

    • Arturo Loem

      That’s a scam XD

      • Mr.Coolfreak

        Nah, I have used that tool previously to bypass mine 😉

      • justme

        yep, only Doulci are the true bypass out there, they’re waiting until iOS8 release to liberate their tool for you and it will be ………..FREE

      • Dani Hayes

        They just turn your iPhone 4S and up into an iPod touch. You will not get cellular service at all.

      • justme

        but if you have an ipad 4 wifi?

      • Arturo Loem

        What tool? They haven’t release any shit XD

    • Rahimo

      Are you sure ? If that happen please let me know !! 🙂

    • It’s been in progress for months with a release coming “any day now”.

      • Mr.Coolfreak

        It’s 94 percent complete, but yeah it’s been teased for months

  • Arturo Loem

    This isn’t “New”. Only unlock the device if is not in Lost Mode, which has no sense since he unlocks carrier blacklisted (stolen and reported devices) IMEIs. Is legit, is expensive, and the conditions make no sense for me.

  • Bob

    This is the one good feature we have that is not available on any other phone whatsoever apart from iOS devices. They’ve been made into bricks for a reason by their previous owners. Please don’t try breaking this security feature.

    • The thing is people don’t deactivate their devices properly when sellinng them. Apple really needs a proper procedure to handle situations where people have bought iOS devices that haven’t been properly deactivated by their owners…

      • The only thing is there is no way to confirm if they legitimately bought/found or stole the device. If proper proof of purchase was provided then Apple should do something about it. As of right now the system is pretty good just needs a little polishing.

      • Receipts prove ownership of course these could technically be forged…

      • Yes having a receipt does prove it was purchased. But not who it was purchased from at least not all the time. So if you bought it from the person who stole it then guess what its still stolen. Just because it was found doesn’t mean its yours lol. Technically you could contact Apple and get it back to its rightful owner too. This is why they have not budged on this issue yet. If you have access to the serial or IMEI of the device then either the Carrier or Apple knows who it belongs to. Also if it wasn’t fully paid for (still under contract), technically its still the carriers phone.

      • You’re right i sell an iPod to a cousin and the idevice still have my icloud ID, i mean no everybody know how remove the ID, imagine if this happen if i sell the iPod to other people who i never see again? he buy a locked device if he restore the device ( sorry for my english )

      • You actually do not have that bad English. Good enough for me to know what you are saying anyway 😉

  • Muhammad Ali

    yes best service of @chronic & lowest price i already unlocked many devices from him , but some people say when we lost our device & enabled lost mode , but when found device they can,t there ac because apple id disabled , .

  • jalexcarter

    I know it’s not the same as activation lock but if you have a device that someone else never logged out of iCloud on you can just do a dfu restore. I had my phone stuck with find my iPhone on when I was testing iOS 8 beta 1 and it was so glitchy I couldn’t use the keyboard to type in my password. So I just powered down booted to dfu and went into recovery. Presto change-o bypassed find my iPhone lock

    • Niclas

      No DFU doesn’t fix it.

  • Yujin

    i guess apple should be sending the legal team soon…as per chronic unlocks…they are a scam and shady company ….

  • HamptonWalley

    I am also very upset about this service, because activation lock = stolen device in case of 99%. Damn it Chronic!

    • Philippe Vézina

      This is not true.
      Lost mode might be 99% lost/stolen devices.
      Activation Locked devices that are not in lost mode are often second hand purchased online or the owner is just too dumb and loose their password and security question’s answers.

      • Dor Pinhas

        If anyone bought a locked iphone and didn’t noticed or checked it right after he payed hes a complete idiot.
        Just to be clear – no one forget his password because you need to enter it every time you download an app or whatever.
        99% of devices that are locked with activation lock are indeed stolen/lost. that’s a fact.

  • NandoNY177 .

    140 to unlock ? Might as well just buy a new iPhone 4s lol

  • jeannwhitefield

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  • chris125

    And this will once again allow for theft to be more prevalent. I am sure everyone is going to love this, once again stolen phones will be in high demand…..

  • diazmig

    The page doesn’t say anything about bypassing activation unlock anywhere!

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